Power Button not Working on Dell Desktop/Laptop

In the 21st century where nobody wants to be constrained to a table, stuck using a large computer, or burdened with the annoyance of so many wires and cables and connections, it is a wonder to note that desktops are still making waves.

One electronic appliance that has withstood the test of time: the dell desktop computer. A desktop is a gadget that has survived the introduction of big but carriable laptops, then portable-sized laptops, to smaller sizes than tablets, smartphones, and even the tabletops.

But the desktop has refused to fade away or become outdated. Instead, it has strived to become worthy of being relevant in this century. Rather than fade away, the dell desktop has remolded itself to look more fun and to let people know its usefulness. In this article, I want to tell you about the power button not working on Dell desktop.

From its humble beginnings in the 1980s, the Dell product has blossomed from being a small-scale business to one of the biggest brands when it comes to computers, computing, and gaming devices.

Today, the Dell manufacturer remains one of the best when it comes to the making of desktops and desk gadgets. The dell desktops have been remodeled to look better and work better. None of that largeness with so many wires anymore. 

This article will tell you all you need to know about the power button not working on dell desktop and how to fix it. I will also be telling you about the location of the power button on dell desktop computers and how you can get your computer to come on and go off.

This article promises to saturate your senses with all the necessary information you need to know about the dell desktop and possible reasons why the power button not working on dell desktop even though nothing looks off. Keep reading…

What to know about the Dell desktop

Although it is unlikely, it is also possible that this is your first time hearing about Dell computers.

If this is so, I encourage you to read on and find out all that you can about the Dell desktop computers.

The Dell desktop is one of the best productions that has happened to the technology world. These computers are created with the users in mind, and they have been made to stand the test of time. 

  • They are versatile, powerful, and technologically advanced machines.
  • Dell desktops come in a wide range of types, specifications, sizes, and affordability. There is always a dell desktop for anybody, depending on use, preference, and budget.
  • Today, Dell desktops can be found in schools, homes, offices, stores, gaming arenas, and even restaurants, proving that they can be used for any task, in any context, and by any person.

The different uses of a dell desktop

power button not working on dell desktop

Over time, it is clear that the desktop will have its users and lovers- people who will choose it all the time over a laptop. Also, and for many different reasons, people with laptops will sometimes still find a need for an additional desktop computer. Some of these needs may be:

Tech persons

In the past decade, tech has become the future. People who work in tech have begun to get the accolade they have been denied all along.

This new recognition of the importance of tech and tech persons has caused a massive boom in the tech industry; with more people moving towards that line of career, every day.

It is common for people who work in tech to have both a laptop and a larger desktop which makes for a great display. The desktop provides access to a clearer feed that they may not enjoy looking at on a smaller screen. Dell desktops come in many different screen sizes and resolutions, as big as one could need.


The gaming industry has never stopped being a big deal before and especially in today’s world. Dell desktops are made compatible with any kind of gaming model that the user may like. Some of these desktop computers come with Bluetooth headsets and gaming controllers that can automatically connect to your desktop, giving you a wonderful experience.

Home computer

The desktop can be used to create a clear boundary between the work computer and the home computer. Many times, it is easy to cross the line between working and relaxing at home.

For this reason, many people have decided that there may be a need to buy an additional desk computer in their homes, one that will distinguish working on the job from being at home. 

How does the Power Button work?

The power button works by sending a signal to the circuit on the motherboard. The motherboard has a cable with two pins connected to it, and they are activated when the power button is turned on.

This same power button allows for the computer to start up and shut down too. The power button is a big deal and therefore the power button not working on dell desktop is a big deal.

Where is the power button on the dell desktop

Locating the power button on your Dell desktop is easy. No matter what desktop model you are using, figuring out the location of the power button should not be difficult. 

Most desktop computers usually have their power button on the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and this is the button you press on, that passes a signal to other components of the computer system.

Remember that with a desktop, you may also need to turn on the power button on your monitor, UPS (if any), and maybe your mouse too. But your computer will not work unless the power button on your CPU is activated.

The power button on the Dell desktop computer is usually a small round or square-shaped button located at the top of the CPU. It will also have the power button logo and when pressed on, it may show a little light on the logo.

Steps to take with the Power Button not Working on dell Computer

power button not working on dell desktop

Before you conclude power button not working, be sure you have tried all these steps for a start:

  • Take note of obstacles that may be blocking you from having clear access to the CPU and other components of the desktop computer.
  • To access the power button not working on the dell desktop, confirm that the power button is not physically damaged or jammed.
  • Make sure the power source is connected properly then reconfirm power button not working on dell desktop.
  • Make sure the power source is stable and not fluctuating or tripping off.
  • Press the power button for 3-5 seconds, then try again.

How to fix Power Button not Working on Dell Computer

Power buttons are a major part of any system and because they are very important, we do not want to take a long time before we find a solution. It is always a nightmare when our important gadgets develop signs of malfunction.

This is especially frustrating when we have spent a lot of money on gadgets in the past. Sometimes, the reason we have a damaged gadget is because of our carelessness; either through stepping on them by mistake, downloading harmful malware, or using faulty accessories with them.

Power button not working on dell desktop may also be as a result of this.

 But there are other times when our smartphones and desktops will simply decide to stop working, for reasons best known to them alone.

In this case, even if you are the most careful person in the world, you will have no choice but to accept that your device has developed a fault, and you need a find a solution as soon as possible. The first solution is to try a hard reset.

How to Hard Reset Power Button not Working on Dell Desktop/Laptop

power button not working on dell desktop

One way to fix the power button not working on dell desktop is by performing a hard reset on your computer.

Hard resets may even fix some of the problems you did not know about previously, but more importantly, they can drain any remnant power residue that is causing the desktop to malfunction.

  • Make sure all appropriate connections are fixed and turned on.
  • Press and hold on to the power button for 20 seconds.
  • If this does not work the first time, give it a little time and then try again.
  • If it still does not work, you may need the help of a technician.

One thing to note about the power button not working on dell desktop is that sometimes, gadgets may decide to shut themselves down for a while. This may be as a result of overuse and the system will eventually turn up sometime later.

If this happens, take note and make sure you give your desktop a break from time to time. This will drastically reduce if not stop the case of the power button not working on dell desktop.

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