Jimmy Butler Net Worth, Salary, & Endorsement in 2022

Jimmy Butler has an impressive career as an NBA professional basketball player representing the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association with an impressive net worth of $60 million. Jimmy Butler’s net worth has been remarkable since joining the Miami Heat basketball team. Therefore, we will be running through Jimmy Butler’s net worth, salary per week and month, endorsement, and how Jimmy became a public figure in the NBA overnight.

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Jimmy Butler was born on the 14th of September 1989 in Houston, Texas, United States. And he started his basketball career at a very young age. In his early career, he played a year for the Tyler Junior College basketball team before he was transferred to Marquette University. Meanwhile, before joining the Miami Heat, he had played for Chicago Bulls.

Jimmy was originally drafted in 2011 after he had spent some years playing college basketball. However, due to his impressive performance, fans gave him a nickname, “Jimmy Buckets” which later became a household name for him in the NBA professional.

Jimmy has had an impressive career since drafted. He has been named five times for NBA All-Star, four times as the All-NBA Team Honoree, and got named five times as All-Defensive Team Honoree. And in 2015, Jimmy Butler break the yoke and won the NBA’s Most Improved Player.

Jimmy Butler Early Life

Jimmy Butler was born on the 14th of September 1989 in Houston, Texas. Jimmy was abandoned at the age of 13 by his father with his mother nowhere to take care of him. However, Jimmy started living with friends and that continue for the next few years. When he had the opportunity to reunite with his parent, Butler claimed that he grabbed it so quickly even though he felt disappointed that they both abandoned him when he needed them most in his life and career.

Jimmy started playing basketball while in high school where he joined the family of Jordan Leslie, a future NFL attending the same school. Butler’s effort was quickly spotted as at that time, he was on 19.9 points average per game. However, Butler couldn’t make it into the high school basketball list despite his incredible performance.

After college, Jimmy played a season at the Tyler Junior College where he became an eye saw for his team coach and the people around. He moved on to Marquette where he played for just a year with an athletic scholarship backing him as he grows. From 19.9 points per game on average, Jimmy’s performance increase tremendously where his average point per game by his senior year was 15.7 points per game.

At this point, Jimmy Butler’s net worth or salary per game or per week or salary per week isn’t something to discuss as he’s busy building his career.


After uncountable up and down, Jimmy finally left the college and he declared himself for the NBA Draft eligibility. Fortunately enough, Butler was among the Chicago Bull’s picks where he was the 30th overall pick in the NBA Draft in 2011.Jimmy Butler net worth

However, it wasn’t as smooth as expected afterwards. Jimmy couldn’t show his prowess as he was sidelined throughout most of his year at the Bulls even with the season period being cut short before the lockout. However, Jimmy’s trial time finally comes to an end as the doubting Jimmy played all the 82 games for his side, Chicago Bulls.

In the 2013-2014 season, Butler’s game time was shortened by injury as he missed 15 games throughout the season. However, his playing time increased whenever he played. And despite his injury, Jimmy was named among the NBA -All-Defensive Second Team.

Jimmy made an impressive contribution against Denver Nuggets in the 2014-2015 season when he scored 32 points. And another remarkable performance where he had 35 points against the New York Knicks in a record-smashing game. Jimmy’s awesome performance land him the “NBA Most Improved award” for the season and an unforgettable record for the Bull as the first player to ever won the award.

Jimmy’s contract was renewed and he appended his signature to continue for the next five years in a $95 million contract. However, Jimmy’s performance was at its peak as he scored 43 points against Detroit Pistons in a season. In a game against Toronto Raptors, Jimmy scored 40 points in a single half to break a recording holding Michael Jordan to the top tie.

As Jimmy’s performance increased, he scored more points against opponents as he knocked 53 points against the Philadelphia 76ers before succumbing to a knee injury that took him off the basketball court for months and until the season ends, his contribution was minimal.

Jimmy left the Bulls and joined the Minnesota Timberwolves and suffer more injuries which kept in away from the court for months after he underwent knee surgery on his right. He then left Minnesota to play for the Philadelphia 76ers and finally for traded to Minami Heat in 2019 after he spent a season at the Philadelphia 76ers.

