How to Check Pound to Naira Today in Parallel Market (Exchange Rate)

The quest to know the current exchange rate to know more about the current exchange of pound to Naira today in parallel market in Nigeria has opened to so many citizens, not only because there is so much rise in the price of product across the nation or due to fall or rise in crude resources but for most internet marketers and the likes.

 However, exchange rate of pound to Naira has since increased sequentially but not as high as dollar to Naira exchange rate.

Although, dollar or pound exchange rate to Naira in parallel market is quiet different from CBN official rate, which is bank rate. Which means that, bank sells at CBN rate but buy at different rate entire. At the same time, talking from the sense of parallel market exchange, they are no way the same.

However, if you have pounds to exchange to Naira from Mallams, you’ll definitely want to make yourself acquaintance with pounds to Naira in black market today, assuming it’s today you want to exchange your pounds to Naira.

And for those that uses Guarantee trust bank (GTB) that wanted to know the current pounds to Naira in GTbank, you should consider visiting any GTbank branch close to you since it changes often.

Meanwhile, the purpose of this post is to share with you how to know the current pound to Naira today directly from CBN (central bank of Nigeria) and sites to check pound to Naira parallel market exchange.

Pound to Naira Today: CBN Rate

As at the time of writing this post, £1 is equivalent to N 384.32 equivalent in Nigeria morning. While this is subject to changing, you can expect the exchange rate to either rise or fall depending on the economic situation. However, you can still be rest assure that even if it falls or rises beyond normal, CBN still have control over some of what happens. And since we are not going to share how CBN control pounds or dollars or any foreign currency in regard of our local currency, then let heat straight to how to check pound to Naira today exchange rate in CBN rate before talking on 1£ to Naira in parallel market.

1. Visit Google search engine via Google finance homepage

Pound to Naira today

2. From the row and column provided, select British pounds and Nigeria Naira respectively. And the current pound to Naira today exchange rate in Nigeria (official rate) will be displayed and you can then go ahead to compare with pound to Naira in parallel market.

Pound to Naira Today in Parallel Market

Since the unfortunate fall of foreign currency such as dollar, pound, euro, Kuwait dinar, etc. it’s very difficult to predict the next exchange rate of either of these currencies, however here are the top notch site to check foreign currencies to Naira exchange rate on daily basis.

1. is one of the most visited website in Nigeria since the website was launched, and the site has grown audience beyond expectation over the years. Naij doesn’t only share news and gossips but also talks about business, relationships, politics, sports and most importantly, it daily dollar to Naira on daily basis based on parallel market rate. So, if you want to get to know about the latest dollar to Naira exchange rate, you should consider checking


AbokiFx is entirely new site Nigeria talking about foreign currencies to Nigerian Naira, but trust me, AbokiFx has got talked by so many Nigerians. Within 6 months of AbokiFx’s inception it ranked higher above most websites and blogs in Nigeria. With a well structure and page navigation, AbokiFx is able to update every moment pound to Naira today parallel market exchange rate everyday. So, if you are search for where to know more on pound to black market exchange rate, Naira exchange rate at black market and even GTB to pound in Nigerian Naira, you should consider using


I got to know Fxexchange rate when I was comparing the 1 pound to Naira exchange rate and in search of sites similar to AbokiFx and I found out that FXexchange rate also gives accurate pound to Naira today parallel market exchange rate. With FXexchange rate, you can easily convert any currency to Naira right from the site.

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