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New Apple Chips mean New look on the iPhone

Apple announced on Monday that it would build its own new chips for powering Mac computers to create a “common architecture” that allows devices to run the same applications as iPhone and iPad.

The new Apple Silicon initiative ends a longstanding partnership with the chip manufacturer Intel and enables computers to run the same applications as iPhones.

New Apple chips to allow Mac computers run iPhone, iPad apps

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said the move was “a breakthrough for the Mac” that would offer a more powerful, energy-efficient system that would work more like Apple’s mobile devices.

Cook said the first of the new Mac computers would ship by the end of the year, and the change would help create “a common architecture for all of our products.”

This means that developers can more easily create services that can run across Apple’s range of products and devices, the company says.

Apple has indicated that developing its silicon has helped improve performance in a way other silicon suppliers cannot say Ben Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies.

New Apple Chips mean New look on the iPhone.

Apple has also offered the first preview of its iOS 14 for iPhone, which gives the home screen a new look and makes it easier for users to manage their applications.

The new operating system organizes the applications in a cleaner “application library” with the most used ones.

The update would transform the most iconic components of the iPhone experience, beginning with the perceived biggest update we’ve ever embarked on the home screen, said Craig Federighi, who is Apple’s senior vice president in the department of software development.

Apple said the software would include a “digital car key” that the iPhone or Apple Watch could use to unlock and start a car. The virtual key of compatible car models can be shared via message or deactivated if a device is lost.

New Apple chips to allow Mac computers run iPhone, iPad apps

Apple said iOS 14 would also include translation for 11 languages ​​with its Siri PDA, enabling “application clips” or clippings of applications that can be quickly downloaded and used for merchant transactions and related services.

A revamped Apple Maps app will include bike routes for the first time, a feature that has been available on Google Maps for years.

The updated software for the Apple Watch, known as watchOS7, will include a number of health and fitness features, including better sleep tracking and automatic hand wash detection, to help users feel comfortable. Clean your hands for the recommended 20 seconds. By health officials to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Apple has announced that its next Mac operating system will be known as the “Big Sur” with more features and improved privacy.

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