10 Google Classroom Alternatives and Similar Learning Sites

Google Classroom is a paperless grading class. An online classroom for grading students online based on their performance instead of the primary paper class of grading students.

Google classroom alternative are outnumbered helping to create a platform for both students and teachers on the web. However, if you are looking for sites like Google Classroom to grade your academic performance online, here are some sites like the Google school.

This is depending on your choice. You can create Google class and add your students. You can also join an existing account if you are a student.

Google Classroom Alternatives

Here are some academics based websites alternative to Google School to start learning about basics, logins, and K-8 subjects online.

1. Kahoot

Google classroom

Kahoot is an online game learning platform to measure students performance and grade them accordingly. Kahoot is mainly for educational purpose whereby a teacher sets quizzes for his students to answer with options to choose from which best fit into the question.

You are allowed to create your own quiz and play it with your friends and family. You can also invite your friends and online friends on social media to play Kahoot learning games with you.

2. CoolMaths

Google classroom

Cool math is brain training website for learning more about logic, arithmetics, puzzles, aptitude, and verbal reasoning. If you are a fan of mathematics here is a platform for you to meet people of like-minded and have fun solving maths problems.

Hundreds of puzzles games are available on CoolMath. As a kid, playing cool math game will boost your thinking and the rate of solving mathematics problems.

Instead of playing irrelevant games you can just hook up with cool math to train your brain to solve logic.


Google classroom

Abcya is an educational website and computer game-based website for kids to play and learn to play academic games online. Abcya has tons of academic games for kids to play and improve their reasoning faculty.

There are first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, and fifth-grade academic games for kids on ABCYA.

If you have a kid within this grade age bracket you should download the ABCYA educational game app to your kid tab and help define his future.

4. MobyMax

Google classroom

MobyMax is an academic based website to learn more by playing games online for kids. Here on you this platform you gonna learn more about basic maths for different grades.

With the moby-learning, you can find and fix learning gaps with adaptive, differentiated learning in all K-8 subjects. You can quickly help your kids who are finding it to learn to keep fits with his other classmates.

You will definitely experience rapid improvement in your kids’ academic performance using this platform.

5. Starfall

Google classroom

Starfall is a children website to learn basic in the English language to be able to write a simple and correct English language, write correct spellings, and learn to read and write before Kindergarten.

Starfall game will teach your underage children to learn phonetic as preschoolers and kindergartens.

The academic site targets all k-3 and provide daily activities that must be completed within a stipulated time and grade kids based on performance.

6. Khan Academy

Google classroom

Khan Academy is another non-profitable and a charitable website for all learns to learn virtually anything. The site has grown to create videos to learn new thing and boost their academic performances and boost how they reason.

Khan creates an intense online classroom to learn anything starting from basic maths such as early maths for grade 1 to grade 6, to advanced subjects like computing such as web development, programming, etc, physics, algebra, etc.

Khan Academic is officially translated to 5 different languages which are English (en), Spanish (es), Portuguese (pt), Turkish (tr), French (fr) and Bangla (bn), and partially available in 26 other languages.

7. Udemy

Google school alternatives

Udemy is an online learning platform to learn anything online for a token taking a specific course. Different courses are available to learn on Udemy and you can easily create a space for your kids in the world.

Udemy is one of the best platforms to fuel your kids and your future taking a course that best suits your needs. You can learn anything professionally from basic maths to advanced maths to algebra and down to computing such as code, programming, hacking, and lot more.

8. YouTube

Download YouTube Videos on Android

YouTube is a popular video streaming website where you can learn anything for free. There are thousands of channels you can subscribe to, to learn more than enough online on your smartphone and without paying a dime.

If you are looking for a free source to help your underage children grow you can check your desired channel on YouTube and subscribe to it to get the latest information and how to do it yourself on your own.

9. Microsoft Classroom

Microsoft classroom

Microsoft classroom is another learning site alternative to Google Classroom aim at simplifying students problems, and enhance students grading paperless rather than the old method of accessing students grades.

This platform provides a quick measure to know how their kids are performing academically without following them to their classroom and without depending on the paper result.

10. DreamBox

Dreambox alternative

Dreambox focuses on teaching elementary mathematics online to all the preschoolers and kindergarten down to middle age pupils.

As at the time of filing this report, Dreambox has over 1,800 lessons in animation for your pre-kindergarten pupils to learn and boost their basic mathematics knowledge.

Every online class has its own goal. However, Google classroom and these alternatives are the best you can see out there to learn virtually everything online and measure your kids’ academic performance, grades, and assessment paperlessly.

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