XFINITY Remote setup | How to perform any form of Xfinity Remote Setup

If you have been looking for a piece of holistic information about XFINITY remote setup then this article will offer you all you need.

If you have just bought an XFINITY remote and a TV box the next thing you need to do is to get it set up so that it will start working as soon as possible.

If you don’t set up your remote it will not work with your TV Box.

Setting up your remote to work with the XFINITY TV box is the same thing as programming your remote with XFINITY TV box. The terms are used interchangeably as some people prefer using the word programming to set up.

In this article, we will learn all there is about XFINITY remote setup, ranging from how to set up XFINITY remote with a setup button and rudimentary things you need to do to have your XFINITY remote setup entirely.

What is XFINITY Remote setup?

XFINITY remote setup is an important process and a must-do if you are going to use your XFINITY remote to control your tv box.

This means to pair or program your XFINITY remote to start working with your TV. There are few ways to do this which will be discussed in this article.

The setup process is what you need to do after you have bought your XFINITY TV box with its remote.

You will also need to go through this process again if by peradventure your remote or unpairs itself or you reset your remote to fix an issue or something. That is why understanding how to set up your XFINITY remote is very important.

XFINITY Remote setup

XFINITY Voice Remote setup with your TV Box

There are two methods to perform the
XFINITY Voice Remote setup with your TV Box

Method 1.

  • To do this, you need to pick up your XFINITY TV remote and point it toward your TV box
  • Locate the microphone button and when you do press it and say PROGRAM REMOTE
  • You will notice that there will be an appearance of on-screen instructions with a picture of the remote. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the setup process

Method 2.

  • Another way to do this is to press the A button on your XFINITY remote, then choose remote setup on your TV.
  • You will see on-screen instructions. Follow these instructions to complete the voice setup process.
  • Once you have synchronized your voice with the remote and your remote is paired with your TV, follow the on-screen instructions to complete other setups like your input control for your television, volume, and audio equipment.

XFINITY Remote setup with online code Lookup Tool

The XFINITY remote setup had a few ways to go about it and one of these ways is the online could lookup tool.

  • To do this, pick the voice remote you have and go to the remote code lookup tool.
  • Look for the continue button and press it, then a few steps will appear in the tool which you need to follow to set up your remote
  • Incidentally, if you cannot find the code which should be in the look-up tool, then you have to make use of the setup button.
  • Below is a guide on how to make use of the setup button to set up your XFINITY TV remote.

XFINITY Remote setup with the setup button

If you want to set up your XFINITY remote using the setup button the steps below would come in handy for you.

  • Put on your XFINITY TV box and locate the setup button, press it until the colour of the LED light on your XFINITY remote changes from red to Green.
  • If this is successful, then using your XFINITY remote enter the code 9-9-1. At this point you wi noticed that the XFINITY LED light flashes twice in green colour.
  • Then you just need to keep pressing dates CH^ until your TV box turns off.
  • Press the setup button on your XFINITY remote to lock the code into the TV box.
  • To ultimately ascertain if the process was successful you need to try to put on your TV with the remote.
  • Press the power button on your XFINITY remote and this should turn the television on. If it does then the setup process was successful.

XFINITY Remote setup

XFINITY Remote setup your TV Box without a setup button

After you have turned on your TV box, locate the XFINITY and mute buttons and press them simultaneously; do not leave these buttons until after 5 seconds or until you see the red light on your XFINITY remote change to Green.

Find the 5 digit code of your TV manufacturer and type it using your remote. This should make the LED light on the remote blink green twice. If it does, then the code is correct.

If the LED light on your XFINITY remote blinks red twice then the code is incorrect, you need to check the code again.

Now point your XFINITY TV remote toward your TV box and press the power button, this should turn off the television. If it does then the setup process was successful, but if the television does not turn off, then the process was not successful; you need to make use of another manufacturer code to go through the setup process again.


We have established that XFINITY remote setup is a must process after you have bought your XFINITY remote and TV box. It is not a one-time process in the sense that at some point your remote may unpair itself with your television and you will need to set it up again or there may be a glitch with your remote which you may need to reset your remote to fix that particular problem after which you need to set up your XFINITY remote again with your television.

With the information and fact established in this article, you can always set up your XFINITY remote whether or not the XFINITY remote has a setup button.

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