How to Propagate Money tree [Easy Steps]

The Money Tree is believed to bring good luck, as its roots were traced back to the story of a poor farmer who prayed to God for wealth. Probably, hopping for God to send down money to him. However, that didn’t happen.

Whilst he was on his field, he noticed a beautiful plant with braided trucks suddenly growing on the field. He was surprised at how hard and resilient the plant was which made his love for the plant grow more of it as it beautified his farm. As he grew more of it, the idea to sell it came to his mind. And he eventually got wealthy through the sales of the plant.

Nowadays many people believe that the Money Tree brings good luck, more fortune etc. And you can see the Money Tree in Homes and offices since it can survive without intensive care and you can multiply it easily if you know how to propagate money tree.

Now, if you own a Money tree, and you want to get more trees around your home, office or probably, your money tree is dying and you looking for a way to revive it. Your best bet is to propagate your money tree and you can’t do that unless you know how to propagate money Tree.

Propagating your Money Tree simply helps you get more money tree plants without having to get the seeds. Plus you can give the tree a fresh start if it seems like it’s dying’s.

Without further talking let’s break down how to propagate Money Tree.

How to Propagate Money Tree

There are two ways you can propagate your Money Tree. You can either propagate it using soil or using water. And you will likely be using soil since it’s less delicate and doesn’t require any intensive care as compared to water.

But for those that prefer to use water to propagate it. We will be talking about the two, but firstly, we will start with how to propagate Money Tree in soil

 How to Propagate Money Tree in Soil

Before you begin with the soil propagation, you want to ensure that you have these few pieces of equipment close by, so that you don’t have to go searching around for them.

  • Pruners
  • Zip bag
  • Disinfectant (alcohol)
  • Small Pot
  • Soil

Once you have all these close by here is the next step

1. Cut out a Healthy Stem from your Money tree

Cut out a Healthy Stem from your Money tree

Unless you have a dying plant, you want to ensure that the pruner you are using to cut out the stem is neat. To be on the safe side, you can use alcohol to disinfect the pruner before usage.

You want to ensure that you are cutting from below the leaf node of the money tree and also ensure that the branch you are cutting out is healthy while also making sure that it is not too dry or wet while cutting it out.

After cutting it, out, let it heal for a few days before propagating it.  

2. Insert Cuttings into the soil

Get the small pot. Before placing the soil into the pot, you want to ensure that the pot has drainage holes. Now, create a hole in the soil and place the cuttings into it

3. Place the soil into a zip lock bag

After placing the stem cuttings into the small pot, get the whole thing and place it in a zip bag, to create a greenhouse effect.

What this means is, that you won’t place it under direct sunlight. but in a location where it will get sunlight partially.

You are doing this to ensure that the plant is moist at most times.

While it’s still in the zip pack, you’ll need to water it when it’s looking dry and wait till the roots grow before moving it out of the small pot for transplanting.

Since you’ve figured out how to propagate Money Tree in soil, let’s break down how you can do the same with water.

How to Propagate Money Tree in Water

How to propagate money tree in water

The process for water propagation follows similar steps to that of soil propagation. The only difference here is that you have to submerge the bottom of the plant into a jar containing water.

Anyway, here is how to do it.

1. Cut out the healthy branch

You need to cut out a healthy-looking branch from the Money Tree while ensuring the branch isn’t too wet or dry.

2. Insert the branch into a jar of water 

Now, get the branch you’ve just cut out and submerge the bottom inside a jar of water while some have suggested that a bottle is a better alternative as it keeps the plant from tilting too much.

3. Place the jar where there is sunlight

place jar where there is sunlight

After inserting the branch, you have to place the whole thing in a place where sunlight can get to. To aid its growth.

Now, it might take a while for the roots to grow, however, you can fasten its growth by changing the water frequently, or change when it gets dirty.

After doing all this, you only have to wait till the roots have grown 1-2 inches before you move it into a soiled pot.

Propagate Money Tree from Leaf

Propagate Money Tree from leaf

There are two types of money plants. The one we’ve been discussing is known as the Money Tree Pachira Aquatica). While the one which can be propagated from its leaves is the Money Plant called (Crassula ovata)

To propagate via the leaves you can only do that using the Money Plant called Crassula ovata.

Here is how to do that.

  • Get a healthy snip from the money plant. You can get 3-4 leaves for propagating.
  • Now, get a soil pot containing half mickey lighter perlite and half soil and place eth leaves while inserting the part that was cut out into the soil. 
  • You don’t need to submerge the whole plant into the soil. Just submerge a part of it.
  • Now, place the soil pot out of direct sunlight. Placing it under direct sunlight can make the sleaves dry out.

it should take three weeks for germination.

How to braid a Money Tree

Some might feel the Money Tree braids itself since the picture of a Braided Money Tree is very common, however, that is not true. Brading it requires a minimum of three Money Trees sitting around each other, which in most cases is a delicate thing to pull out.

  • If, you have a Money Tree at home or in your office and you love to braid yours, here is how you can go about it
  • Just as similar as that of braided hair, you have to cross the base of the plant over the other one.
  • Ensure the braids are not too tight while ensuring some space between each crossing. 
  • You can keep braiding till you reach a point where leaves are plenty.

After braiding, tie a string at the tip of the braid to keep it in place while the money tree grows.

Can you Propagate a Money Tree from a leaf?

There are different species of Money Trees. The common one is Pachira Aquatica which is known as the Money Tree, while the less spoken one is Crassula ovata which is known as the Money Plant. As for propagation, you can’t propagate the leaves of a money tree, however, you can propagate the leaves of a Money Plant.

Money Tree Sprouting from Trunk

There is nothing wrong with it, as it is absolutely, normal. The advantage of that is you can let it grow till it is big enough so that you can propagate it into another pot.

Money Tree Broken Stem

In a scenario where you have a broken stem, your best bet to reviving it is propagation. However, it might take longer to grow and more intensive care to ensure its growth. 

To ensure its growth, since it is very fragile here are the things you need to do:

  • Place it in the brightest spot in your home, however, you should cover the window to avoid direct sunlight rays.
  • You need to water it every 3rd or 4th day when you notice that the top is dry
  • Do not fertilize it till it has grown new foliage

How to take Care of your Money Trees

While the Money Tree doesn’t require intensive care, there are some things you want to watch out for to avoid situations such as decayed leave, dried-out plants etc. 

Below are the little things you can do to keep your Money Tree healthy

Constant Lightening 

The Money Tree thrives in an environment where there is light, however, we are not talking about direct sunlight it could dry up your plants. 

What you can do is place it close to the window in your house so that it is exposed to the sunlight partially.

Warm Temperature

The ideal temperature for the money tree is from 65 Fahrenheit to 80 Fahrenheit. That is one of the reasons why it is preferable to plant it in the summer as opposed to the winter period.


Too much watering can cause diseases so, you want to ensure that the plant is watered at least once every two weeks. However, you want to make sure that the soil is dry before watering it

Conclusion: since you’ve been able to figure out how to propagate Money tree using both water and soil, multiplying your money tree shouldn’t be an issue. However you need to follow the steps listed to avoid killing the Money Tree, and also, for a starter, you should use the soil propagation method, unless you want to see the growing process. Also if you have a basil tree you can get a comprehensive step on how to take care of it over here

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