How to Edit SnapChat BitMoji Moods

SnapChat platform lets you add your own set of photos to your SnapCode. After that, if you forgot the image you will find out that you will end up leaving the middle of the image blank. With this, you can create your own SnapChat BitMoji with a little editing. But, without you create a BitMoji on SnapChat, the recent update on the platform automatically add any SnapChat avatar to your SnapCode if you don’t have a profile picture. However, if you are a little be creative, you can edit SnapChat BitMoji moods and make it look like 3D BitMoji even if the BitMoji avatar is added to your SnapCode already.

So, it’s no longer an illusion editing BitMoji moods to your favorite one in the new SnapChat update BitMoji. The one set back for a new BitMoji lover is that to be able to add and edit SnapChat BitMoji, you must have created a BitMoji avatar for your SnapChat Account. It’s with this avatar that will add the photo to your SnapCode. Although, you can remove the SnapChat avatar from your SnapChat profile picture, but, it must be created first.

So, here I will assume you have created a SnapChat avatar on your SnapChat account before you thought of the best way to edit SnapChat BitMoji Moods. However, if you have not created it and you don’t know how to create one, kindly signify in the comment section so we can take a look at how to add SnapChat avatar to your account profile.

How to Edit SnapChat BitMoji Moods

The main reason why you have not started enjoying this benefit on SnapChat is that you have not taken your time to play around your SnapChat account, added your SnapChat avatar, and reveal the trick to edit BitMojis in your SnapChat account.

Just that, here is how to edit it…

1. Create a valid SnapChat avatar for your SnapChat account

2. Open your SnapChat account and click “BitMoji

3. click on “Edit BitMoji”  to the top left of your account

Edit SnapChat BitMoji Moods

4. Select the Mood you want to set as your BitMoji and click on Done

Edit SnapChat BitMoji Moods

5. The BitMoji Mood will update automatically.

If you are running the old SnapChat app on your device you have to update to the latest iteration to enjoy this feature. Meanwhile, if you own picture is added to your SnapCode directly, you have to remove it and add it to your BitMoji avatar.

How to Remove Profile Picture from SnapChat

This is a must to create a SnapChat avatar and to update it automatically. So, if you want to Edit SnapChat BitMoji Moods when your uploaded photos are added to SnapCode automatically, you need to remove your profile picture.

1. Open the SnapChat app and click on the ghost or BitMoji icon

2. On your SnapChat profile screen click on your “SnapCode”

3. On your “SnapCode” screen tap the reverse arrow button beside the capture button

4. Tap “Remove Profile Picture” from the pop up to confirm your action

SnapChat BitMoji Moods

After you have successfully removed your profile picture, SnapChat new update will automatically update your profile picture with your BitMoji avatar to the SnapCode if you have created a SnapCode account before you removed the profile picture.Meanwhile, to be at the safer side, make sure you check whether the BitMoji avatar is available on your account regarding the new SnapChat update so that you will not be on the loose end for removing your SnapChat profile picture.

So, always check whether you can replace your profile picture with your BitMoji avatar before you remove your profile picture. Meanwhile, you can edit your SnapChat BitMoji moods without removing your profile picture. But the beauty is to be able to replace your profile picture with your newly created BitMoji avatar.

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