How to See Password in Chrome Browser

If you have used the Chrome option to save password you can view it whenever you want to copy the password or edit the password for a reason best known. However, before you can see password in Chrome browser you must first save the password when you input a username and password into a webpage that requires logging details.

Chome sometimes does not pop-up and option to save password directly when you input your username and password into a website that requires username and password but it can be initiated. This means that you have to force Google Chrome to pop up an option to save the inputs.

But if you have some saved passwords already on your Chrome browser whether on mobile or on a computer you can use the Google Chrome password manager to view your password on any browser.

In one of my previous posts, I detailed how to see passwords that are saved on Chrome browser on any browser and view it. And without a doubt, here in this article today I will share with you how to see password in Chrome browser using a computer-based approach.

Note: Before you can view password on Chrome browser you must have saved passwords on the browser already also you must be an admin to the computer to see the password. This is unlike when you want to see password saved on Chrome mobile without a password.

How to See Password in Chrome Browser

If you are not using the latest version of Google Chrome ensure to download and install the latest update so you can be on the same page as me in this tutorial as I take the lead.

1. Launch Chrome browser and click on the three dots to the upper right and select settings from the list of options available or right-click and open this on Chrome browser “chrome://settings/”.

2. Scroll down to the button of the page and click “Advance” to unleash more options

See password in Chrome

3. Under “Passwords and Forms” click on “Manage Passwords”

See password in Chrome

4. Use the “Password search form” to search for the username and password you want to view

See password in Chrome

5. Click on the 3 dots before the username and password and click “Details”. From the new pop up click on the eyes icon and enter your computer admin password to reveal hidden password and click “OK” and then “Done” to view the password.

See password in Chrome

Google Chrome offers the simplest way to save, manage and view password without using Chrome password viewer software on your computer. With this approach, if you have some saved passwords on your Google Chrome using Google Chrome password manager you can see it using this guide.

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