Putlocker Safe to Use or Not?

The goal of Putlocker is to provide free streaming service across the globe. The seamless mission will not let you pay for movies on streaming websites like Netflix. Yet, you will have access to all Netflix movies on Putlocker. That sounds strange, attracting and yet, questioning as to how it’s possible.

The world’s largest movies database has got people taking whether it’s safe to watch and download movies from the website, whether it’s legal or illegal using Putlocker for the same service you enjoy on Netflix, Hulu, showtimeanytime, and the rest of them.

Over the past years, Putlocker has pulled quite a million visitors every month and has helped users save a bulk of their money instead of subscribing to stream movies on the internet.

This article on Pulocker will answer all the questions you have that is bothering you about the gigantic movies database.

Is Putlocker Legal or Not?

some can tell you Putlocker is legal and others will tell you it is not legal. It all depends on the location of your information source. However, taking a myopic look at how Putlocker gets it contents (to be discussed below) we can say it is illegal to watch, stream, and download Putlocker contents.

If you have been an avid Putlocker fan you will find out that a new movie that is yet to go public is already available on the server without prior permission. Although, there is an argument that Putlocker doesn’t host contents on its server and doesn’t allow to upload contents whether legit or not to their hosting server.

Now, the question to ask is; how does Putlocker manage to have the most recent contents of its database yet none if uploaded to their website host?

Just chill, we’ll discuss that in a jiffy.

Talking about whether Putlocker is safe to use or not, it’s obvious that scrapping contents you don’t have copyright is illegal. This is what Putlocker does even without hosting a single video from Netflix, Hulu, and other popular websites their auto-pulled their contents from.

It’s far from saying Putlocker is legit. It’s not legit and there could be a lawsuit against them one day whether to take down their website or not.


How did Putlocker Gets Contents

The world of internet to the extent that one cannot say it’s impossible to make things happen. It’s true that Putlocker doesn’t host a single content on its server yet it attracts millions of monthly users who find pleasure using the movies streaming site to download and stream premium contents from other legal websites.

Putlocker gathers its contents by using what is called CyberLockers. CyberLocker is a process of getting files, documents, and other relevant information from a website with the accurate information you need. So, this is what Putlocker uses to pull contents to its database.

The CyberLocker procedure embeds videos from the source into the user website automatically when a new content is discovered. The algorithm can upload scrap and upload both new and old content at the same time.

Does Putlocker Contain Malware

One thing to never play with online is malware. They can ruin a hard work of a century and turns the victim to nothing but a victim again. While it’s smooth streaming movies on Putlocker, with time, you keep noticing some popup and popunder.

An attempt to click on any of these popups or popunders can result in installing a virus on your computer. A good example of these popup viruses is Kissanime and Stafflinq.com virus.

None of this virus will do your computer any good. When they enter your computer they bridge your security and privacy and reveal your top-most secret to a third-party you don’t want to reveal them to.

With the best antivirus, most of these popups and popunders will find their ways into your computer and disable your computer antivirus without knowing.

When streaming or download movies from Putlocker be watchful of what you download. In fact, it’s advisable not to download other things except the movie if you must use the free service.

How to Check Putlocker for Virus

The amazing power of technology provides ways to check all websites online whether they contain virus code or not. Mere looking at the website frontend cannot reveal whether the website contains a virus or not.

However, before you conclude that Putlocker is virus free check whether their virus free or not using either Sucuri Security or AVG security.

How Many Websites Does Putlocker Have?

This question cannot be answered directly. But, in a nutshell, their numerous of them. Some of them are proxy and some are just a mirror website. Therefore, if one is not working the other will work fine.

As at the time of writing this article the following is the list of Putlocker mirror website and the proxy list and their status online.

Putlocker Proxy/Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
https://www2.putlockertv.to/OnlineVery Fast
https://www1.putlockers.sc/OnlineVery Fast
http://putlocker.co/OnlineVery Fast
http://putlocker.ist/OnlineVery Fast
http://www1.putlocker-m.net/OnlineVery Fast
http://putlocker.unblockall.org/OnlineVery Fast
https://watchputlocker.top/OnlineVery Fast
https://www.putlocker-is.live/OnlineVery Fast
http://www1.putlockers.am/OnlineVery Fast
https://www1.putlockerhd.is/OnlineVery Fast
https://www2.putlockertv.to/OnlineVery Fast
https://putlockerfree.media/OnlineVery Fast
https://putlockerfit.net/OnlineVery Fast

Note that we provide these for education purpose only. The reverse use of the service or if any negative result comes out of using them we are not liable for them.

Why Isn’t Putlocker Shut Down Yet?

That is a million question with one single response. It could be because Putlocker is not violating the law. Yes, I mean for Putlocker and its mirrors to be existing it means they are doing something right. The like of the pirate bay who almost swept away from the internet gave Putlocker a heavy lift as not really violating the law.

It’s obvious that they are uploading contents on their database, so any lawsuits against them will need a valid point to tell them they are uploading their contents. Or contact their host and tell the hoax story to them so they can take down the website.

If you search for the keyword Putlocker Google on you will see at the bottom of the page that some pages have been brought down by Google due to complaints.

Final Verdict

They are a lot of ways of doing things without violating what the law says or without hiding your identity for doing what you did. Individual privacy is important and the ability to respect them is one of the ways to live in comfort with people around.

Putlocker bridges agreement for sharing contents they do not have control over or have the copyright. However, it doesn’t worth facing the law when you can get the same quality for a token. In some scenario, you need only an email to have access to most premium contents for straight one month. The like of services like Netflix, Hulu gives at least 7 days trial or a month trial. At which you will be charged $9.99 at max to gain access to all contents of the platform.

So, what do you think? Do you give a U-turn and say a big NO to pirate contents? Which of the legal streaming websites is your favorite? Do you make use of VPN when you are locked out to unblock your access? Leave a comment below to have a gist together.

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