How to use Twitter Search to Find People Online

Twitter is such a search engine that a lot of people failed to understand how it works and how they can search for certain information on the platform just like search engines. When you want to do a Twitter search, you can either use the basic search or the advanced search feature.

Let’s assume that you missed out an event taking place on Twitter with a particular hashtag and you can search for the event, you can use the search option on Twitter with the help of the hashtag (local hashtag created for the event) to know about it. 

Similarly, you can search for an expert using their Twitter handle and follow them. Suppose you want to learn about Google AdSense even can simply type @Googleadsense into the search box on Twitter for suggestions so that you can proceed from there or you want to know more about Huawei, you can use the Twitter search to search for what is trending about the company.

The Twitter basic search is basically and also, open for following what is trending on Twitter in a region where you belong to with the total number of tweets and perhaps, popular hashtag or name.

If you are basically using Twitter for tweeting alone you’re probably not exploring the short messages platform probably. As at today, Twitter has over 400 million active users with over 6,000 tweets per seconds.

However, when you tweet on Twitter and other tweets, you may not be able to find where your own tweets are hiding. With the help of Twitter search, you can find your own tweet, edit it and update it again.

Here in this guide, we’re going to share with you some advanced and basic uses of Twitter search and how you can explore it to get the best out of the platform feature just like the Facebook search.

Twitter Search

Let’s take a look at some basic ways you can explore the search option on Twitter to find people you have lost contact with for so long.

How to Find Someone on Twitter

If you have lost contact with someone for so long and you heard that the person is exploring the Twitter platform, here is how to find such as a person on Twitter.

1. Log into your Twitter account on a web browser or using the Twitter mobile app.

2. When you are logged into your Twitter account type the name of the person you are searching for on the search box on Twitter. You will see some suggestions based on what you type.

Now, to show all available result click on the enter button on your PC or mobile to display all result that matches your query or click on search all people below the Twitter search popup.

Twitter search

3. You will see information like Top, latest, people, photos, videos, news, and broadcast on the navigation bar. Click on People to narrow down your search.

Find People

4. This option will filter other information except for People and all the information that matches your search will be displayed.

Scroll down the to see whether the person you are searching for is available on Twitter with the name you entered, click on their supposed profile to view more information to make sure you are targeting the right person.

Twitter search profile

Find Someone on Twitter with Phone Number

If you have either the phone number or email address of the person you are searching for, you can explore this opportunity using Twitter search.

Before you proceed to use this option, make sure you drop all your friends’ contacts from Twitter if you have uploaded them to the platform before.

1. Log into your Twitter account on mobile or on a web browser and click on your Twitter profile picture.

2. Click on Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety (left widget). Click on your profile picture on PC.

Twitter privacy and settings

3. Scroll down and click Discoverability and contacts.

Twitter search

4.  Click Sync address book contacts to enable this option

5. Now, Twitter will show the account that is linked to each contact your sync from the above steps.

Twitter Follower Suggestion (Who to Follow)

Following the procedures above, you can find people on Twitter if you have their name (correctly) and email/phone number. However, if you lack this information, you can use Twitter who to follow suggestion on Twitter or Twitter connect option to find who people to follow on your new Twitter account.

1. If you are using the Twitter app tap on the magnifying glass located at the bottom of your screen. And if you are doing this on PC, you will see Twitter who to follow on the right side widget.

2. On the Twitter mobile app, after you have clicked on the magnifying option, you need to tap on the Twitter connect tab which you can find at the top right of your phone screen. For PC, you will see Who to follow above find people you may know in the widget area.

3. At this point, you can choose any account to follow. However, in most cases, Twitter does suggest public figures or brands as some people you can follow to start with.

4. You can follow as many as you can by clicking on the follow button but don’t overdo this. However, this doesn’t guarantee you that they too will follow you back. But, some will do if you choose to follow a brand.

Advanced Twitter Search

Let’s do a bit more of Twitter search using the platform search advanced feature. The above procedures are just basic. Let us take a look at a more technical way you can search for information on Twitter.

1. Log into your Twitter account using your new or old account username and password. You can do this on the Twitter mobile app or on a web browser. However, it’s easier on PC. 

2. Enter the term you are searching for into the search box and click on the enter button.

3. Above who to follow to the left widget click on search filter and tap on advanced search. You can also go to the Twitter advanced search filter page following this link ( Just copy and paste it on your browser and click on the enter button.

Twitter advanced search

4. Filter the search result according to your need by providing the necessary information in the form provided before you click on the search button.

Twitter Search

This Twitter advanced search feature gives precise information about your search, unlike the basic feature. However, while using Twitter advanced feature make sure you provide the exact information you have at hand concerning what you are searching for. 

You can also use this advanced feature to search for people on Twitter, trending movies and year of production. In other not to result in a trial and error approach which may invariably waste your time.

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