How to Fix Xfinity Gateway Blinking Green

Imagine, you received a call from your boss at work while you were still groggily awake, s/he then asks you to check a mail he forwarded to you.

Reluctantly, you get up and try to connect to the internet only to notice a green blink that you found strange at first, but disregarded only for your internet to fail then you finally notice how weird the green blinking light is?

Welcome to Gadgetswright, and we will be discussing what to do with Xfinity gateway blinking green in this article.

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Now, the Xfinity gateway offers a series of notification LED lights, and they vary from orange to blue to green each with different alert meaning according to their sequence. However, the Xfinity Gateway blinking green happens to be amongst the most common faces by Xfinity subscribers.

Your Xfinity gateway blinking green means that the WiFi/Router has failed to connect to the internet after trials. And since it is a common troupe that computers rarely make mistakes, you probably be wondering why this is happening.

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What is Xfinity gateway Blinking Green

Xfinity Gateway Blinking Green

As explained earlier, the Xfinity gateway has colorful LED notification array with specific colors implying the status of the device to the user.

  • White light: This can come in different sequence,

when it is stable, it means its operational. Steady white light with a purple tint is after activation.

  • A blinking white light happens during activation.
  • Red light – When the red light is stable, it means there is no internet connection on your Gateway.
  • Blue light – If your Xfinity gateway blinks blue light, it means it is connecting to another device.
  • Lastly, the blinking green light – the internet connection is unstable, check server.

I am sure your next question is to ask why this happens. Truth is, it could be for a variety of reasons:

  • Loose Cables or Connection
  • Overloading
  • Power outage & Network outage etc.

Check for any Loose Cables or Connections

With the complex household connection, you might have cables and terminals loose at times. So, when Xfinity gateway blinking green, check if you have a loose cables that could be cause for the malfunction.

Overloading the Device

If the gateway has too much devices connected to its network, it might start misbehaving.

Power & Network Outage

At times, the cause of the error might not be from your home but from the Xfinity server’s end. Bad weather at times lead to bad network that might affect the internet and leave you in the lurch.

Also, the server might be experiencing power outage which means they cannot simply provide you internet as of that time.

How to Fix Xfinity gateway Blinking Green

As the reasons it happens, the Xfinity gateway blinking green snag has solutions to this problem so far it is a mild software bug problem. i.e. internal issues and not caused by external factors like power outage or terrible weather.

Among them are:

  • Reconnect loose cables
  • Restart the gateway device
  • Disconnect the other devices
  • Troubleshoot Service provider settings
  • Reset the gateway device
  • Contact service provider

How to Re-connect Loose Cables

First thing you should do when faced with Xfinity gateway blinking green light is to check for a loose cable just as said in an earlier paragraph. A loose cable can affect internet connection.

Check the backside of your box and lineup of your ports and cables confirming if they are in the right connection. Also check the state of the cables, if you find bad ones, you can order for a replacement. At times it might just be the terminals that had worn out, try tightening it to fix the issue.

Restart the Xfinity Router

Despite what was said in the first step, restarting a faulty device is what our mind is programed to do by default. And it could be an alternative solution in this case.

Restarting your device will usually do the trick, and is also a better option compared to a factory reset which will wipe all your saved configurations.

To restart;

  • On your phone, open the Xfinity My Account app
  • Scroll down and click on the internet tab.
  • A list of modem will be presented
  • Select your modem
  • Select Restart this device (This can take nearly ten minutes).

Disconnect Other Devices

Overloading your gateway might lead to overheating and since semiconductors expand with heat, the connection might start acting up start blinking green. You can solve this simply by unburdening your gateway, Disconnect the device that are not actively used.

Troubleshoot Service Provider Settings

Confirm the connection setting of your Gateway before you go further. Ensure you are not trying to connect to the wrong Wi-Fi. If so, check if you had not messed the proxy settings. If this does not help, it is imperative to write down your gateway username and password somewhere before you begin reset.

Reset your Xfinity Router

If the above four fails, then it might be time to take more complex approach. Resetting is the tougher choice to restarting. When your decide that you must reset, first know that you will be losing all stored configuration.  However, resetting has its own perks, as it helps wipe sticky cache that would not delete itself usually. And in most cases, a reset helps remove all software anomaly.

Note, resetting as an option should be treated as the last resort. So it is not something that can be toyed with often.

  • At the backside of your Xfinity gateway, you will find your reset button in a small hole. Because of its severity, it is secured inwardly so it cannot be pressed unknowingly or by children.
  • So you will need a tiny  object that can pierce the hole like a pins or toothpick to push the button an initiate reset.
  • Long-press the reset button while the Gateway is still turned ON, it should blink white.
  • Thereafter, it will turn OFF, and ON again.
  • Check if the white light is stable at this trial.
Contact service provider

In a situation where all these fails, then the only further you can go is to contact your Xfinity internet provider. They have the best hands at deck who are not new to your kind of problem and would resolve it by either sending it to your a technician to see why Xfinity gateway blinking green . If it happens that the fault is from their ends, they will inform you and give you a timeframe before the internet comes back on.


The world is now in a virtual reality where we seem to spend most of our time surfing the internet. Now imagine being lockout from this flux by Xfinity gateway blinking green. You get frustrated and you will want a quick solution.

And the above solutions are guaranteed ones, that said, Xfinity gateway blinking green can at times be because defective gateway device. Then you must contact Xfinity and request a replacement.

It is imperative to follow this solution by steps because at times the gateway might malfunction due to overloading with large numbers of devices connected to it, and you might choose the excessive option of resetting. This will work, but you would have lost your configurations. But at least you would not know it was a mere overloading and it will save your blushes.

As stated before, other external problems could cause the Xfinity gateway blinking green problem. So you can always call Xfinity immediately if it develops fault, they can then affirm or deny any cause from their ends and give you perks on what to fix it.

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