How to Create Fake Email Addresses Using 10Minutemail

10minutemail is a fake and temporary email generator to generate email that only lasts for 10 minutes. After 10 minute, the mailbox and email address will be deleted. You can’t recover it once the email is trashed.

Fake email generators are email generator websites to create an email address that will only last for a couple of minutes or days. Once the email expires, all inbox and outbox messages will be deleted from the database.

Looking for the best way to keep spam box from your email address, a fake email generator is a right answer.

In this 10minutemail review, we’ll share all of the experiences with 10 minute mail, how to create a fake email address, the features, how to recover deleted fake email address before 10 minute mail deleted it from their database.

What is 10Minutemail?

10Minutemail is a temporary email creator to create an email address that will only last for 10 minutes. Within the 10 minutes validity period of the email address, the email address can be used as a normal email address generated from Gmail or Yahoo or Bing or Yandex or other popular email address creator.

After 10 minutes the email address will be useless and all messages will be deleted. Once an email address is used it cannot be re-used again by you or other users.

Features of 10Minute Mail

If you are surely looking for an email address that you will create and will be useless after 10 minutes for survey or online form we strongly recommend 10-minute email. However, before we relay to you how to create 10minuteseamil address here are the core features of the platform.


All mailboxes on 10minutes mail are disposable. Once your email ID expires it will be deleted and will not be available for other users to use again and you cannot re-use it.

However, you can use this disposable email address on other fake email generator sites but not on

Private Inbox

10Minute mail doesn’t generate a custom email address like Gmail or Yahoo. You are not allowed to choose your own email address yourself.

All email addresses are autogenerated and will last for only 10 minutes start from when its created. The email address will still expire even if you don’t use it within the stipulated time.

However, no single fake email address generated by 10minutes can be used by two users. Therefore, once an email is generated for and deleted, it’ll be gone for life.

Refill in Time

There is a refill in time to use the 10Minute mailbox. By default, all fake email address will be scrapped after 10 minutes. However, within your mailbox, you can extend the time to 100 minutes.

Meanwhile, to use the refill in time, the mailbox must be active. Once expires, the refill in time will no longer be valid.


After 10 minutes all fake email generated will not be accessible on the platform or reusable. However, you can recover back your email address and extend it for another ten minutes if it has not been totally removed from 10minutes server.

Domain Change

To avoid admin blocking 10minutemail domain, the domain is replaced every 45 days to make sure the service is not blocked.

Mobile Support

10Minutemail mobile has a dedicated service for all smartphone or mobile browsers to create a fake email address on 10minute mail and use it until it expires.

How to Create 10MinuteMail

If you are ready to create 10minute mail fake email address

  1. Firstly, there is no need for your name or address like other email creator services online.
  2. Open your browser on mobile or PC and visit and your first fake email address will be created.
  3. Now, click on the copy to clipboard to copy the generated fake email address for use. See the email address generated by 10 minute mail below.


The address will only last for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the moment its created, the time will start ticking.

10 Minute Mail Recovery

We advise you never to use 10 minute mail for important purpose, as 10 minute mail recovery might failed and you will not be able to recover it.

10 minute mail recover guarantee you that you will be able to recover 10 minute mail deleted messages from your inbox when your username and password expires. However, here we are going to talk about how to recover 10 minute mail from the trash can.

Note: Before you can recover 10 minute mail the email must be in the expired mail section.

Note: Do not close the  10 minute mail interface for your fake email yet. So, follow these procedures to recover deleted mail.

  1. Go to after the email address has rendered self-destructed. It’s after this time you can recover 10 minute email address.
  2. Click on recovering deleted email address below create another fake email as shown below.10minutemail
  3. 10Minute mail will show your inbox and all messages from your inbox including how long you’ve created the email address.10Minutes mail
  4. At this point, you can re-use the email address again.

You can follow these procedures over and over again to recover 10 minute mail.

10MinuteMail Expiry Period

There are two ways to increase 10 minute fake email expiry period. The first approach is to access your mailbox and extend the expire time up to 100 minutes.

The second approach is 10 minute mail recovery which allows you to recover 10 minutes email address that has been deleted and then click on give me 10 minutes more. This will increase the expire time by another 10 minutes.


10Minute Mail Mobile

10 minute mail mobile offers a simple interface and easy to use with the better user experience. The platform created a different URL for 10Minutesmail mobile.

However, to visit 10minutes mail on your Android and iOS device

  1. Go to on your Android or iPhone/iPad smartphone.10 minutes mail
  2. Your fake email address will be displayed on the screen and the time counter will start. The email will expire in 10 minutes.
  3. To generate a new 10 minute mail, click on “New”. A new pop up will appear, click “New” again. The first email address will expire and it will remain invalid.
  4. A new fake email will emerge different from the above one. To recover the previous email address click on “Recover” to roll back the previous fake email address.

Note: 10Minutemail is yet to publish its mobile app for Android and iOS devices. To visit the website, follow the mobile link above to create your fake email address.

10MinuteMail Alternatives

Here is a list of best temporary email generator alternative to 10Minutemail.

1. YOPmail

YOPmail is a disposable mail creator that lasts for a whole week. The temporary mail generator site allows users to create a custom email address as opposed to 10minute mail which only accepts random email generator.

It’s also found to be valid for straight 8 days before the self-destructive email address will no longer be available for either you or another user.

Once the fake email address is deleted it cannot be revamped again or re-use on the platform.

2. GetAirMail

Another indispensable 10minutemail alternative is GetAirMail. For the past 7 years, GetAirMail has been offering a free service to generate fake email addresses that will only last for some times after which the email address will be deleted and render invalid.

On this platform, all fake email addresses are auto-generated and are self-destructed once the expire time lapsed.

3. Mailinator

Mailinator is a paid fake email generator website to create a fake email address for online survey and to keep your mailbox free from spam messages.

The Mailinator personal use is recommended for a free service. However, with just $159/m you can enjoy unlimited access to your fake email address.

This service charge offers:

  • 5 Team Accounts
  •  API Access
  •  2000 Emails per Day
  •  50MB Storage
  •  1 Private Domain

As opposed to the free account that offers:

  •  Millions of Inboxes
  •  Receive Only
  •  Personal Use Limits
  •  No Privacy – all inboxes are shared
  •  AutoDelete – all is gone in a few hours
  •  No Sign-up or Login – just use it!

4. TempMail

This probably the best 10minutemail alternative you have been waiting for all this while. Why? TempMail fake mailing address generator has a mobile app for both Android and iOS to generate new fake addresses once the previous one expires and a Chrome plugin to create fake email addresses quickly.

While you are not allowed to create a custom fake email address, all generated fake email can be used for a specific period and you can’t request an extension, unlike 10minute mail.

5. ThrowAwayMail

This platform allows you to generate your fake-email address yourself, unlike others that auto-generated your email address once you arrived at the website.

This is a sharp difference between throwaway mail and 10 minute mail address generator. On throwaway, you have to click the generate link to create your email address while on 10-minute-mail, you fake addresses are autogenerated once you are the site.

Also, you need to verify a spam check that you are human and not a robot, this you cannot find in the 10minutemail fake-email creator.

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