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MyCCPay login is a web portal designed for various card users to manage their credit cards and all the payments that are made through the card. The allows you to see all your credit cards statement without going to your bank to request for your statement of account. So, if you are looking for a way to manage your multiple cards, we’ll walk you through how to use MyCCPay to manage your debit and credit cards and all the payments that you made using the credit cards online and offline including through POS.

This article will detail how to use to manage your credit cards and which card you can link with My CC Pay to access it on the site.

Total card Inc is the parent company of and the company is doing everything at their best to make it easy to manage some selected number of cards on the site. is a website designed to make payment and manage all payments that are made through the credit cards that are eligible to use the service. However, the only requirement to use MyCCPay to manage your credit card is that you need credit cards that charge peanut as the annual fee.

When you get credit cards whose annual fee is small you will not lose much managing your credit cards and how you spend your money via MyCCPay official site at

You don’t have to be panic if you don’t know what to do to get a credit card with a low annual fee. There are many of them for people with low income or bad credit information which may include the secured deliver IT cards which is mainly for people struggling with their financial standing.

How to Create MyCCPay Account

Before you can use to manage and track all your credit card payment you need a valid account. However, we’ll consider a detailed approach to create a valid account to manage your credit card and your card payments online.

1. Open a browser and go to

2. Click on “New here” RegisterRegister here

3. Enter the 16 digit account number without dashes16 Digit account number

4. Enter the last 4-digit of SSN (This must be numbers only) SSN

5. Enter your postal codeType your postal code

5. Enter a valid email addressType your email address

6. Create a unique username between 8 – 17 characters longMyCCPay username

7. Type your unique password to include number, special character, and signMyCCPay Password

8. Select a security question under the security questions drop menuSecurity Question

9. Provide an answer to the security questionMyCCPay security question

10. Click on registration

11. Log into your email and click on the email from MyCCPay

12. Valid the registration

Upon successful registration make sure to keep your security answer, password, and username for future purpose.

Credit Card Eligible for

Not all cards work with MyCCPay. Here are some selected cards that work with the credit card manager and the payment monitor site.

1. Access Mastercard.

2. First Access Visa card.

3. Total Visa card.

4. Emblem Mastercard.

5. New Horizon Mastercard.

If you have any of these credit cards with a low annual fee you can link it to your MyCCPay account to manage your credit card and make sure you don’t overspend your savings.

MyCCPay Login

You need to log into your account to add your low annual fee credit card to your account.

1. Go to

2. Type your username and password

3. Click on the log in

4. You will be taken to your account dashboard

Meanwhile, if you forgot your password you can use the forgot password option to recover your password and use the forgot username to recover your forgotten username.

How to Recover Forgot Password

You Password is unique and you need it to log into your MyCCPay account every time. However, if you forgot your passcode here is the steps to follow to reset the password.

1. Go to

2. Click on forgot passwordPassword Recovery

3. Enter the 16 digit account number without dashes16 Digit account number

4. Enter the last 4 digits of your SSN and it must be number SSN

5. Enter the postal codeType your postal code

6. Click on submit

Now, will automatically send a link to your email address containing a temporary password to log in. Once you clicked on the link you will be asked to create a new password to log in. Craft a new password and type it into the password column and click submit to save changes.

How to Change Password

Whether you forgot your password or not, it’s advisable to change your account password at least once in three months to secure your account from hackers threat.

However, if you think you need to change MyCCPay password here is a step by step approach.

1. Log in to Account

2. Click on the menu to the top of the page

3. Click on the settings

4. Find privacy and settings and click on it

5. Tap on change password

6. Type the new password 

7. Click on save

Now, your MyCCPay password will be changed successfully and the new password you set must be used when next you want to log into My CC Pay account.

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