How to Use ShareIt to Transfer Files Between PC & Phone

This post covers “how to use Shareit” and everything other relevant questions you need to know.

Share it is a popular app for Android and iOS phones and Windows and Mac to transfer files between two devices with Shareit installed.

In order to use Shareit with another device to transfer and receive files, the shareit app must be installed on both devices. Just like Xender and flash share, the technique to use share it to transfer files and receive files from sender follow the same approach.

Here in this post, I’ll share with you how to use shareit to transfer files between two devices such as between Android and Android, iOS and iOS, Android and computer, and iOS and computer.

How to use Shareit

How to Use Shareit: Require Tools

Shareit is a popular app developed for Lenovo mobile and PC. But the utility of the transfer app, other devices such as all Android phones, iPhones [iOSs], Windows and Mac OS can install and use Share it to transfer and receive huge files instead of using a Bluetooth connection.

1. Both devices must have a Wi-Fi connection to be able to establish a connection between the two devices. Note that no internet connection is required to use shareit to transfer and receive files from another user.

2. Before you initiate files transfer between the two devices make sure you have the app installed on both device. Like, if you want to transfer files from your PC to Android phone or from Mac to iPhone make sure you install the latest share it app for Mac or PC and for your device OS.

How Does Share it App Works?

Gone are the days when Infrared and Bluetooth are the two best ways to transfer files from mobile to mobile, and the only means to transfer files from mobile to mobile in the past was mainly Infrared before Bluetooth was introduced. And now, several apps have replaced the use of Infrared and Bluetooth to transfer files because of time.

Share it in the other way is just other transfer apps like Xender and Fashshare to mention a few. Share it use your phone wireless connection to connect to third party’s phone to be able to send and receive files instead of the traditional means of transferring files using Bluetooth.

Can I Send Apps Via Bluetooth

Before Shareit or Xender or Flash share was introduced we do send apps via Bluetooth with our old Symbian phones using File Manager app. Then, there was nothing like APK files as it is now as well as nothing like APK extractor.

Now, APK extractor app makes it easy to transfer apps via Bluetooth just like. If you don’t want to use apps like share it, Xender, and FlashShare to transfer and receive files on your Android phone just download and install APK extractor to send apps via Bluetooth.

Can I Use Shareit on iPhone

Android and iOS devices are the major smartphone OS. They two OSs took shape within a limited time and a lot has happened afterward. So, if you own and an iPhone you can download and install Shareit on it to send and receive huge files within minutes.

If you have not installed Share it on your iPhone here is a direct link to download the latest share it for iPhone.

How Can I Transfer Files from Android to iPhone?

One of the easiest ways to transfer files from Android to iPhone is via Shareit. The procedure is direct and easy to follow.

For a novice, this post will teach you how to transfer files from Android to iPhone, from iPhone to Android, form iPhone or Android to Windows or Mac OS using your device Wi-Fi connection.

How to Use Shareit to Transfer Files Between Devices

This “how to use shareit” to transfer files works on all devices with wireless connection enabled. Most important of it all is that; you can use share it to share files without an internet connection and Bluetooth enabled.

Note: First, download and install Shareit for your device [ Android, iOS, WinPhone, Windows OS, and Mac OS]

1. Open the Shareit app on the two devices [Android or iPhone or Mac or Windows]

2. Click  on receive on the first device and send on the second device

Note: Click receive button on the device that wants to receive the files and send on the device that you want to send the files from. It could be computer or mobile.

3. Select the list of files to transfer from phone A and send it to Phone B

Note: Either phone can be PC or mobile, it all depends on your file transfer and receiver’s source

This is exactly how to use shareit to transfer files from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android, and also from Windows to Mac or Mac to Windows. If you have any difficulties transferring files between two devices using this tutorial please use the comment section so we can be of help and if your LOVE  this guideline please ShareIt.

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