How to Sign Up for Paramount Plus with Walmart Plus

If you arrived at this page looking for information on how to sign up for paramount plus with Walmart plus to also take advantage of the free subscription that comes with it then you are reading the right and a must-read guide to quench your curiosity.

But is it really free or there is a catch to it?

Let’s clear your doubt about what it’s all about; how to activate paramount plus from Walmart Plus, and what should you do if you are a previous subscriber or a new user.

How to Sign up for Paramount Plus with Walmart Plus

To use Walmart Plus, you must first be a member of one of the Walmart plans. Doing this will give you access to the Paramount Plus Essentials plan, which comes free of charge when you gain a Walmart plus membership.

However, if you are not a Walmart subscriber and want to take advantage of the free Paramount Plus subscription, here is how to go about it.

  • Go to or the Walmart app.
  • Click on “Start a 30-day free trial” and sign up for Walmart+.
  • After signing up, scroll down and select Video Streaming.
  • Alternatively, locate the Paramount+ benefit in the Benefits or Savings tab of the app.
  • Now, choose Paramount+ and create an account.

After subscribing to Walmart’s paid plans, you will be able to get the Paramount Plus Essentials Plan for free.

Note: You will not be charged until the end of your free trial

If you previously subscribed to paramount plus through the website or app, or another platform such as Amazon, Xfinity, Sky TV, etc, you must cancel your subscription before proceeding with the steps above.

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Walmart Plus Paramount Plus: How to Log in

If you are an existing Walmart user, you simply have to ensure that you’ve signed up for a membership to be able to access Paramount Plus. And if you have a Paramount Plus subscription, you have to cancel it and sign up for a Walmart membership to get the Paramount Plus Essential plan.

Once you’ve signed up for a Walmart plus account, log in to your Walmart Plus account and go to the benefits or savings tab on Walmart plus to access paramount plus for Free.

NB: The premium plan is not available with a Walmart membership, but you stand to get the essential plan all for free so it’s a win-win. However, the ads might be something you might not be so pleased with.

Walmart Plus Paramount Plus not Working.

If your Paramount Plus is showing an error message when trying to access it right from Walmart, it could be due to the fact that you are linking a Paramount Plus account with a subscription to your Walmart account.

As I previously stated, if you want to use your Walmart Plus subscription to access Paramount Plus for free, you must cancel any pending subscriptions on your Paramount Plus account.

If you signed up on the web, a smart TV, or a gaming console, all you have to do to cancel it is visit, sign in, go to your account page, and select Cancel your Subscription.

Walmart Paramount Plus Subscription

How to sign up for paramount plus with Walmart plus

When you sign up for a Walmart membership, you will automatically get the Paramount Plus Essentials plan for free. Paramount Plus, on the other hand, has two plans: the premium plan and the essential plan.

When you get Paramount Plus for free on Walmart plus, you will be given the Essentials plan. The same thing also applies to the student plan, which comes with a great chunk of the subscription fee waived but you are only limited to the Essential plan.

Walmart Plus for Associates

Walmart has encouraged its employees to sign up for Walmart Plus via the career section of the Walmart website.

Once you sign up for Walmart as an associate, you’ll get Walmart + free of charge.

However, it would help if you were a permanent worker and not a temporary or contract staff. Also, you can only acess this benefit while working at Walmart and not from Home.

Paramount Plus Walmart + Associates

Everything available on the Walmart Plus plan will also be available when associates register for Walmart Plus for free, however, terms and conditions are some things that can change with the company policy.

For Example, the Free Walmart Plus for Associates is only available for permanent workers, not temporary workers. And they can only be accessed at their place of work, not at home.

Walmart Plus App

If you want to sign up for Walmart Plus, you can do so via the website at or by downloading the Walmart app from the Google Play Store.

After that, you must sign up and follow the onscreen instructions to register for a membership plan. All these can be done via any of your smart devices.

Can I Choose a Plan other than Essential?

How to sign up for paramount plus with Walmart plus

If you do not want to go for the essential plan you have to sign up for Paramount plus right from their website or From any of their applications.

Getting it for free from Walmart Plus limits you to the essential plan. At least it’s free

Also, there are probably various business reasons why Walmart and Paramount plus come together to make paramount plus free for its plus subscribers.

Can an Existing Paramount+ Subscriber get Free Paramount from Walmart+?

Yes, you can, but you have to cancel any existing Paramount Plus subscription you might have initiated from another plan before you’ll be able to access the Free Paramount Plus Plan from Walmart.

How do I stream Paramount+ on Walmart Plus?

You can always view it for free on any platform, whether through the website, the app, or your smart TVs, as long as you’ve linked your Walmart account to your Paramount Plus account.


After going through this article, you should be well acquainted with how to sign up for Paramount Plus with Walmart Plus and what benefits you stand to gain from taking advantage of this.

However, you might not be too happy about this, due to the constant ads you have to deal with when streaming from your Preferred Plus subscription.

You can resolve that by checking out the article below.

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