List of Popular Browsers for Android for Fast Browsing

Android browser is one of the few apps you cannot do without on smartphones except you don’t search for information online. With default browser on your Android phone, you don’t have to bother about the best browsers for Android but this becomes expedient when the default browser on your phone performs very slow.

The point is; most built-in browsers on Android phone are very slow, are made default, and can be changed from default browser to ordinary browser. However, to experience fast internet browsing with a limited internet connection you a browser for Android phones that enhance fast internet connection and will not also slow down your browsing.

Here, I’ve come with a list of popular browsers for Android phones for fast browsing that will not also slow down your computer. Going by the total number on Android browsers on Google play store you will agree with me that we have hundreds on them, so this took us over a day to select and scrutinize before I hit the publish button.

For this, don’t be disappointed if your favorite browser on your Android missed the list but trust me, these are the list of browsers you will find in 8 Android phones out of 10. I personally employ you to be part of the revolution and upgrade your phone browsers to any of these.

Browsers for Android

Here Are Some Popular Browsers for Android Phones

1. Google Chrome

2. Mozilla Firefox

3. Opera Mini

4. UC Browser

5. Dolphin Browser

6. Brave Browser

7. Maxthon 5 Browser

8. Puffin Browser

9. CM Browser

10. Flynx

Browsers for Android: Why we Choose the Above List

Firstly, you need to know that all browsers for Android that are found in Google play store cannot make the list. However, for those that made the list passed the set criteria which includes download speed, fast internet connection, flexibility, low memory usage, and other relevant information need to make the list.

And now, we’ll take a look at the uniqueness of each of the browsers and why we choose them to be our most popular and widely used browsers for Android

1. Google Chrome Browser for Android

Google Chrome is our favorite browser when it comes to surfing the internet on Android. It’s flexible, easy to use, fast download feature, view a mobile site as desktop, clear caches easily, and do all sort of things that most default browser cannot do.

Without being convinced with this article, the total number of Google Chrome for mobile download made it known that Chrome is one of the few browsers for Android phones.

Not minding the fact that Chrome is super fast, it’s also one of the few apps that are already pre-installed on a most Android phone running Android Lollipop, Marshmallow, Oreo, and Android Nougat.

If you have not downloaded Chrome for Android before here is a link to download Chrome browser for mobile.

2. Mozilla Firefox Browser for Android

Mozilla Firefox is second to Chome in terms of number of apps download in play store. Chrome having over 1 billion downloads at the time of writing this article is followed by Mozilla with few million of downloads below Chrome hit.

Unlike Mozilla desktop version that crashes often, the mobile Mozilla app for Android work perfect with easy to navigate feature, flexibility, fast browsing, and fast internet connection within a limited internet environment.

For the time being, I have used Mozilla Firefox to confirmed the stability of the mobile app before taken the 2nd spot. However, of the list of the popular browsers for Android Mozilla Firefox is another giant to be considered among them.

Meanwhile, in the past we considered how to view saved passwords on Mozilla Firefox, you can check it out to access all saved passwords.

For beginner here is a link to download Mozilla Firefox directly from Google play store for free and enjoy fast internet browsing with the app.

3. Opera Mini Browser for Android

Opera mini is the 3rd most popular browsers for Android phones on the list and on the internet. Over 2/5 of internet users use Opera mini browser on both PC and on mobile. With the flexible feature of the browser, it worth try and worth replacing your Android phone default browser.

One feature of Opera browser that set it apart from other browsers on your Android phone is the feature to download videos directly from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media for free and without using the save from net option as shared in this article.

Opera Mini browser doesn’t need a huge space to start running on your Android, with the browser’s lightweight and super speed you will enjoy the best of internet browsing with the app.

If you have not installed Opera mini browser on your Android phone here is a direct link to download Opera Mini.

4. UC Browser for Android

UC browser is known for its magic download feature for Android phones. UC browser got the list of most used and popular browsers for Android when the download speed of the app beats all other browsers with a slow internet connection and ability to resume download when a connection is lost.

UC browser popularity has last for more than a decade. The app browsers came into limelight when a Symbian phone was the only popular Android-phone-like we have. Apart from the app browser’s lightweight, it also makes download huge file very easy and re-establish the connection when the network connection is lost during download process.

If you have a huge file to download and you are scared of losing the entire downloaded file if internet connection fails just download and install UC browser so that you will be able to resume download when the internet connection is lost.

5. Maxthon 5 Browser for Android

I have not spent a year with Maxthon 5 browser for Android bit the app has won my heart for a flexible browser and user-friendly browser interface.

The most Android phone uses Maxthon 5 browser as a default browser due to the app flexibility and for the fact that app consumes less memory compared to some other popular browsers.

Few features of Maxthon 5 browser for Android includes a built-in note-taking tool, password manager, email addresses manager, ad-blocker, displays the latest news articles, customizable speed dial, night mode, etc.

If you are new to Maxthon 5 browser download here and install it on your Android phone to have a feel of the popular browser.

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