How to Screen record on iPhone

This article is to teach you how to screen record on your iPhone. With your iPhone device, you can perform a flurry of activities. The Apple company has made it easy for you (if you own an iPhone) to perform a lot of activities on your device, ranging from Camera magics to a whole lot of packages all for the Apple iPhone brand. Meanwhile, what most people do not know is how to screen record on their iPhone devices. The benefits of screen recording on your iPhone are numerous.

You can record short demos on your iPhone (who knows, Apple may be interested in a customer demo). You can document a device problem or malfunction on your iPhone.

This is actually an easy thing to do. You can record the normal activities you do on your phone without stress. Normal activities could be you opening different apps, selecting songs on your playlist, or anything that comes to your mind. These activities are saved as a video that you can keep, share, or upload.

Not only that, were you watching an interesting concert on Instagram, and you wish to share it on Whatsapp or some other platform that supports video? You could easily screen record the video post on IG and send it to wherever you want once you’re done. Yes, it’s that easy!

What to know about screen record

We will like you to understand certain procedures; You must enable the screen record feature by adding it to your Control Center. Also, be in the know that how you get the record button is largely dependent on the version of iOS you operate.

Do try the following easy steps;

Getting Started
Step 1: First, you will have to enable the ability to record your screen.

Step 2: Hit Settings, then also hit Control Center. After this, you will have to tap Customize Controls.

Step 3: In this stage, locate Screen Recording. It is meant to be in the Include section already. But, if you do not find it there, you can tap the green plus sign. It will then move to Include.

Images depicts the "Screen recording" option under Settings app

Step 4: Before you start to record on your iPhone screen, add Screen Recording, which should be from your More Controls section to the Include section.

Just so to rearrange the Control Center, move Screen Recording to the right side of your screen.
Click on the back button to leave the recording screen in the Control Center when you are done recording the screen.

Recording The Screen

This stage explains in detail, the screen record process.

Step 1: Locate the screen where you wish to start recording.

Step 2: Pull up the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of your screen. If you operate subsequent devices from iPhone X and any iPad with the iOS 12 and later, swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen in order to pull down the Control Center.

Step 3: Tap on the Record option.

Image shows the screen record option on Iphone control center

Step 4: The Record button is found in the Control Center and usually begins with a 3-second countdown before recording takes place.

Step 5: After this, the Record button will turn red, and the recording starts. Everything you do on your screen will be recorded as long as the record button remains red.

Record screen on iPhone

Step 6: If you are satisfied with what you have done and you want to stop recording, locate the red time indicator which is at the top left of the screen, hit Stop.

Step 7: Tap the time display in the upper left corner of your screen to stop recording.

Step 8: To narrate your recording, hold down the red record button. You should see the Screen Recording options.

Step 9: Tap the Microphone icon, and it will change to Microphone On from Microphone Off. You can start recording.

Image depicts "Screen recording" on iPhone with the turn on or off microphone prompt

Step 10: To locate your new recording, check your Camera Roll. Open the Photos app, as the latest recording, you should not find any trouble locating it.

Step 11: You can edit your video and save it as a new clip to give you an edited version.

How To Use Editing Controls To Trim Your Video

This probably wasn’t what you checked in for, but we realized you might come across it and find it quite hard to understand. We have found you a perfect guide on how to do this.
Follow these easy steps to trim your video;

Step 1: Locate your new video in the Photos app.

Step 2: Hit Edit.

Step 3: Locate and drag the arrow- which is at the bottom of your screen- at the beginning of your video. Drag it to the right, and a yellow frame will appear.

Step 4: Trim the video down to the way you desire to by sizing the frame. Play your video to see if you are satisfied with what you have done. You can continue to edit if you are not yet satisfied.

Step 5: Hit Done. Then Save as New Clip.

We do hope you have found this review helpful in screen recording on your iPhone device. You can let us know your thoughts and experience in the comment section below.

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