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How to Enable Call Forwarding or Call Divert on Android Without Apps

You can lost your appetite trying to forward calls on Android this day. If you are used to the simple means of diverting calls on non-Android phone you may find it extremely difficult to forward calls on Android phone to another number. There are lots of articles on call forwarding or call divert on phones but believe me you, most of these articles are outdated due to one reason or the other.

Most Android phone like Android 5.0 you can easily access call settings from your device settings when you click on the gear icon and navigate to call settings. From there to call and then call divert or call forward. This feature has been removed from this section and added to another feature of smartphones. While accessing this on your Android phone is simple yet you may not even think of it is that it would be there.

And I want to believe this is one of the reasons why most people prefer to use small phone like Nokia touch light phone or itel to forward calls both incoming and when not reachable to a specific number because it’s very easy to access. However, if you are using Android phone running Android 5.1 and above you will find this post helpful.

Meanwhile, there are numerous call forward or divert app to forward calls from your phone to another phone number. Some of these apps still forwarded your mobile number to the assigned contact when you are out of network coverage or busy or not reachable.

To learn more about the best Android apps to forward calls or divert calls on Android phone stay tune to this blog, we’d bring to your inbox on our next update on call forwarding app.

This article will be fully explained with the help of Infinix Note 3 running Android 7.0. You can also follow the same procedure to enable call forwarding on phones like Samsung to divert call to another number of your choice.

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How to Enable Call Forwarding or Call Divert on Android Without Apps

Here in this section of this article you will learn the easiest way to forward a call to another number on your Android phone without call forwarding app. Despite the fact that the call forwarding feature has been moved from call settings you still don’t need to be a rocket scientist before you access it again.

Launch your device call log either from your Android screen on menu page. Click on the ellipsis  that is the 3 dots to the upper right and click on settings. You can navigate around your call log before clicking on the ellipsis it does not matter. What counts is accessing the settings directly from your call log.

Call forwarding or call divert

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A list of options will be displayed such as display options, sounds and vibration, quick response, calling accounts and call blocking. Since we are only interested in call divert or call forwarding as you may call it click on calling accounts from the list of options.

Call forwarding or call divert

Once that is done your phone will display your network subscriber or subscribers. If you are using a DUAL phone Android phone the two network provider will be shown otherwise the only network available. However, click on the network you wanted to forward or divert to another number from the two SIMs present.

Call forwarding or call divert

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Irrespective of the network provider you clicked you will be taken to a new page with multiple options such as  voicemail, fixed dialing numbers, IP prefix number, call forwarding call barring and additional settings. And since we are interested in call divert just click on call forwarding.

Call forwarding or call divert

Wait for your Android to load your call forwarding settings and then select your preferred options from this list. To forward all incoming calls select always forward, select when busy when you are busy or when you are on another call, select unanswered when you for unable to pick calls, and finally select when unreachable in case you are out of network coverage or you device fell and uncoupled without switching it off.

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Call forwarding or call divert

When you click on any of those options a new window will populate then enter the mobile number you want to divert your call to and click on ‘TURNON’ and you are good to go.

Call forwarding or call divert

This process of call forwarding or call divert works on all Android phone running Android 5.1 and above. Even if you device is running Android Marshmallow, you should be able to divert call using this techniques. It’s the new method to divert call on latest Android phones since the divert option have been moved from call settings and hide in call log options.


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    • Hi,
      kindly follow these procedures:
      From Menu.
      Select ‘Settings’
      Select ‘Call’
      Select ‘Call divert’
      Select ‘Divert all voice calls’
      Select ‘Activate’
      Select ‘To other number’
      Enter your new roaming phone number.


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