How to Copy and Paste on Android Phones

This I came to realize lately that there is no specific feature to copy and paste on Android phones except the use of a computer to move your files. You can only move files such as apps, music, photos, videos and documents on Android phone via USB when you connect your phone to your computer.

This really makes things hard to move files from phone internal memory to phone external memory popular called MicroSD or memory card as most people called it. The absence copy and paste feature on Android phones and without shortcut to move files without connecting to a computer have drained me to the bone.

However, after a long research and trial and error approaches, I have learned it the hard way that it’s possible to copy and paste on Android phone without connecting your phone to a computer or laptop and without using any shortcut.

It’s more convenient to move or copy files that were sent to you from a folder to another folder for easy recognition and have clean Android phones file managers. In most cases, when a file is transferred to an Android phone via Bluetooth it saves on phone internal memory and this consumes your device memory if the file is huge.

However, the only way to free some memory on this phone would be to move the file to external memory but you will have to connect your phone to a computer to achieve this.

But after spending days and night on the internet looking for how to move files within Android phones [internal storage to external storage] without a computer I have found a working means. Meanwhile, I have not used this approach to transfer from Android phone to Android phone, the best and popular approach for this is to use file transfer apps such as Xender, FlashShare, and ShareIt.

How to Copy and Paste on Android Phones

Copy and paste on computers and copy and paste on Android phones is the same. They both move files such as music, movies, videos, comedies, photos, pictures, images, graphics, animations, and document from one folder to another folder. However, if you find pleasure using the computer copy and paste shortcut [Ctrl C + Ctrl V] then you should stick to that. For Android phones, follow my guide below to learn how to copy and paste on Android phone without using a laptop or desktop computer.

1.  Open Google play store on your Android phone and search for “Xplorer” without quote and install it on your Android phone.

2. Launch Xplorer on your Android phone and highlight all the files [music, movies, eBooks, photos, images, apps, etc] that you want to copy and paste and click on copy to click board and tick move mode (delete source files).

How to Copy and Paste on Android Phones

3. Open the folder or create a new folder or navigate back to storage where you want to paste the copied file and click it. Afterward, click paste to the bottom right of your phone interface.

How to Copy and Paste on Android Phones

4. You need to enable one-time access for explorer to be able to copy and paste on your device. To proceed click continue.

How to Copy and Paste on Android Phones

5. A new page will come up. Select the storage you want to paste it and select the folder that you want to paste the copied files and click on select.

How to Copy and Paste on Android Phones

After the above steps, the files will start to copy from their initial storage to the new storage you selected above and delete the original files from the source. This is simple and direct, it doesn’t require any rocket science understanding to follow. With this, you can copy and paste music, movies, documents, and photos on your Android phone.

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