How to Use Vizio Smart TV without Remote

Vizio smart TVs are no exception to the trend of technology becoming increasingly smarter every day with remotes and other accessories. Without using a remote control, smart TVs can now stream your favourite shows from almost all casting providers. Well, don’t argue that as this post here will show you how to use Vizio smart TV without remote.

It can be intimidating to set up a new TV or use a new function without the remote control as it makes it easier to navigate and control, but Vizio makes it even easier to use Vizio smart TV without the remote. You can operate a Vizio smart TV by simply pressing the on-screen buttons or by using the Vizio Smartcast app  without a remote,

The Vizio Smartcast App enables you to use the smart TV’s features completely. These days, smart TVs like VIZIO offer a lot more advantages than regular TVs, one of which is the ability to be operated without a remote. Going through this article will reveal the hidden fact behind the Vizio Smartcast app and how to use your Vizio smart TV without a remote with the aid of the Vizio smartcast app.How to Use Vizio Smart TV without Remote

How to Use Vizio Smart TV without Remote

Vizio Smart TVs are entry-level, reasonably priced options on the market for smart TVs. Many of the TVs are 4K-capable, and many also support UHD and HDR. The television can be operated without a remote, which is the best part.

There are several ways you can use your Vizio TV without the remote control, these methods include the below:

Using buttons on the TV itself

Although there are differences between each Vizio TV model, all Vizio TVs include at least one button on the TV, with many having four. The lower left or right of the TV’s back usually has these buttons. If you are having trouble locating your Vizio TV buttons, you can check your user manual.

One-Button Vizio TVs:

If your Vizio TV has just one power button, you can turn it on by swiftly pressing that button. As soon as the TV is turned on, swiftly press the power button once more to cycle via the different TV inputs. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to turn the TV off.

Four-Button Vizio TVs:

Power, input, and volume can all be adjusted on Vizio TVs using four buttons. On the back of your TV, these four buttons are stacked on top of one another. The top selections are Power, Volume Up, Volume Down, and Input.How to Use Vizio Smart TV without Remote

Using the Smartcast App

The ability to use the Vizio Smartcast app is one of the best features of Vizio smart TVs. With the Vizio Smartcast app, you can cast content from several streaming services to your TV and use the smartcast app as your Vizio TV remote control. You can quickly access all the features of remote control on your phone via the Smartcast App.

It is free to download the Vizio Smartcast App for both Apple and Android devices. Here’s how to install the Vizio Smartcast App:

  • Download SmartCast from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • Launch the app on your smartphone.
  • For a little period, keep your phone close to the device.
  • At the bottom, click on Control.
  • Now, tap on Devices in the top right corner and choose your TV model.
  • The control menu allows you to change the input, turn on/off the TV, adjust the video mode, and more.
  • Ensure that your phone is connected to WiFi if you can’t find the name of your TV model on the list.
  • You must pair SmartCast if you are using it for the first time.
  • If you’re still having issues, check if your Vizio TV is currently connected to the Internet.

It’s not necessary to launch the app before turning on the TV. As long as you stream content from your mobile device to the TV, the TV can turn on automatically if it is off.use Vizio Smart TV without the Remote

Using Nintendo Switch

You did not mishear! That’s correct, a Nintendo Switch can be used to operate a Vizio TV in case you do not have access to your Vizio TV remote control at the moment.

Follow the steps below to use the Nintendo Switch to connect to Vizio smart TV without the remote:

  • Use your Nintendo Switch console’s dock to connect to your TV.
  • On the Home Screen, select System Settings.
  • TV Settings can be found in the left column.
  • Turn on the Match TV power state by scrolling down.
  • Remember that putting your Nintendo Switch to sleep will cause the input to disappear.
  • As soon as you turn on the console, it will immediately switch to the appropriate input channel.

That’s it! This is another way to use Vizio smart TV without the remote.

use Vizio Smart TV without the Remote

Using PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Who would have imagined that a PlayStation 4 (PS4) could be used to control a Vizio TV? Well, you can use your PlayStation 4 to turn on your Vizio smart TV when starting the gaming console. Follow the steps below:

  • Use an HDMI cable to connect your TV.
  • Switch on your PS4 system.
  • Select System >> Settings.
  • Toggle the HDMI Device Connection switch on.
  • When your PS4 is engaged, wait, and your Vizio TV will turn on immediately.

With the steps above you can control your Vizio TV without a remote but with the aid of your PS4 gaming console.

Buying a universal remote is another option to think of in case you misplaced your Vizio TV remote or your TV remote is damaged. Get one right away to control various devices in your home with this affordable yet smart solution.

Don’t get rid of the normal remote just yet. One of the few ways to reset your Vizio Smart TV is with the physical remote control and a series of keystrokes. Using the buttons on the back of the television to execute a hard reset is possible, but it’s not recommended.

Undoubtedly, Vizio has made it simple for its users to use Vizio smart TV without a remote. You may turn the TV on or off, change the volume, and enter data using its physical buttons.

With the methods described above, you can select the one that suits you the best.

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