How to Change Name on Facebook

There are a lot of magic you can perform on Facebook if you know exactly what to. You can use a single name on Facebook, you can change your Facebook page name, you can create poll on Facebook, you can schedule Facebook status, and do some other thing so easily on Facebook but, when it comes to how to change name on Facebook some people find it scary because they don’t know how to go about it.

Facebook offers an easy way to change your name on the platform if you used the wrong name in the first place or if you misspelled your Facebook name. You can easily change your Facebook name on mobile, using the Facebook app such as Facebook app Lite, and you can also change your Facebook name using a mobile browser or on your Windows or Mac computer.

Meanwhile, you don’t need a rocket science knowledge to change your name on Facebook. All you need is this tutorial. Here in this article, you will learn how to change name on Facebook and later, I will share with your how to use a single name on Facebook without stress.

How to Change Name on Facebook

Facebook has a standard rule to change your name. If you don’t know about the standard rule please read here before you proceed. However, Facebook offers only one-time privilege to change your Facebook name once in 60 days after which you will have to wait for another 2-months to be able to change your name again. So, be careful when you want to make a change to your Facebook name and make sure you enter the correct spelling of your name.

1. Open any browser (on mobile or computer) and log into your Face account

2. Click on the “drop icon” and select “Settings”

How to Change Name on Facebook

3. Click on the “Pencil” in  “Edit icon” under “Name” option

How to Change Name on Facebook

4. Enter the name you want to use on Facebook and click on “review change” button

How to Change Name on Facebook

5. Choose how you want your name to appear on Facebook, enter your “Facebook password” and click “Save Changes”

How to Change Name on Facebook

If you are facing trouble to change your Facebook name please use the comment section so we can help you on how to change name on Facebook successfully. Meanwhile, this is the exact step you need to follow to change your name in mobile and computer browsers.

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