Download Tencent Emulator PUBG Mobile for PC

Tencent emulator is becoming so popular as PUBG mobile and PC game is making headway with million players a day. Despite the PUBG game requires 3GB PC for smooth performance, PUBG users need to download Tencent emulator for controlling the PUBG game.

However, if you are battling with how to download Tencent PUBG for controlling PUBG on your computer here is a simple guide to put you through on Tencent emulator download.

This will guide you on how to go about downloading the latest Tencent PUBG buddy.

What is Tencent Emulator?

Tencent emulator is an official PUBG mobile emulator on the Tencent gaming Buddy platform. The official Tencent PUBG emulator adapted PC mouse and keyboard for control and game graphic settings which is still not the same as the original PUBG playing controller.

The emulator is still in a beta state which implies that it’s still not stable but users can enjoy it while it last. However, the beta PUBG Tencent is available for both PC and mobile PUBG players to control PUBG game while playing.

And a lot of features are still missing. This feature doesn’t include how to shortcut to take a screenshot on Tencent gaming buddy and the shortcut keys.

Tencent Gaming Buddy PUBG for PC

For those of you that prefer to play the PUBG game on PC. The Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator is available for Windows users. The Windows 10 users can enjoy the Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator.

The purpose of the Tencent PUBG is to be able to emulate PUBG Mobile on PCs. This means that the emulator will allow users to have access to the keyboard and mouse controller to play the PUBG PC game.

However, all you need is to follow the procedure below to download Tencent PUBG emulator for PC.

Tencent Emulator Shortcut

The following shortcuts are available for playing PUBG PC by default when you are exploring the PUBG Mobile on Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator.

  • WASD: To move forward, left, backward and right.
  • Left Click: Fire, Punch or use Melee Weapon.
  • Right Click: ADS.
  • Space Bar: Jump.
  • C: Crouch.
  • Z: Prone.
  • Free Look: ALT and use the mouse to look around.
  • Shift: Sprint.
  • Mouse Lock: AutoRun.
  • Throwable Items: 4, 5, 6.
  • Healing Items: 7, 8, 9, 0.
  • F1: For a quick look at all the controls.
  • F: To Interact.

Edit Pubg Emulator

These default settings can be changed and re-configure differently from the settings it to suits your need while using the PUBG emulator as your PUBG game controller.

To do this, click on the 3 dots to the upper right and select settings to the bottom.

Here you can change the following…

  • Changes to the language
  • Display Quality
  • Resolution
  • Graphics Engine Rendering
  • And more.

Tencent Emulator Download

All you have to do is follow the procedures below to download and run Tencent PUGB emulator following this guide.

1. Download Tencent emulator executable files for Windows 10 and run it.

2. Click on the “install” button on the Tencent gaming budding PUBG emulator

Tencent Emulator

3. Wait until the installation is 100% completed before you click on the start button.

Tencent Emulator

4. The Tencent PUBG emulator will start downloading the environment that will let you run PUBG PC smoothly.

Tencent Emulator

5. Now, the main PUBG PC game will start downloading directly from the PUGB server. This implies that you don’t need to download PUBG PC separately, the Tencent emulator will automatically download the game once installed.

Tencent Emulator

Note that you need about 1.5 GB – 2.0 GB  data to download this game emulator. Once this is done click on start to start playing the PUBG PC game on your Windows 10.

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