How to Set Huawei Magazine Unlock Wallpaper

Huawei Magazine unlock feature is one of the tracking features by the 2nd best smartphone company in the world. It gives users absolute control to customize wallpaper, use different themes, and many features and access phone features when the screen is locked.

However, with Huawei Magazine lock, you have that beautiful screen you ever dream off. 

And when the Huawei Magazine unlock feature is active you are not far from enjoying direct access your device sound recording feature, phone camera, business card if you have any, Microsoft word mobile, and other quick-to-access feature on your Huawei phone.

You will encounter a lot of options asking to disable Huawei Magazine lock on your phone when you are trying to take over the default settings.

Keep Magazine lock screen

A notable among this is when you want to change Huawei themes on your phone to either 3D theme or apply a customize wallpaper of your choice and access all features directly on your phone screen when your Huawei phone magazine is active.

Magazine Lock not Available

If you are not using either EMUI 8 and EMUI 9 it’s possible that your device will not have the Magazine lock feature. And where there is no Magazine lock feature, there won’t be the unlock feature to use Magazine on your phone.

However, update Huawei OS to the latest version can possibly roll out the latest Huawei magazine unlock feature in your phone.

  1. Go to your phone settings
  2. Scroll down and click on the system where you will see the system navigation, system update, about phone, Language & input.
  3. Click on system update
  4. Click on check for updates
  5. Update to the latest OS version

If there is an update available you will be able to update your phone to the latest OS. If the new update contains Magazine unlock feature, the feature will be made available on your Huawei phone.

Disable Huawei Magazine Lock

The Huawei Magazine lock feature is not found in the security settings of your Huawei phone where other security features like fingerprint, Facelock detective, PIN, etc are hidden.

However, in the Huawei phone device, it’s hidden under display where you will find eye comfort, home screen style, and wallpaper.

  1. Power on your Huawei Phone press the power button
  2. If you set unlock password enter the password and access your phone home screen
  3. Go to your phone settings
  4. Click display (eye comfort, home screen style, wallpaper)Huawei Magazine Unlock
  5. Click on wallpaperWallpaper
  6. Click on set wallpaperSet Wallpaper
  7. Click on the gallery and select the image you want to use as your Huawei phone magazine screen lock.
  8. Click on the mark icon to the upper-right
  9. Click on the lock screen to set it as your lock screen or tap on the home screen to set it as your home screen or select both to set it as your magazine lock screen and home screen at the same time.Huawei Magazine Unlock and lock screen
  10. Done

This magazine unlocks feature is not available to all users yet. Most especially those that are OS lower than the Huawei EMIU8 and Huawei EMUI9.

With the approach I shared, I was able to change my lock screen wallpaper on Huawei Y9. The same approach works for Huawei Mate.

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