How to Reset ATT TV Remote

The ATT TV remote is designed to help streamline a complete entertainment experience with the aid of just one, multi-purpose, and easy-to-use remote.

However, your ATT TV remote may develop a fault or glitch overtime usage, which may need you to reset it. Here, we will walk you through how to reset ATT TV remote.

You don’t need to juggle between multiple inputs, apps, channels, and devices, with just one ATT TV remote, you can control these and more.

You will be glued to your TV screen without leaving the couch with Hey Google as an added bonus.

With the ATT TV, you stand to enjoy many benefits and features you will love. Unlike most TV services, you don’t need to book an installation appointment with ATT TV. You also won’t be needing a satellite dish or cable box, all you simply need to do is plug in and watch.

With ATT TV, you can select from several On Demand titles and live shows and full access to over 5,000 apps. You can as well take recordings with the ATT TV remote app. In other words, with AT&T TV, you enjoy unlimited fun.

Following the steps in this guide, you will learn how to reset your ATT TV remote control.

Faulty cables:

Check for any possible snug and secure connection of the video cables between your TV, Gateway, and receiver for any issues.

Wrong TV’s Input Settings

Ensure that your TV’s input Settings match the exact type of cable you are using. Restart your receiver and press down the POWER button for about 10 seconds then press it again to restart.

An object may be blocking the signal from the remote

If your ATT TV remote is not working, try removing all objects that might be blocking the signal from the remote.

Low Battery

The batteries in the remote may be low and drained. Try replacing the batteries with new ones. A slow, blinking green light or no light at all on your remote implies that you need new batteries. Remove the battery cover and place two new AA batteries.

You can as well reset the remote and the receiver. How to Reset ATT TV Remote

Yes, this app is known as ATT Remote Support. It’s an Android application that allows an AT&T Advanced Support representative to help you by accessing your device remotely.

You can connect to your U-verse TV service via the U-verse app on your smartphone or tablet. Then, go ahead to use the U-verse app to stream live TV or on-demand shows or movies.

Reset ATT TV Remote

How to Pair ATT TV Remote

Now that you have your AT&T device on and ready, you can set up your ATT TV remote by following the steps below:

  • Detach the battery tag behind the remote.
  • Switch on your TV.
  • Use the “Input” or “Source” buttons on your remote to choose the correct input.
  • Search for on-screen prompts to help walk you through everything.
  • Point your ATT TV remote at the device, tap on the “Fast Forward” and “Rewind” buttons at the same time, and press them for about 3 seconds.
  • Wait for a confirmation message saying that your remote has been paired successfully and is ready to use.
  • Select your in-home Wi-Fi and enter your User ID and password to sign in.
  • Choose the particular room where you will use your AT&T TV device.
  • Synchronize your Google account (if you have one) to use Hey Google.
  • Now, you can begin to watch your favourites!

Now, you can enjoy your favourite movies and show as much as you can

Yes, if you have an Android phone or tablet. The U-verse Easy Remote Android application gives you access to connect your Android phone or tablet to your smart TV so you can use it as a remote control.

Reset ATT TV Remote

How to Reset ATT TV Remote

In case you need assistance to reprogram your remote or you are facing difficulties getting it to work, then you may need to unpair and reset your remote to get everything back to normal.

Before proceeding to the steps below, try to remove your batteries and place them back in, or replace your batteries altogether.

If all this still doesn’t fix the remote, then you can go ahead to unpair your remote from your device.

Follow the steps below to unpair your remote.

  • Long-press on the “Dash (-),” “Apps,” or “Diamond” buttons.
  • Wait for a few seconds until you see the LED lights on your remote blink blue twice.
  • Tap and release the red button on the side of your AT&T TV device to restart it.
  • You can as well disconnect your AT&T TV device and then connect it back in.
  • Follow the steps above again if you would like to repair your device all over.

If after you unpair the ATT TV remote, it still didn’t work. Then, you can go ahead to request help by calling 833-596-1535 for further assistance.

How to Reset ATT TV to Default Factory Settings

You can as well reset your ATT TV remote to the default factory settings by following the steps below:

  • Press and hold the MUTE and SELECT buttons together until the light flashes thrice.
  • Press 9, 8, 1 and SELECT.
  • The TV remote will flash four more times and it should now reset.

If none of these fixes solves the issue, it may be time to get a new ATT TV remote.Reset ATT TV Remote

How to Reset U-verse TV Remote controls

In case you have the U-verse TV remote controls and it’s malfunctioning. Here’s how to reset it below:

  • Long-press on the AT&T and the OK buttons simultaneously.
  • Release both buttons and all four mode buttons will blink twice to show you are in programming mode.
  • Enter the programming code 900 by tapping the number keys on the remote control.

That’s it! You have successfully reset your U-verse TV remote controls.

I hope you have been able to reset your ATT TV remote without any hassle. Feel free to drop in your comment in the section below.

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