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Infinix Note 5 X604 Review

Infinix Note 5 (X604) is a mid-range smartphone having a 3G RAM, 32GB internal storage, 2GHz Octa core as the processor, running Android Oreo (Android 8.1), featuring a 12MP rear camera and 16MP front camera, no face unlocks security feature, fingerprint lock, and a 4500mAh battery capacity.

Infinix Note 5 (X604) beats the Infinix Note 4 and Note 4 pro with the latest Android 8.1 and face unlock feature as against the Note 4 Android 7 and featuring on fingerprint lock.

To confirm the Note 5 specs, we decided to get the Infinix 5 for a review and share our verdict on the Inifnix note 5 specifications. In the first place, the Infinix note 5 Price vs Infinix note 4 or 4 Pro are within the same range.

In this Infinix note 5 review, we’d take a look at the core features of the smartphone such as camera, fingerprint, face lock, process, storage capacity, and the battery capacity.

Infinix Note 5 specs

Unboxing Infinix Note 5 Items

Here are 5 items we found unboxing the Note 5 smartphone. The new item including pouch, screen guard, and the customize Infinix Xcharger.

  • Infinix Note 5 customize Xcharger with a USB cord
  • Infinix Note 5 Smartphone
  • Handsfree [Earpiece or earphone]
  • Pouch
  • SIM or MicroSD card removal PIN
  • Screen guard

Other items in the pack including the phone manual, user information slip, user help pamphlet.


Note 5 adopts a sleek design when compared to Note 3, Note 4, Hot 5, Hot 6, and Note Note pro version. The device measures just 158.25 x 75.25 x 8.65. Thus make it fit into any pocket. Be it a gean pocket or suit. It’s also a lightweight device weighing a mere 175 grams.

Infinix Note 5 review

If you don’t appreciate a heavy device you should consider Note 5 because of its lightness and sleekness. The Note 5 screen design looks exactly like the Samsung Galaxy Note in terms of the screen rim with the body of the device.

Infinix Note 5 specs

It has the volume and power button located at the right side of the device edge and the USB charging port, speaker, and earpiece loop located at the bottom side of the device.

Infinix Note 5 specs

Storage Capacity

One major Note 5 specs that sell the device is the storage capacity and the ROM. Yes, it’s still a MediaTek device which makes it easy to root. With a 3GB RAM coupled with 2GHz octa-core on 32GB ROM internal storage, you should expect a zoom speed.

Infinix Note 5 storage

The MicroSD support an expandable storage capacity of about 128GB in addition to the 32GB built-in. Talking about the hardware generally, it’s better than the Note 4.

The Infinix Note X604 is in two variants. The 2GB RAM 16 GB ROM version and the 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM version. They have a similar design though but the price is a bit different.

We’d discuss the Infinix Note 5 price before the end of this Note 5 review so you can see that you have values for your money.


This is another hideout of the Note 5 smartphone. The camera is another area its spec speaks for the device. It whoops a 12MP rear camera and a whopping 16MP front camera with a flashlight on both sides.

Indeed, Infinix Note 5 is really a selfie phone in a low light environment without a supporting source of light or rays of light.

If you are photo freak and a motion photo addict, the front camera pixels under low-light is another reason to buy Note 5 Inifinix phone.


Infinix is known for a strong battery. The old Note 3 has 5000mAh battery capacity which can last for days under normal use and complete charging in less than 1 hours [Double charging feature].

Infinix Note battery is not lag in this area. However, the midrange smartphone offers a less battery capacity of 4500mAh compared to Note 3 battery capacity 5000mAh.

Under normal use like receiving calls, sending messages, take selfies, group photos, and all sort without extensive internet connect, Note 5 can last for 48 – 72 hours on a single charge.

Operating System

Now that we have Android Pie, any smartphone running Android KitKat shouldn’t be released in the market. However, Note 5 features one of the latest Android OS.

Infinix Note 5 specs

Note 5 is an AndroidOne device. However, the Android 8.1.0 OS is preloaded on the device. And it is upgradable to the latest AndroidPie when available.

Infinix Note 5 Price

Infinix Note 5 is already available for sales on an offline outlet and online stores like Konga and Jumia. I bought the Note 5 X604 device for 57,500 offline. The offline price ranges from 57,00 – 65,000. This solely depends on the seller’s store and the online store you are buying from.

However, to buy Infinix 5 X604 at a cheaper rate when you are buying from an online or offline store endeavor to check at least 3 to 5 sellers and compare the price.

In most cases, the price differs by 1,000 at max. While you enjoy 100% of your first data subscription on MTN and 9Mobile respectively, you can get that for 1,000.


I was expecting Facelock feature in the Note 5 security feature but I was disappointed with this expectation. When you navigate to the smartphone security section you will discover that there are only three means of unlocking and locking the device.

Infinix Note 5 security

You have the Fingerprint, swipe lock, and smart lock feature. I am a bit disappointed here. However, this is possible the con of the device lies.

The security feature is still not bad for an Infinix phone under 60,000. So what do you expect?

Infinix Note 5 Specs

Here are Note 5 specs summary.

Note 5 Camera12MP rear camera and 16MP front camera
Storage capacity3GB RAM and 32GB ROM (128 Expandable)
Battery Capacity4500mAh (72 hours on a single charge)
Operating SystemAndroid Oreo (Android 8.1.0)
SIM SupportMicro SIM (S slots available)
Network2G, 3G, and 4G with WiFi and Hotspot.

What is your take about the Infinix Note 5 specs? Does it worth the price or too expensive?

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