How to Submit your Video on WorldStarHiphop

WorldStarHiphop is an entertainment website to stream and listens to music for free online. The World Star Hip-hop portal allows new members to submit their music and video manually. However, to submit videos on WorldStarHiphop the submission must meet the minimum requirements.

Here in this guide today we’ll explain to you how to submit videos on WorldStarHiphop and get your video approved and earn all the proper credit once the video is approved.

All videos you upload on WorldStarHiphop will be reviewed and approved before it will start showing on And the moment the videos are approved all credit will be awarded.WorldStarHiphop

SendSpace is a web portal where you first need to upload your video and copy the video URL, paste in on and follow the instruction on the interface to submit your video. However, for this video, we’ll guide you through to upload your videos to SendSpace and upload it on WorldStarHiphop.

SeneSpace is a web portal that allows you to upload large files size for free with a link to share it on another platform. SendSpace free plan offers up to 300MB per upload for free for 30 days and as high as 10GB for SendSpace Pro Plus plan.

SendSpace Features

The following are features of SendSpace large file transfer portal.

FeaturesFreePro BasePro Plus
Free$8.99 / Month$19.99 / Month
Single file size up to*300 MB5 GB10 GB
Direct download link bandwidth100 GB300 GB
Unlimited Lifetime storageLimited
available for 30 days
Fast and Ad-free Uploads & DownloadsYes
Share a group of files with one linkLimitedYes
Password-protect files & foldersYes
Public upload folder/widgetYes
Customize your download pagesYes
File upload & download statisticsBasicYes
File versioningYes
Control file downloads & availability limitsYes
Copy sendspace files to your accountYes
Priority support, file recoveryYes
Desktop & mobile toolsLimitedYes

SendSpace Signup

Here is how to signup for SendSpace free account. No credit card is required.

  • Go to
  • Click on “Signup” to the top-right.
  • Fill the information page and select “Personal” in “Primary Use” column.
  • Check “I confirm I am of adult age”.
  • Click “Create my account”.
  • Click on the confirmation link in your email address to confirm your registration.

Now you are ready to upload your video and submit to WordStarHiphop

How to Upload Videos on SendSpace

Here is how to upload your videos on SendSpace.

  • Go to the SendSpace web portal.
  • Enter your email and password and click “Log In”.
  • Click “Upload New File”.
  • Click on “Browse”.
  • Select the video you want to upload.
  • Type the video title and description.
  • Click “Upload”.
  • Done.

Once the video has been uploaded successfully a link to share your videos on the internet will be generated. You can also access your iCloud contents if you have already uploaded the video on your iCloud account.

Ensure WorldStarHiphop Video Proper Submission

To ensure that your video is properly submitted and approved once you must provide the following requirements.

  • The video must be your own.
  • You must enter your video description.
  • Video title is important.
  • Video URL from SendSpace.

Submit Videos on WorldStarHiphop

Here is how to submit your videos on WorldStarHiphop for free.

  • Go to
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Submit Video”.
  • You will be redirected to “WorldStarHiphop submit video” page.
  • Enter your video “Title”.
  • Enter your “Email address”.
  • Select “Music Video” under “Video Type”.
  • Copy and paste the video URL from “SendSpace”.
  • Type “Video Description”.
  • Click “Submit video”
  • Done.

Now, the video will be sync from and review. If the video meets the minimum requirement and it’s not a copyrighted video it’ll be approved on WorldStarHiphop and you get all credit for the video.

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