How to Download Bhojpuri Songs on Android Phones

The Bhojpuri language is a language spoken in three regions, the Eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, Western part of Bihar, and Madhesh in Southern part Nepal in South Asia. Just other tribe, Bhojpuri songs is one of the best and most fun to play songs in the region with a lot of emotional display and dramatical etiquette from actors and actresses.

Bhojpuri songs and videos are like a wave event when singers and actors and actresses are dancing and shaking body to the hot songs. The India based wave music, Bhojpuri labeled is an Indian leading music company featuring top Bhojpuri singers like Pawan Singh, Ravi Kishan, Dinesh Lal Yadav “Nirahua”, and Kalpana.

While Bhojpuri videos and tracks are currently in 2018, the best and top-notch album released by the record label, Bhojpuri include LokGeet, Devi geet, Chathh geet, bhakti albums and movie songs.

So as a smartphone user, Android phone to be precise, how do you download Bhojpuri songs and video to your Android phone? Which Bhojpuri singer is your favorite?

Bhojpuri songs consist of DJ, mixtapes, videos, MP3, and 3GP. But as a fan with internet access who do you download your favorite Bhojpuri video without visit YouTube website.

Here in this article today, I’ll share with you the direct and simplest trick ever to download Bhojpuri songs and videos on your Android phone.

Bhojpuri Songs: How to Download Bhojpuri Videos

Hey guys, here I will share with you the simple trick I have been using for the past few months since we started the year 2018 to download Bhojpuri videos online to my computer as well as to my Android phone. If you are an iPhone user, never mind you will be able to download Bhojpuri video with this post.

1. Open a tab on your browser on and visit YouTube website at

2. Search for the Bhojpuri video you want to download from YouTube and click to start playing the video or go to YouTube music section and search for the title of the Bhojpuri song.

Download Bhojpuri songs 2017

3. Hover your mouse to the video URL and add “ss” to the video URL before “YouTube” as “ URL instead of URL and click enter on your computer or go on your phone.

Latest Bhojpuri songs

4. A new window will pop up taking you to “” website. Wait for a while for the page to load completely.

Latest Bhojpuri songs

5. Hover your mouse pointer to video version you want to download. Where it’s MP4 or other video version and select possible video out before you finally click download.

Download Bhojpuri songs

6. The Bhojpuri video will start to download to your device storage and you are good to go.

How to Play Bhojpuri Video on Android Background

You know YouTube does not allow users to play video on the Android background. The moment you close the YouTube video the video will stop playing. Meanwhile, there are few ways to play YouTube video on Android phone background. And for the sake of how to play Bhojpuri video on your phone background here is a tutorial for you.

1. Download and install “Mozilla Firefox” on your Android phone from Google play store

2017 Bhojpuri songs download

2. Visit YouTube on the downloaded Mozilla browser. Once you are on the YouTube page click on the 3 dots on your Mozilla browser upper right and select “request desktop site”.

Download Bhojpuri Songs Online

3. Search for the Bhojpuri video you want to play as a background music and click the play button on the video.

4. Minimize your Mozilla Firefox browser and the video will continue to play until it finishes.

Note: To play all the available Bhojpuri videos in the channel toggle the “auto-play” YouTube video button below the YouTube channel name.

How to Download Bhojpuri Songs on Android Phones

Other than streaming Bhojpuri videos you can as well download Bhojpuri songs to your Android phone. There are many YouTube video downloader app and many MP3 songs downloader for an Android phone.

However, the available music downloaders for Android are mainly for a  general purpose and not specific. But, for the sake of Bhojpuri songs, there is a designed app called “Wave Music” to play and download Bhojpuri songs to your device.

1. Go to Google Play store and download “Wave Music – Bhojpuri songs” Android app and install it on your phone.

2. Open the wave music app and search for the “Bhojpuri song” you want to download using the app search box.

3. Click on the album and select songs inside of it and click the play button for them to start playing. With the wave music Bhojpuri song app you can play all Bhojpuri music for free without paying a cent or even register on the app.

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