Betting Apps for Android & iOS Snartphones

Sports betting is a multi-million dollars industry. With the passion for football, a lot of betting site has successfully stood in the industry broadcasting live scores, latest fixtures, football news, and lot more.

However, the popularity of the smartphone has pushed a lot of sports bettings to target the mobile audience with the use of a mobile app called “sports betting apps”.

We aren’t talking about specific sports in this guide, the entire sports betting industry including rugby, baseball, basketball, and tennis has for decades now capitalized on targeting smartphone users with apps to place a bet directly on mobile instead of visiting sports website.

However, if you are targeting the best mobile apps here is a guide for you with the best betting apps for Android and iOS smartphones.

Best Bettings Apps

Sports Betting Apps for Android & iOS

Here is our personal favorite sports betting app for Android and iOS users to follow up their desire sports schedule, fixtures, goal updates, and other features. 

This post is not about the Australia football or Latin or La Liga or European League, either of the apps is suitable for these features.


When you think about the best sports betting app, the BetStars app should your first choice and your favorite. This Sports betting app isn’t about American sports alone, it’s a general app to follow up your favorite sports online on your mobile app.

If you part of this industry you should consider downloading and installing the betting app on your smartphone to access your dashboard and do all the necessary stuff on your phone instead of using the web page to access your dashboard.

This is by far the fastest means to access your account with your logins on your Android and iOS.

Which of the betting apps is your favorite? Which of the websites has the best rating when it comes to features and favoritism?


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