Khan Academy Review, Tutorial & Login

Khan Academy is a non-governmental organization that that helps to facilitate online learning with access to arithmetics, verbal aptitude, and reasoning, computing, physics, programming, etc where expert create and share contents for the benefit of both the less privilege and upper-class around the world.

Khan Academy is different totally from other online learning platforms like Udemy and others where you have to pay to access contents created by experts and similar to Google School in some aspect.

There is nothing like that at Khan Academy. It’s totally free. Once you create an account and fill the necessary information, you can begin to teach yourself the basic as outlined by experts on the platform.

If you are also an expert you can join the league of veterans creating contents on Khan Academy for grades students to learn on their own.

Whether you are a teacher or not you can join Khan Academy. And as a parent, you can create an account for your kids, enroll them in an online class where they are expected to consistently take classes online, take tests to test their level of intelligent and how far they have gone.

A lot have reviewed Khan learning platform. The Academy source has helped a lot to shape their lives better. However, this Khan Academy review is probably additional information to take advantage of the free learning platform.

Khan Courses

Courses are available for grades students, grad students, and expert to learn more. Some of the popular courses on Khan include:


  • Early math
  • Arithmetic
  • Pre-algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2
  • Trigonometry
  • Precalculus
  • Statistics & probability
  • AP®︎ Calculus AB
  • AP®︎ Calculus BC
  • AP®︎ Statistics
  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Differential equations
  • Linear algebra


  • AP®︎ Physics 1
  • AP®︎ Physics 2
  • Cosmology & astronomy
  • Chemistry
  • AP®︎ Chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Biology
  • High school biology
  • AP®︎ Biology
  • Health & medicine
  • Electrical engineering


  • Computer programming
  • Computer science
  • AP®︎ Computer Science Principles
  • Hour of Code
  • Computer animation

There are some other courses/subjects you can learn for free on this platform without paying a dine.

Create Khan Academy Login

Khan is for both kids and adult to learn new thing from experts around the globe. Whether as a teacher or a student or a parent you can create a student account, a teacher account where you will be sharing ideas and help to provide solution to different problems, and as a parent, create Khan Academy kids account for your kids to learn from expert in their area of specialization and chosen career.

1. Open your browser and visit There are three options available on the navigation bar which are Login, Signup and Donate.

Khan Academy

2. If you want to create an account click on sign up, log in to access your account if you are already a member or Donate to contribute to the development of the non-governmental organization.

3. Select Khan account you want to create. For learner click on the learner, for a parent, click on the parent, and as an expert ready to share your contents for free click on the teacher.

Learner Teacher Parent

4. Under the age declaration, fill your birthday information to receive birthday wishes from Khan organization and choose a signup process.

You can choose to signup Khan using Google account or Facebook account or Sign up with email.

Khan Academy Kids

5. I’ll click on sign up with Email for the sake of us that are not using Gmail (Google account) so I can use any available email address. No, fill your email (accessible), your name, create a password and click on sign up.

Khan Academy login

Note: You can click on the back button to change your sign up option.

6. Log in to your Email and click on finish  signing up

Finish signing up

7. You will be taken to your Khan profile. Click on the username and add your bio to your account after clicking on edit profile.

Khan academy login

Now you have successfully created your account on Khan website. Now, you can proceed to the learning section.

Khan Academy Tutorial

You learn by watching videos on Khan just like YouTube. You can learn physics, maths, Stats, etc. Here is how to take your tutorial on Khan site.

  1. Log into your Khan account as a learner
  2. Click on the courses drop menu. You can even use the search box to search for your desired topic to learn.
  3. To learn physics, click on physics from the drop menu
  4. You will see the course summary to the left
  5. Click on the topic title or introduction link
  6. A video tutorial will popup
  7. Start watching and click on next when you are done with the first class.

Note that you can always skip the introduction and go to lesson straight. This will skip videos or articles to the subject introduction.

You can skip videos by click on the transcript besides about to fast-forward the clip.

You can donate to help Khan grow better. No amount is too small. You can donate $1 monthly and you can make it a one-time donation.

And you can donate $10,000 depending on your capacity. There is no commitment to donating to Khan to help support the charity.

Whether you log into Khan or not you can donate to help propagate and help the platform achieve its goals.

Note: If you tick a one-time donation it means that your means of donation (PayPal or Credit card) will only be charged once. And when you choose monthly, the amount you want to donate will be on constant bases once the first date is due.

  1. Open a browser on your phone or PC and go to Khan Donation page
  2. Select the amount you want to donate and make sure you either choose a one-time donation or monthly before you click on to give by credit card or give by PayPal.Khan Academy physics
  3. Please make sure you go through the terms of service and privacy policy before donating and make sure you understood the content.
  4. If you click on Give by credit card you will be prompt to enter your personal information and then click on Payment info.Payment donation
  5. Enter your credit card number, CCV, and expiring date. And click on Give donation ($25).Khan Academy Donation

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