Suggested Posts on Instagram: What Is It & How To Skip Past It

The Instagram feed has made some big changes over the years, but the last one is perhaps the most important. Instagram has been serving all users for the past 24 hours and is populating your feed with “suggested posts”.

With this latest server-side update, Instagram will only show you new posts on your home screen. Once you’ve seen everything from the accounts you are following, you will see the “You’re all caught up” message that has been around for a few years and the app will show you content from accounts you are is not following.

These “suggested posts” are based on the people you follow, but none of the content shown there comes from the accounts you follow. It’s also not the same content of the Explore tab as it focuses a little more directly on your interests.

You can still review old posts from the accounts you follow, but the home screen flow will now scroll endlessly with this other content. This is without a doubt, the biggest change to the app, and obviously, not everyone is happy with it. The company expected this, as it remained silent about the change in the official accounts. For Instagram, however, this is a total victory that will result in users spending more time on the app and seeing more ads as well.

Usage statistics for social media websites have increased massively during the blackout period, and Instagram, one of the most popular, is no exception. Despite the large numbers, Instagram is far from happy with its performance and is introducing a new feature to keep you busy. Today we’re going to talk about the newest engagement tool, Post Suggestions, and tell you what impact it would have on your daily Instagram.

Suggested Posts on Instagram

What are the Suggested messages?

As mentioned earlier, “Suggested Posts” is a new feature implemented on the Instagram platform. The goal is to keep you on your screen for as long as possible.

“Suggested Posts” ensure you never run out of content on your Insta feed by pulling relevant posts from Instagram accounts that you might like.

Fortunately, the new addition won’t be activated until after you’ve reached the end of your Insta feed. This means that it will not interrupt your regular Insta feed, which only fills up with accounts that you follow.

How do the suggested posts work?

Now that you have an idea of ​​”Message Suggestions,” let’s see how they work. There’s nothing special behind the scenes, of course, as it only takes into account your preferences for viewing content that might be of interest to you.

For example, if you’re a fan of the Ford Mustang and regularly enjoy photos, you may see other images of the Ford Mustang from accounts you don’t follow as suggestions.

What does “you’re stuck” mean on Instagram?

The new Instagram bonus will not take effect until you reach the end of your feed. As simple as it may be, we also understand that not all Instagram users have had the privilege of seeing the seemingly bottomless end of the well. If you’re one of the “lucky” few, you’ll be happy to know that reaching the end of your stream is pretty easy.

All you have to do is keep scrolling and exhausting all of the messages for the past two days. As soon as there are no more posts to crawl, a small banner saying “You’re Up to Date!” Displayed. Cross the banner to see the wonders of Instagram’s “Suggested Posts”.

What kind of Instagram posts would he suggest?

As mentioned above, Instagram will only suggest posts when you’ve reached the end of your regular feed and will only show posts that are relevant to you. Now let’s look at the type of posts suggested by Instagram.

Unlike Explore, Instagram doesn’t suggest IGTV videos and roles once you reach the bottom of your feed. You will only see posts (photos and videos) that have been published to the grid and belong to the categories you are already following. So if you have a chance to explore the posts suggested by Instagram, don’t expect IGTV videos and roles.

What are the benefits of suggested posts?

If you can’t get used to surviving with lockdown measures, having an endless amount of messages might not be the worst idea. Sure, it could make you even more restless and restless, but Instagram thinks it’s the right move. So, if you ever run out of posts from people who follow you, rest assured that Instagram has you covered. However, if you want to turn off suggested posts, you can’t. However, check out how to avoid this below.

Can you turn off suggested posts?

Since post suggestions aren’t intrusive, Instagram likely doesn’t offer a toggle to turn them off, for better or for worse. Read the tips below on how to avoid suggested posts to see older posts from people you follow.

If you follow a bunch of people and pages, you’re unlikely to make it to the end of your Insta feed, which pretty much rules out Instagram suggestions.

How do you see the oldest posts from people you follow and avoid suggested posts?

If you are worried about falling into the well, just come back after seeing the message, “You are trapped!” You can continue to see other posts from people you keep by clicking “See Previous Posts” as shown below. Otherwise, tap Home on the bottom left bar of the Instagram app to return to the top of your feed.

Suggested Posts on Instagram

View older messages and ignore suggested posts

Of course, you can scroll up rather than down to avoid suggested posts as avoiding is all you can do now, as it is no surprise that Instagram hasn’t given us the option to turn off suggested posts.

‘Explore’ feed vs. ‘Suggested Posts’

The “Explore” feed from Instagram is the central point of contact for expanding your horizons. This is where you can find IGTV teasers, account posts based on your preferences, and even new Instagram roles. While exploring is also based on your tastes and interactions, it’s generally much more diverse, which in turn helps you find the things that you’re passionate about.

Proposed posts, on the other hand, are much more specific. Only the articles that you are likely to like are shown and not “Browse”. If you are interested in a specific soccer team, only posts about that team will be shown, not soccer or sports in general.

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