Best MP3 Songs Free Download Site (Top List Collection)

MP3 songs free download sites are the best place to search and download MP3 music, online top music, popular video, and more for free whether their legal or illegal. In this article we present to you must popular MP3 songs free download sites for mobile, and PC or stream music live online before you can then choose to download them.

The list of MP3 songs sites you will get to know here have million collections of MP3’s you can download for free and without registration.

On the space of internet, there are over 1,232 websites to download free music worldwide with over 50 million songs available for download and still counting. However, there are also some MP3 websites where the available music are illegal to download.

Musician who choose to sell his or her music can use service like Amazon MP3, Google Play, iTune, Napster to mention a few to promote their music. While some other musician allowed their fans to download their music freely by listing it on MP3 songs free download site.

Some MP3 download sites also gives musician option to let their websites users download their song for free without facing law enforcement agency wrath. If such musician sees it as an added advantage to get noticed he/she would opted in for the option and let users download their music for free on the site legally while waiting for listeners view and ways to improvement in their chosen career.

With that in mind, this post will share with you only websites where you can download MP3 songs for free to your mobile phone and PC and they will all become yours. In fact if you like you can share the songs with your friends after download or better still share this post with them to enjoy the full list of our MP3 music download site.

Best MP3 Songs Free Download Site

The long search is over now. This list of 2017 most popular MP3 music download sites for mobile and PC, without apps, will definitely serve you better.

1. Emp3s

MP3 songs free download

Emp3s is a good site to start with when discussing best MP3 songs free download sites either for mobile or PC. Emp3s is a popular music website to search and download music for free and legally. Music available on Emp3s are arranged in such a way that you will know where exactly to start from. Just in the website navigation, you will see the top chart showing top and popular 50 download music from the UK, top 50 in the world, and top 50 in India.

Also, with Emps3 search box, you can search for your favorite MP3 songs using artist name, song title, producers’ name, and genre and you are good to go.

When you scroll down to halfway on Emp3s website you will come across new music that is just uploaded for download, and to the bottom, before the footer, you get to see current downloading musics, fresh music, tops songs and fresh music available for download.

2. BeeMP3s

MP3 songs free download

BeemP3s has everything to be on the list of most popular MP3 songs free download website in 2017 and beyond. Not taking into consideration that BeemP3s site is neatly built it’s also very easy to search and download favorite music on BeemP3s.

Music is sectioned on BeemP3s website based on popular artist, popular songs, top 100 songs, top 100 artists, and music are sort in alphabetical order making it very easy to search your favorite artist or music title using alphabets.

You can also stream live your search on BeemP3s online songs or artist using the button below the search box. In addition to downloading MP3 songs on BeemP3s, you can also use the search box to search and download music for free.

3. MP3Box

MP3 songs free download

MP3Box is one of the largest music directory for MP3 songs download. MP3Box grant users access to search and download any available MP3 songs free of charge and without registration. One of the best ways to utilize MP3Box features is to use number and alphabet to sort desire MP3 songs. However, you can dig deep on MP3Box creating your own playlist and stay up-to-date on the latest music update on the site.

MP3 songs free download on MP3Box are arranged in a category and also can be sorted using an alphabet. When search for specific MP3 songs you know its exact title and artist name just use the search box for easy access.

4. PureVolume 

MP3 songs free download

Pure volume MP3 songs free download site is popular music download site that gives artist option to allow users to download their music for free on their site and legally. Any artist who opted in for this option will let users download their music free charge.

Available MP3 songs on pure volume are arranged based on top songs, top downloads, featured songs, artists, and most popular or newest albums. Another benefit of pure volume website is that you can download your favorite MP3 songs for free without registration.

5. MP3Juices

MP3 songs free download

MP3 Juices is ranked among the best MP3 free music download site in the world with most popular world music collection which are available for free download. MP3 juices feature best MP3 songs and integrated into the best MP3 search engine. MP3Juices is on it own a better MP3 songs free download search engine for all MP3 lovers to search and download both old and latest MP3 songs from a popular and upcoming artist for free.

When you search for free MP3 songs download it searches YouTube, SoundCloud, VK, Yandex, 4shared, PromoDJ and Archive for an available link to download the song or listen to it live on the site.

6. Jamendo

Free MP3 download site

Jamendo’s idea is a lit bit different from others. Jamendo MP3 free music download site does not force it on the artist to let the whole world know about their good work but it made them realized that they needed to be made popular. As such, it gives every artist the right to share their music for free download on Jamendo platform.

And with this method, Jamendo free music download site has been able to pull over 500,000 free music in their database from over 40,000 artists across 150 countries of the world to download legally.

In addition, Jamendo platform is built in such a way that you can listen to music live on the platform before you download them. And with Jamendo free Mp3 music download search, you can search for your favorite music based on categories, popularity, artist name, songs title etc.

7. Last Fm (

MP3 free music download brings together tons of MP3 free music for download and enjoy at will. At you can search and download MP3 free music free and legally. Last Fm uses the list of music you listened to populate recommended music for you listen to and for you to download.  If your passion for music has grown beyond what you can curtain, kindly move to forum to meet like minded people that discuss music.

8. Spotify

Free MP3 song download

Spotify is a fantastic free MP3 music download site with millions of free music to download and listen to online at will without any second thought. Spotify has sometimes classified an online radio site where listening to music online to your favorite artist songs is the simplest thing achievable.  These MP3 songs free download website can play music free on both mobile and browser’s web page which can easily be downloaded to your computer for offline usage.

Once you have determined to get going with Spotify free music download site you can check out Spotify to download music for free.


You may want to ask whether it’s safe to download MP3 song legally from these sites. Trust me, I wouldn’t want to share malware or virus with you, my readers. However, we are happy to tell you that it is legal to download MP3 songs for free on these websites.

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