How to Fix Samsung Remote Not Working

It could be frustrating if you have switched on your Samsung TV and you find out that your remote is not working. You will either need to fix this or turn to your mobile for assistance. As for this, we will address how to fix the Samsung remote not working in this article.

In most cases, when your Samsung remote is not working it boiled down to the battery except if the remote is damaged or you are far from your TV. If there is a device blocking your TV and the remote it could also result in your Samsung remote not working.

However, in this article, I will discuss with you the reasons why “my Samsung remote is not working” and various steps I took to fix the issues when my Samsung remote failed to work.

Why is My Samsung Remote Not Working

If your Samsung TV remote is not working, it could be due to battery issues, paring issues, or infrared sensor issues. If there is a blockage between your remote control and Samsung TV, then your TV won’t respond.

Also if there is an electronic glitch in the remote control, defective remote control, and the defective remote sensor on the Samsung TV could be the reason why your remote is not working.

How to Fix Samsung Remote is Not Working

Since we’ve briefly discussed why is my Samsung remote not working above, then we would teach you steps on what to do if the Samsung TV remote is not working.

Replace Batteries

Replacing the batteries on your Samsung remote control is the first step to fixing the issue of the Samsung remote not working. Press the power button while you are pointing the remote control at your Samsung TV. Make sure you see the LED indicator on your Samsung TV blinks. If it doesn’t blink, then your remote control doesn’t have enough power left in the batteries.

  • Make sure to check if the batteries’ positive and negative polarities are aligned in the correct position.
  • If you check and the batteries are placed correctly and still your Samsung remote is not working. Then kindly replace the batteries with new ones.
  • Ensure to replace the batteries in pairs, and not individually.

Re-pair Your Samsung Smart Remote Control

If you own a smart Samsung TV and you use a smart remote control, then you need to pair your remote control and Samsung TV to work properly again.

Although Your remote control and Samsung TV will automatically pair together when powered on. But with time they become unpaired and you will have to manually pair them together. Follow the steps below to pair your remote control and Samsung TV together:

Samsung Remote Not Working

How To Pair Samsung Remote to TV

  • Point your remote control to your Samsung TV
  • Hold down both the Return and Play/Pause buttons together for more than 3 seconds
  • It will now display the pairing pop-up window which shows it’s successfully paired.

Check for Interference and Obstruction

Any obstructions between your Samsung TV and remote control must be removed, so they won’t obstruct the infrared signals.

Therefore ensure that no one or nothing is blocking the infrared signals when you are pointing your remote control to your Samsung TV.

Also make sure that you remove any electronics, eg. lights, radios, or mobile devices around your Samsung TV, as they can disrupt the signal from your remote control.

Check Infrared Signal

You can use a digital camera or your mobile phone camera to test the infrared signal of any type of remote control. If after performing this test and you see a light or flash coming from the remote control then your remote control has been successfully fixed after changing the batteries.

However, if you can’t see any light or flash coming from your remote control, after replacing the batteries of the remote. Then there is an issue with your remote and it has to be changed

How To Perform the Digital Camera Test

You can use a digital camera or your mobile phone camera to test the infrared signal of any type of remote control.

  • Switch ON your camera.
  • Point the remote control at the lens of your camera from a distance between 6-10 inches away.
  • Now press any button on your remote control. You will see the Infrared eye of the remote control flashing on the LCD screen of your camera.

However, if this test indicates that the remote is working perfectly fine, then the problem is in the remote sensor on your Samsung TV. While if the test shows that the remote control is the problem, then you have a faulty remote control that should be replaced.

Test Another Remote on Your Samsung TV

You can test your Samsung Tv with a multi-purpose remote control, that works for all types of TV. Follow these steps to test a second remote on your Samsung TV:

  • Ensure that the second remote is in TV mode.
  • Then press the Power button on the remote to see if it powers ON, your Samsung TV.

However, if the TV is powered on, then there is a problem with your Samsung remote. While if your Samsung TV does not power ON, then the problem is in the TV remote sensor.

Update Your Samsung TV

Outdated software can also lead to a temporary malfunction or sudden fault of your Samsung TV. Also, it could cause your remote control not to properly pair with your Samsung TV. Therefore Updating your Samsung TV is very important as it helps to fix various issues with your Samsung TV.

Samsung TV Remote Not Working Blinking Red Light

You can refer to this article on how to fix the Samsung TV remote not working and blinking red light, you can use a digital camera or mobile phone camera to check the infrared signal or red light of your Samsung remote control.

Get a Camera or mobile phone camera, then place your remote control facing the camera lens or mobile phone camera. If your remote control is working, a red light will appear from your remote control. But if your remote is faulty then it won’t blink a red light.

Samsung remote replacement

Samsung Remote Replacement

If you’ve concluded that you have a faulty Samsung remote control, then it is appropriate to have it replaced. Remote replacements can be obtained from Samsung companies or third-party companies. You can search by inputting your remote control model number to replace your Samsung remote control.

Also, you can purchase a universal remote control from online stores such as Amazon, eBay, etc. Before placing orders for universal remote control, make sure it is compatible with your Samsung TV model.

Also, you can purchase an alternative remote control, The Samsung IR remote control works with all types of Samsung TV products. Therefore you can choose any IR remote as they are compatible with all Samsung TV models even when they are not listed as compatible with the remote control.

The BN59-01301A is recommended as a replacement remote, it is a new type of remote, and it is very cheap and affordable as well.

In summary, when you are faced with your Samsung remote not working, ensure you check the batteries and replace them if necessary. Then if that doesn’t solve this issue try to re-pair your remote control.

Finally, run an infrared signal test or test another remote on your Samsung TV. However, replacing your remote control is not expensive and they cost an average price of $6- $15.

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