How to Activate TruTV on a Smart TV

Do you wish to go about Activate on your smart TV, then this article will save you a lot of stress and time, as we have discussed all you need to know.

I’ve seen many TV channels that offer a lot of interesting programs, but have not seen anyone that is entertainment inclined like TruTV.

If you want to watch movies and series that would entertain you all through the day and help you forget your problems then you need to activate truTV on your streaming device.

TruTV is one of the world’s leading entertainment TV channels that will make sure that you are not bored all through your time on the screen.

There are processes required in activating TruTV on your streaming device, and this is what the article is all about.

Before we go on, you need to have an account with TruTV and a subscription, because that is the number one thing you need before you will be able to activate truTV on your various devices.

You can activate your device to stream TruTV with no limits if you follow the instructions in this article. 

Devices like Roku TV, Apple TV Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV, will be included in this article with the ways on how to activate Roku TV on them

We will also show you the general way to activate any device to start streaming TruTV.

This is in a bid to make sure that we will leave no stone unturned in helping you activate your device to start streaming TruTV.

Perhaps your device may not be included specifically in our discussion on this article but you can still activate your device with the general activation process for the truTV on any device.

Therefore you do not need to be in haste as we are interested to take you by the hand and showing you all you need to know about the activation process of TruTV on different devices.

You can also check out other articles on our platforms about TV activations to see other arrays of contents we have written experientially to help you activate any TV channel that you might be experiencing difficulty with. Activate Activate: Other ways you can connect

In case you are finding it difficult or you are not interested in connecting to truTV on your streaming device, you can watch a limited number of the programs through their social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

But if you are interested in having full access to what truTV has to offer, you must have a truTV account and an active subscription.

You should also have internet access that you would use to download the app on your device need all you can connect and have full access to TruTV Media when you now follow the activation process that would be discussed subsequently in this article. Activate Apple TV

As we all know I put you through some of the most popular streaming devices like Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV

The good news is that the Apple TV is compatible with the TruTV platform and subsequently you shall learn how to activate your Apple TV streaming device to have full access to what the truTV has to offer

1. Now let’s take it one after the other. First, you need to have the TruTV app installed on your Apple TV without which you cannot be able to have access to the truTV platform let alone see their program

2. After you have installed the very paramount truTV app, then you can move to open the app, after all, that is why you downloaded it; you must open it.

When you have opened this app, then the goodies in the app will show forth, just like the activation code that will be presented to you by truTV.

3. Now that you have gotten the activation code you may have to leave the app for a minute as you need to open a browser where you would assess the

On this page, there is a space that will be presented to you where you need to enter the code which you copied.

I believe you copied the code if you didn’t, you need to go back and copy it.

4. It may surprise you that you are done after this particular level.

When you enter the code just tap on the submit button and that’s it. You might say this is not as difficult as you expected it to be.

Me, I’d say that too but everything is difficult until you learn how to do it. Activate Roku

Perhaps you thought I’d talk about the TruTV activation on Roku TV before Apple TV.

I decided not to for no reason, I just wanted to discuss TruTV activation.

To perform TruTV activate on Android TV, downloading the truTV app and installing it on your local device is of paramount importance

  • Install the truTV app and your Roku TV streaming device after which he launched the app for the first time and receive your activation code
  • Open your browser and open the link
  • A list of devices would show up do well to select Roku device as your device and then enter the activation code that was presented to you when you launched the app on your Roku TV for the first time
  • Then select submit. That is it.

You would think also that this process is easy, that is how it is for almost all the other devices Activate Fire TV/Firestick

Now it’s as if I’m repeating what I’ve written before, but the emphasis must be made

To activate truTV on Fire TV, you follow almost the same process as other devices

  • Download the TruTV app on your Fire TV and open the app which would help you receive your code of activation.
  • Just copy the code and open your browser.
  • Open the link
  • Choose Fire TV when the list of devices appears, then enter the activation code that you received, then click submit when you are done.

Activate TruTV on Android

The only difference to activating TruTV on an Android device is that you wi make use of the Google Play store.

  • When you open the Google Play store on your Android device
  • Search for the app and install it on your Android device.
  • When it is fully installed open the app, make sure your network is on whether you’re using cellular data or Wi-Fi
  • Other prompts will show up in the app that you need to follow, one of which is you need to click on get started and login to the account you are using 
  • Then visit then head to to receive the code
  • When you apply the code then you have activated your truTV. Activate Samsung Smart TV

It can be frustrating to use TruTv on Samsung Smart TV powered by Tizen OS as well as LG WebOS smart TV. Since both the LG Smart and Samsung Smart TV are powered by their own OS, it’s not possible to install a third-party app or apps that are not available in the OS apps store.

And since we cannot install the TruTV app on your Samsung or LG Smart TV, you won’t be able to install and activate TrueTV on your Samsung Smart TV.

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