How to Fix Washer Leaking from Bottom

During usage, probably while leaving your washing machine for a while after setting the timer, you might come across a scenario where the washing machine seeps out water from the bottom. If you are faced with this, the first thing you want to do is find where the leak is coming from. Sometimes, one of the most common reasons for your washer leaking from bottom is a loose or punctured drain hose. 

However, it is not limited to that. It could also be caused by a defective drain pump or a worn-out tub-to-pump hose. 

Without further ado, let’s take a lot of some proven steps to diagnose your washer leaking from the bottom.

How to Troubleshoot Washer Leaking from Bottom

A few unnoticed events could be behind your leaking washer from the bottom. It ranges from the hose to worn-out clip and down to a moist environment. So, here, we will discuss some of the reasons why your washing is leaking from the button and how you can fix them on your own without spending a dime.

1 . Leaking Water Hose

If your washer is leaking from the bottom then the hose should be a pointer or be the first to check. Therefore, since your water hose is the first component you should check, here is the step-by-step process you should follow to diagnose it

  • Remove the washing machine from the power outlet.
  • Pull the slider out a bit, probably around 11 inches, and get the water hose at the back of the washer
  • Now, locate the connection between the water hose and the back of the washer.
  • After doing that tighten the water hose connected to the water outlet using your hands. do it for the hot and cold compartments

2 . Defective Tub Seal

One of the easiest ways to determine if the Tub seal is faulty is if the leaking happens during a rinse cycle. It is a great indication that the tube seal needs fixing or a replacement. 

However, the tube seal might not be repaired since you have to disassemble some parts of the washing machine before you get to it. If you feel uncomfortable doing that, you should get the services of a repairman.

3 . Issues with your Door Seal

washer leaking from bottom

The door seal keeps the washing machine door air-tight during the washing cycle. However, it might not be easy to spot until you perform checks on the door seal.

If you just got your washer recently, this is a troubleshooting step you should overlook.

However, if you’ve been using it for a while the seal might contain something making it not close properly during wash cycles which could give way to your washer leaking from the bottom.

To diagnose it, check through the door to see if any of the components are worn out. If there are, make the necessary replacement.

4 . Clogged Catch Basket or Filter

One of the components in your washer is the catch basket. The catch basket traps lint and removes hair from your clothing while removing them from the machine. 

However, the basket can become clogged with air if the washer is not well maintained thereby causing a leak outside the washing machine.

Now, if you can’t locate the washer you should contact a repairman to resolve it for you.

5 . Cracked Coupler

Apart from the troubleshooting steps listed above one of the few reasons why you are stuck with your washer leaking from bottom is a cracked coupler. 

Your coupler acts very similarly to a thermal fuse since it breaks when the system malfunctions.

If your coupler is broken or cracked it and your clothes are soaked after a cycle, then you should fix the coupler as soon as possible 

6 . Defective Water Pump

It might not be easy to point out your water pump as the reason for your washer leaking from bottom. However, you can easily predict that if there are a lot of shakings coupled with some rumbling sound.

That said, here is how to diagnose this,

  • Locate the water pump which is usually at the bottom of the washer or the back. after doing that,
  • Check the drain pump area for any type of leak.
  • Now, check  the water hoses connected to the drain pump 
  • Look through the hose clamps to ensure connected to the water line on the drain pump and ensure they are well tightened.
  • You can tighten it with your hand or by using a plier

If the drain hose is not damaged, and the hose clamp is not damaged but the pump is leaking, then you need to replace the drain pump

7 . Check the Water Inlet valve

The water inlet controls how water enters the washer, so you want to ensure the washer is working well so that it would supply the right amount of water to the unit. 

If the inlet pipe is not well tightened, it could cause a leak especially if the pipe to the inlet valve contains debris that blocks it from allowing water into the unit.

To diagnose this, ensure that the valve is cleaned and also ensure nothing is blocking the flow of water out of the inlet valve to the water valve screen.

How do I fix a Leaking Washing Machine from the Bottom?

How do I fix a Leaking Washing Machine from the bottom?

if your washing machine is leaking from the bottom there are a series of issues that could be causing that however the most common reason for this is a punctured or torn drain hose. 

That said, I will be listing all the possible things you should check for if your washer leaking from bottom. 

NOTE: The majority of these checks might require you to disassemble your washing machine while some can be easily seen in the outer part. However, you don’t want to tinker with the inner components so it is best to get the services of a repairman.

That said, below are a few things you should check for if you are also stuck with your washer leaking from bottom

  • check for a clogged or faulty water inlet valve and pipe
  • check for a defective water pump
  • check for a cracked coupler
  • check for a clogged catch basket and filter
  • check the door seal
  • check for a defective tube seal

Washing Machine Leaking from Bottom During Spin Sycle

If your washing machine leaks during a spin cycle, then the three things you ought to check first are the drain hose, the seals inside the pumps, and the outer tub seals. 

If after checking all these, you haven’t found the issue causing your washer leaking from bottom., then you should check if you are putting the right type and amount of detergent.

Washing Machine Leaking from Bottom during the Drain Cycle

If your washing machine is leaking during a drain cycle. The two defining issues which could cause this are a punctured or a torn drain hose or even a defective drain pump. However, you can easily determine that by running the water while observing where the leak is coming from 

Washing Machine Leaking from Bottom During Fill

If you are experiencing this and you have checked that the water supply to the washer is well tightened, then the issue might each be from the gasket or the air gap device. 

You don’t need to worry about the gasket being worn out if you just recently got your washer.

But for the Air gap, is a device that stops the water in the washing machine from seeping into the household supply. The air gap can be located at the junction between where the black rubber hose concepts with the water inlet valve.

once you’ve located it, you only need to check if it is cracked or broken. If it is then it needs a replacement.

Note: In most cases, a washer leaking from the bottom often occurs if the drain hose is loose or faulty.


 After going through all these diagnoses, you should have figured out the reason for your washer leaking from bottom and the appropriate diagnosis you can take to resolve the issue. In some cases, you might have to call for the services of a repairman, while some can easily be carried out by yourself, 

That said if you own a dishwasher and you are also experiencing leaking recently you can check here if you want to figure out how to stop your dishwasher from leaking on the floor.

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