How to Fix Hulu error 301 Code

Do you encounter the Hulu error 301 code playback failure? The error 301 is common on devices like Chromecast and other streaming devices. However, before you fix the error 301 on Hulu, you first need to identify what is wrong with your account.

Therefore, here in this guide, we will put you through how to find out who the Hulu playback failure resulting from the 301 error code keeps coming back.

Causes of Error Code 301 on Hulu

Something must have caused the Hulu error 201 whenever you are trying to stream video on your account. The playback error could hold you back from playing a particular video or all videos on your activated Hulu account.

  • Caches or Cookies
  • Poor internet connection
  • DNS problem
  • Securit violation due to excess device connected to a single account.
  • Incorrect data and time.

If you didn’t fall for any of these in your Hulu, then the following solutions are what you need to fix the playback failure on your Hulu.

How to Fix Hulu Error 301 Playback Failure

This is our manual to clear the error 301 playback failure in your Hulu streaming service.

  • Disconnect and reconnect your Hulu device (power recycling).
  • Reduce the number of connected devices to your activated Hulu account.
  • Clear your browser’s caches.
  • Remove and re-add the Hulu app.
  • Reconfigure your DNS.
  • Set your time and date to automatic.
  • Use to test the speed of your internet connection.
  • Switch internet access.

If you can put the solution we mentioned above into practice, the error 301 will disappear from our Hulu account.

Detail Guide to clear Hulu 301 Error

There is a walkaround to fix the error 301 you see on your Hulu whenever you want to stream. Follow our proceedings below with help to fix the error code.

How to Reduce the Number of connected devices to our Hulu.

What I normally do in this scenario is that I will logout mu account on all devices and change my password. In fact, when you changed your password, all connected devices will be logged out without asking.

How to Logout Hulu on All devices

You need to do this to reduce the number of connected devices to your Hulu account.

  • Go to on a device with internet access.
  • Sign in to our Hulu account with your email and password.Hulu 301 error
  •  Go to “Account”.
  • Click on “Privacy and Settings”.
  • Select “Protect your account”.
  • Click “Logout on all computers” from the pop-up notification.
  • Done.

This will help you to secure your Hulu account and reduce the workload on the account, resulting in a 301 error. However, all devices [phone and computer] where your Hulu account is logged in will be logged out.

While those with your Hulu password can still access it and cause traffic on the account, we will proceed to secure the account bu further changing your password.

How to Change Hulu Account Password

There are two ways to do this. You can do a password reset or modify our Hulu password in your account. However, in this case, we will concentrate on the latter.

  • Log in to your Hulu account.
  • Navigate to “Account”
  • Select “Change Password”.
  • Enter the “current password” in the two-column provided.
  • Enter your new password in the next column and re-type it to confirm it.
  • Check “log me out of other computers”.
  • Click “Save Changes”.
  • Done.

Set Time to Automatic

This will let you tap your current time location from your network provider. As such, you will not have to bother yourself reconfiguring time with Hulu 301 playback error in mind.

Automatic Time Update on Android

Here is a quick walk around on Android to set time to automatic update.

  • Go to your Android settings.
  • Click on “Date & Time”.
  • Click on “Automatic”.
  • Done.

This will set your time to the current time on your zone network provider on your Android device.

Set Time to Automatic Update on iPhone/iPad

Here is how to achieve automatic time update on the iPad and iPhone.

  • Go to our iPhone or iPad settings.
  • Tap on “General”.
  • Tap “Date & Time”.
  • Select “Automatic”.
  • Done.

Now, at this point, I will advise you to try to stream the movie on your Hulu to see whether the error 301 is still on the radar. If it does, proceed further to try other fixes.

How to Set Windows 8 & 10 Time Auto-update

Here is your guide to automatic date and time update on Windows 8 and 10.

  • Click on “Time and Date” to the bottom right of our Windows 8 or 10.
  • Tap change “Time and date settings”.
  • Tap on “Change time zone”.
  • Select your time zone from the pop-up.
  • Click “OK”.
  • Click “Apply”.
  • Done

Although, there is no automatic time and date feature in Windows 8. But, selecting your time zone as your location will set your time and date to automatic.

macOS Automatic Time and Date Update

Here is the time and date update guide for macOS users, such as Mac.

  • Choose Apple menu.
  • System Preferences.
  • Click Date & Time.
  • In the Date & Time pane, make sure that” Set date and time automatically” is selected, and your Mac is connected to the Internet.

Clear Hulu Caches

This is a whole lot of tasks to accomplish. Take, for instance, that you are considering clear Hulu caches on Android, iPhone, Chrome, Safari, Chromium, Opera, Mozilla, and other browsers you have access to.

That could be time-consuming. However, we have a complete guide to clear all caches on your Windows and smartphone.

Poor Internet Connection

A poor internet connection can always cause your Hulu playback to return 301. How do you measure that? Just connect to the internet and visit to see how fast your internet connection is.Hulu error 301

If it’s weak enough, you may have to change to a better connection or move from a mobile network to Wi-Fi.

These are what I did when I ran into the Hulu error 301, and it’s gone now. This should help as well.

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