Install Parallel Space Multi Accounts to use Dual Whatsapp

Parallel space multiple accounts is an Android app to use multiple accounts on single Android phone, such as dual whatsapp account on a single phone without OGWhatsapp. With parallel space app, you can run multiple apps on the same phone. Apps not limited to chat apps though, you can as well engage in using two clash of clans accounts on a single phone.

It’s disheartening that parallel space  multiple accounts app is not yet available for iPhone/iPod/iPad. The only alternatives to parallel space app are not for iOS users. In the same sense, window phone users can install Parallel space apk directly from apk websites or apps like parallel space to start running multiple account on their windows phone.

It’s possible to run Parallel space multiple accounts on PC with the help of Bluestacks software for PC. You can even use dual accounts. With Bluestacks you can run Android apps on PC with direct installation from Google play store.

However, with Android apps like app clone, multiple accounts, 2 lines for Whatsapp and 2Accounts, parallel space multiple accounts can be used to install dual whatsapp, Facebook, weChat, BBM, clash of clan etc on Android phone without rooting. And of course with parallel space you can install 2 whatsapp in one mobile without OGwhatsapp.

At the end of this post we’d reveal to you how to access app added by parallel space multiple accounts so stay tune till the end to enjoy it all.

Parallel Space Multiple Accounts

How to Install Parallel Space Multiple Accounts

There are two versions of parallel space for multiple accounts you can download. The official parallel space for multiple apps and the apk version available at apk websites such as apk mirror. Meanwhile, out parallel space apk app available in apk websites you can also use popular apps like OGwhatsapp, Whatsapp plus, GBwhatsapp to run more than one app on your Android phone but they’re not official. As a result, it could void your smartphone warrant.

But with parallel space multiple accounts you can run multiple whatsapp, Facebook, weChat, Twitter, Instagram on your Android phone without voiding your phone warrant and without granting root access. The good news about using parallel space app to run multiple Android app is that the app do not require root access. While rooting your phone before installing parallel space is just an added advantage is never a priority or criteria to start using dual Whatsapp with parallel space multiple account.

Now that you know what you can do with parallel space app and the likely alternatives, below are what you need to do to install parallel space multiple accounts successfully.

1. Download and install parallel space multiple accounts on the Android or smartphone you want to run dual apps such as whatsapp from Google play store .

Note: While downloading directly from the app from play store it’ll automatically installed itself once downloading is completed. But if a friend sent the app to you via Flash share or xender or share it then you need to install it manually.

2. Once you’ve successfully downloaded the parallel space multiple accounts app for Android phone, then launch the app to start the first move to install dual app for the first time such as dual whatsapp.

3. On parallel space app homepage on your phone softly click on ‘add app‘ and select the app you want to clone. Preferably select whatsapp to have dual whatsapp installed on a single Android phone of yours.

4. Old parallel space will ask you to select apk app but the latest parallel space recently released erased the option and asked you to add app straight rather than requesting for apk file.

5. We assumed that you wanted to install dual whatsapp with the help of parallel space multiple accounts for smartphone. Then select whatsapp from the pops up and follow the onscreen to install the app.

Note: You must follow the normal installation procedure just like the way you installed whatsapp for the first time. Also, it worth to note that you are also installing official whatsapp as your 2nd whatsapp account rather than installing whatsapp apk app as an additional whatsapp to make it duo whatsapp.

How to Access Dual Account Installed with Parallel Space Multiple Accounts

I want to believe you’ve successfully installed parallel space app and at least follow this post to install dual whatsapp then what is next?

What is next should be how do I access the new accounts?

Well, the newly added accounts won’t be available on your device menu but the app is somewhere hidden on your phone. Since it’s not allowed to installed 2 whatsapp account on the same device then you shouldn’t expect your second whatsapp or whatsoever to be made available on your phone menu.

To access apps you installed through parallel space for multiple accounts kingly launch the ‘multiple accounts app’ and click on the app or apps you added to the list and you are good to go.

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