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Filmywap Movies Site Review 2021 & User Guides

FilmyWap is the number one free movies site to think about when you want to watch and download Bollywood and all Indian movies on your mobile phone. FilmyWap is mainly a mobile site, both on desktop and smartphone, you access the website mobile site on m.filmywap.com while the desktop site is Joymovies.com

FilmyWap movies site make life simple offering direct access to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free without signup.

With the FilmyWap app,  to stream and download series, episodes, season films, and watch live events online become easy on mobile. FilmyWap is a classic type and attractive site to download free movies on smartphones.

In fact,  the website has a mobile site at m.filmywap.com and a desktop site, www.joymovies.com. To view the desktop version you either type www.joymovies.com directly on your browser or go through the Filmy wap mobile site to the desktop site.

FilmyWap app makes the piracy contents sharing website popular because you don’t really need a third party app like Vidmate and TubeMate to watch and download movies on the platform.

In 2017, Filmywap was among the best free movies websites to stream premium contents from platforms like Showbox APK, MovieBox, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime,  and many other premium contents sharing websites without a subscription.

However, there has been a lot about the Filmywap which include the following.

Is Filmywap a legal website?  Is it possible to contract malware streaming movies on FilmyWap? Is there a valid app for FilmyWap to stream movies? Can I install Filmywap app on my Android phone?  Is there a site like Filmywap?  All these questions and how to download Filmy wap movies will be discussed extensively in this article.


Is FilmyWap a Legal Website?

An online dictionary defined legality as what is sanctioned by law or in conformity with the law, especially as it is written or administered by the courts. Also, Wikipedia gave a perfect summary of what legal right means by saying legally is the right to use according to the law without violating or a breach of an agreement.

If we are to follow this definition of legality, it’s far from saying FilmyWap is legal. However, the free movie’s website could be banned from operating if it’s found violating the law. And uploading Bollywood movies without permission of the legal right to do so can bring a ban penalty to the website’s domain.

In the past, we have seen what happened to free movies websites like 123Movies, Putlockers, Gogoanime, and other popular free movies and torrents websites.

It’s Possible to Contracts Malware on FilmyWap

There is no object that pirated contents website riving a whole lot of traffic to their websites. However, in order to earn rewards for their effort, the monetize their website with either popup ads or pop-under ads. In the case of Filmy wap, it has popup ads which firstly popup when you navigate the mobile website from one page to another.

This Filmy wap itself may not contain malware like a virus, Trojan etc but when you are redirected to another website to download software cleaner or virus removal software or other related ads you can contract a virus from there.

A good example of these viruses is Kissanime and Stafflinq popup virus. It’s advised that when you are on a pirated content sharing website do not download files you do not trust. Only focus on the purpose why you are on the website.

FilmyWap HD Movies and Source

All Filmy wap movies are in HD. So, you should expect the best quality possible. Whether you download on mobile or desktop, the output result is always the best possible result you can ever imagine.

Filmy wap free movies site is unlike other free movie sites where SD version or 3GP version are uploaded for streaming or download. The entire Filmy wap movies are HD and are all available for both PCs and smartphone users.

Download and Install FilmyWap App

Yes, there is an app to make using the movies’ website handy on smartphones. The Filmywap app cannot be found on play store or Apple store. Due to the illegal service the free movies’ website offers, the app is not allowed in play store. Therefore, to use the Filmy wap app, you have to install the app APK from apk website.

To download and install Filmy wap app on Android phone follow these steps…

Firstly, download Filmy wap app from your favorite APK website or download directly from this source. Do not install the app yet.

Now, go to your phone settings and go to security and click on it. Scroll down the page and enable from unknown sources. After this, go back to your phone download folder to install the Filmy wap app you downloaded from the link provided.

FilmyWap Desktop Site

Unlike most other free movies website that have their mobile and desktop website on the same URL, say www.filmywap.com for desktop site and m.filmywap.com for mobile. However, the free movies’ website has a direct universal resource locator for the desktop website different from the mobile URL.

Even when you try to visit the website on mobile browsers using browsers’ desktop site you will still be redirected back to the mobile site. The only way to access the desktop site without visiting the mobile website first is visiting www.joymovies.com.

How to Access FilmyWap desktop on Filmy-Wap?

There is another way to access the website’s desktop version without visiting the desktop site directly. Most users are used to the website’s mobile URL both on PC and on smartphones. However, there is a yet an easy way to access the website desktop site while on the mobile site.

To do this, open your phone browser and go to m.filmywap.com and click the enter button. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on desktop site.

Firstly, you may likely be redirected to a website different from the desktop site you are expected to redirect to. In most cases, you will be redirected to “jackettrain.com”, then, re-click on the desktop site again and you will be taken to the desktop site.

How to Download FilmyWap Movies

This is the part most people wanted to know how to. Right from time, I always have the preference to download movies online to streaming movies live. Although, some condition may warrant preview before download if the movie is new and no one is raving about it.

However, if you have found a movie everyone is raving about like Black Panther, Rapid, Kaala 2018 movies etc, you can use the procedure below to download it to your device.

Open a browser and go to m.filmywa.com on mobile and joymovies.com on a desktop. Search for movies using the search box or go directly to movies category and search for the movie’s title or the name of the writer (s) or producer and year of production.

For instance, to find Rapid or Kaala, you should search for “Kaala 2019” to have the best possible result from your searches. Wait for a couple of minutes and click on the title of the movie you want to download. Scroll down the download page

There you will find three different options to download from. Download high speed, download for PC and download for mobile. If you click download for PC on mobile site you will be redirected to the desktop site to complete your download and vice-versa.

There, you can either download or watch the movie online. To download click on the download link once the source is found.

FilmyWap free movies download website is a popular website to stream and download all Bollywood movies for free on mobile and on a desktop. If you have any problem downloading Filmy wap movies please use the comment box so that we can help you out with how we use to download Indian movies on the site.

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