Jimmy Butler’s Salary and Contract

Jimmy Butler’s 11 years of NBA career had seen him pocketed $140 million as his NBA salary (officially) From endorsement, Butler earns millions of dollars with various companies including Aquahydrate, Beats by Dre, Bonobos, Five Four, Hyperice, Adidas, and Jordans among others. And in 2019, he signed a 4 years career recording breaking contract worth $140 million with his salary per year jumping to around $32 million.

Jimmy Butler’s Age

Butler is 32 years old in 2022 May. He was born on the 14th of September 1989 in  Houston, Texas, United States. Before 32, Jimmy had won over 12 awards in his NBA career with his incredible performances.

Jimmy Butler’s Wife or Girlfriend

There is no official record that Jimmy Butler is married or has kids. However, there is some spark rumour that Jimmy is dating Kaitlin Novak which he debunks that he needs to focus on his career.Jimmy Butler's Wife or Girlfriend

From our background check, it’s confirmed that both Jimmy and Kaitlin ain’t following each other on their social media which makes it more sketchy whether the celebrity model is dating the professional NBA basketball player. But it was also recorded that Jimmy and his girlfriend, Novak had a beautiful daughter, Rylee.

Jimmy Butler’s Dad

Jimmy was kicked out by his parent at a very young age of 13 before he became a prominent NBA basketball player and reunite with his family. Jimmy’s father’s name is Jimmy Butler with little to no information about him or his profession. However, the only up-to-date information about his dad is that he is the father of a celebrity NBA player, Jimmy Butler.

Jimmy Butler’s Height

Butler’s height is measured to be  2.01 m in meter which is approximately 79ft and 13 inches. If you take the calculation in centimetres, Butler’s height in cm is approximately 201cm

Jimmy Butler Net Worth

In simple language, Jimmy Butler net worth is about $60 million in 2022 across all his sources of income including his real estate and NBA professional career. Even though his net worth isn’t the same as the likes of LeBron James, with a calculative net worth of around $850 dollars as of 2022.

Butler’s doing well for himself and his performance has been so incredible over the past few years if not for injuries shortchanging his professional career.

How many Minutes did Jimmy Butler Play in Game 7?

Butler had an incredible performance in Game 7 where he played all the 48 minutes and scored 47 points in the tie with Boston before staying on the court defending his team until the end.

Why was Jimmy Butler kicked out of his house at 13?

Jimmy was probably kicked out of his parent’s house at 13 because his parent didn’t like him or because of the separation that set in between his parents. As Butler would remember, he was kicked out before his mother doesn’t like to look at him or see him.

Does Jimmy Butler still talk to his Biological Mom?

Blood is thicker than water. Yes, Jimmy and his mom still get in contact and Jimmy confirmed that he spends time with his mom whenever he has the opportunity. And of course, he confirmed that he spent time with her in the Tomball last summer. 

Why did Jimmy Butler’s Mom kick him out?

Yes, Jimmy was kicked out at 13 by his mom because his behaviour was a turn off for his money and that was how his journey to fame began.

How tall is Jimmy Butler?

Jimmy is quite tall. And his height is 2.01 m which is the average height for a basketball player. And in feet, that is about 6.6ft.

Where did Jimmy Butler go to College?

After Jimmy was kicked out by his parents he attended Tyler Junior College between 2007 and 2008. He went to Marquette University between 2008–2011 before he was drafted into the NBA.

Is Jimmy Butler a Billionaire?

Jimmy Butler’s net worth is far from billions. However, he is worth approximately $60 million as we write. And his first 10 years contract is worth $140 million.

How much is Butler Worth?

Butler is worth $60 million across all his sources of income including his NBA professional salary, endorsement, contract, and real estate.

How much does Jimmy Butler make in a year?

Jimmy makes around $34.38 million in a year from NBA. Other income sources such as endorsement, deals, ads, and social media promotion, among others are not included.

NameJimmy Butler
Age32 years old
Date of Birth14 of September
GirlfriendKaitlin Novak (Unconfirmed)
SchoolTyler Junior College
Marquette University
Drafted into NBA2011
NBA ClubMiami Heat
ParentsLonda Butler
Jimmy Butler
PositionPower forward, Small forward
Net Worth$60 million

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