What are the Best Extratorrent Alternatives?

Up to 2016 Extratorrent is the best torrent site on the internet. All of a sudden in 2017, Extratorrent announced its shut down and bids the internet a goodbye. However, since then, torrenters have battled for Extratorrent alternatives which are not easy to come by. Despite the fact that there are other torrent sites to download torrents file, Extratorrent still remains the best torrent site to download file seeds from the internet.

However, before Extratorrent was shut down, sites like Extratorrent have strived to survive the tidy Extratorrent created. But, shortly Extratorrent was shut down, the rose to become its alternatives and many of them have become so popular with sharing and offering access to download torrent files online.

There are thousands of torrent sites to download torrent files online. However, the through Extratorrent competitors are the one we listed in this article.

Note: Gadgetswright advises you to use VPN when visiting a torrent site in other not to leave a trace of your IPS online. It’s good to remain anonymous when using a torrent site and this is the only way to 100% untraceable online.

What are the Best Extratorrent Alternatives?

So here are ten of the best Extratorrent alternatives we pick for our list of best torrent sites to download torrent files.

  • ExtraTorrent.cd
  • The PirateBay.org
  • YTS.am / YIFY
  • EZTV.ag
  • 1337x
  • IsoHunt.to
  • RARBG.to
  • Torrentz2.eu
  • KickassTorrents.to / Tor-cr.net / katcr.co
  • TorrentHounds.com
  • Torrent Project
  • Torlock
  • Lime Torrent
  • Popcorn Time

Here are the reasons why these torrent sites are alternative to the Extratorrent site for downloading torrent sites.


You have the right to believe that this is the old torrent site that was shut down some years back and you can as well change your mind. Believing that Extratorrent is still alive with this new URL is a valid assumption. However, the entire files, seeders, and torrenters from the dead torrent site are all available on this torrent site.

The site is run and maintained by the same group of administration. However, it’s no more a news that when a torrent site is shut down they re-surface with the same contents on a different domain, Extratorrent.cd is probably one of those torrent sites we are talking about.


The Pirate Bay

Seeders can’t really tell which one is better or which one they should consider the best torrent sites when it comes to comparing the Pirate Bay and Extratorrent.cc together. The Pirate Bay has succeeded in almost all its acquisitions from sharing pirated contents where Extratorrent failed to succeed.

However, if you are searching for a torrent site you can stand with for years, The Pirate Bay is one of the few out there.

The Pirate Bay was founded 3 years early before Extratorrent was first launched in 2007 to help people with files they couldn’t afford to buy online. However, The Pirate Bay has risen to the level of a successful torrent site that has succeeded where most torrent sites failed such as Extratorrent, Kickass, etc.



You probably know YTS.am as YIFY torrent site. However, the torrent site has suffered shut down a couple of time and the torrent site is finally settling for the new domain, YTS.am. While the new torrent site domain name is new, the torrent site has since become one of the best torrent sites for seeders to upload and download torrent files for free.

However, when a torrent site changes its domain name, they move all the contents from the old domain to the new domain. This is exactly what YIFY torrent site did. If you are a registered member on YIFY and have some downloaded files bookmarked on your account there is a chance that you’d be to access it when you log into your YTS.am account.



My love for Extv.ag torrent site is nothing but the forum site that allows users to quickly report broken links to the site admin and request for a replacement. However, despite this credibility, Eztv has lost a lot of users and its potentiality due to privacy concern and policy violation.

However, another feature that belittles this torrent site is that the site sounds a warning to first-time visitors and a returning visitor to use a VPN while surfing. This alone has lessened the credibility of Eztv torrent site.



1337x torrent site is not just alternative to the Extratorrent site, 1337x is among most visited website in the world. Having the tides and hurdles of being a torrent site over the year, the site has since created its own platform for credibility and reason to be among the top torrent sites after Extratorrent was shut down.

However, since the torrent site’s major traffic comes from the Google search engine, they have changed from the old domain name to a new domain extension, which is a .to domain name to survive search engine ban.

Due to heavy traffic to the peer-to-peer torrent site, the site uses .se domain extension when the main site URL, 1337x.to is not reachable so that users will not feel disappointed.



Before Extratorrent was shut down, IsoHunt.to was a good contender for the best torrent site to download torrent files. However, when Extratorrent was shut down in 2017, IsoHunt rose to the climax and became one of the best torrent sites to download torrent files all for free.

The IsoHunt first ever domain name, IsoHunt.com was shut down in 2013 banned from existing after a payment of almost a $100M to the MPAA. Shortly after that, IsoHunt resuscitates to a .to domain name and has since maintained its credibility as one of the best torrent sites.



RarBG was founded two years after Extratorrent has become one of the most visited torrent sites online in 2008 which supports peer-to-peer and allows users to use BitTorrent. As at present, Rarbg.to is blocked in UK, Saudi Arabia, and Australia.

This torrent site has also suffered a ban from sharing pirate contents online and they have abandoned their old domain name for a new one. Currently, just like the IsoHunt, torrenters can only reach the torrent site homepage using Rarbg.to except some other proxy URLs.

Without mincing words with which torrent sites are the best, Rarbg is indeed one of the best competitors with Extratorrent despite the age difference.



Some of use Torrentz which was shut down permanently and any attempt to access, the URL will automatically be blocked by your anti-virus or warning you about the danger you may encounter if you choose to visit the site.

However, and in a like-sum, Torrentz became Torrentz2.eu and it has since become one of the most visited torrent sites within the space of a year. Currently, Torrentz2 has filled up the space of Extratorrents and most of Torrentz2 users are from Extratorrent try to make both ends meet downloading torrent files they need for day-to-day activities.


KickassTorrents.to / Tor-cr.net / katcr.co

We have really missed the absence of the Kickass torrent site until it resuscitates from the dungeon it was locked by the US government by a former staff member and begin to operate on a new domain name.

Going by the site design, it is very much similar to the old Kickass, of course not Kickass torrent site. Meanwhile, during the period when the torrent site was shut down a lot of clone and proxy site emerged and try to help seeders download files across the internet.

Shortly after the KickassTorrents.to / Tor-cr.net / katcr.co came online it becomes an alternative to Extratorrent.


The only requirement you need to download from this site is already on the website’s homepage without any stress. However, users, whether a new or returning users are advised to use a VPN due to the underground binary option and to stop your IPS from being available to spy from an organizing body.


Lime Torrent

Lime Torrent is a good competitor to the old Extratorrent site. Although, Lime torrent is as popular as Extratorrent back them it has since become a good replacement since the torrent site has disappeared from the internet.

A lot of users have seen Lime torrent as the best torrent files search engine. However, if you are searching for the best torrent sites that serve as a search engine, consider using Lime Torrent.


Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is a torrent site alternative to the Extratorrent site as well as a TV and a movies website for entertainment. The website serves two purposes together. The torrenting section and the movies section are both the best section of the torrent site.

Therefore, if you are looking for a 2In1 website, which is a torrent site and as well as a website to download movies Popcorn time is the best to think about.


There are other torrent sites which include Torlock and many others. However, these are the best torrent sites alternative to Extratorrent.

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