Vinnie Hacker Net worth, Age, Career, TikTok & Bio [Updated]

Vinnie Hacker is a 21-year-old American TikTok star and social media entertainer from Seattle. He is an outstanding content creator and he is known for the outstanding short funny videos and lip-sync recordings that he posts on his Tiktok account. 

he isn’t just engaging. He post stuffs his audience can easily resonate with and he does it frequently. Most of the things she posts about are things that baffle him or the things that make him happy.

This attitude has made it easier for fans to connect with him on an individual level. that was one of the reasons why he was able to amass over 1.1 million fans. Presently, Vinnie Hacker’s Net worth is assessed to be around $2million


Vinnie Hacker aka Vincent Cole Hacker was born on July 14 2002 in Seattle Washington in Seattle, Washington. He comes from a Monogamous Family.

His dad used to work as a circuit repairman while his mom worked as a 9/11 dispatcher. While his parents still stay together, Vinnie has just one sibling who is older than him. His name is Reggie Hacker. He is a Christian and his zodiac sign is Cancer.

Early Life & Education

Vinnie Hacker
 Vinnie Hacker’s childhood image

He finished his initial schooling at Seattle Select and O’Dea High School in Seattle, Washington, United States. following his graduation he enlisted himself at the University of Diversity in New Jersey, the United States

Due to his interest in baseball, he went to the #1 sports school in Washington and he also went to one of the best 170 games schools in the country. 


Before beginning his Tiktok Career and becoming well known, Vinnie hacker used to focus on short videos, since he was interested in those. However, he has made numerous videos which he transferred to Instagram and Youtube.

Anytime he isn’t creating videos, he plays baseball for his school group.

At the point when Tiktok becomes the talk of the town, Vinnie hacker tried out the platform by uploading different Kinds of video content on his account. And now, he has amassed over 6 million followers on his TikTok account.

The journey wasn’t easy but his persistent effort and devotion made it easier to earn that amount of followers.

During the early period of his rise to fame on TikTok, Youtube and Instagram.

He became known worldwide after gaining an additional increase in followers. These followers he amassed paved the way for him to monetize his page.

Among the benefits he got are paid promotions, Endorsements, Brand deals, and many more which led to different opportunities to make a hefty sum of money bargains, and some more.

Since his rise to fame on TikTok, Vinnie has joined the collaborative TikTok group called The University of Diversity; the group celebrates diversity across social media. He’s also a part of the TikTok group Sway Gaming. The group was first started by TalentX Gaming, a gaming branch run by the company TalentX Entertainment. he has earned a huge amount of exposure from there too.

Vinnie launched his YouTube channel in July 2020 and began posting lifestyle videos, including skateboarding content, to his channel. He has since acquired 4.7 million lifetime views on his channel. 

Currently, he is working hard on his acting skills. Therefore, he is planning a long-term career at the Big Film Screens.

Following his increased popularity on TikTok, Vinnie later joined the cooperative TikTok group called The University of Diversity. that is not all, Vinnie also joined the TikTok group Sway Gaming which was initially started by TalentX Gaming.

Joining these groups gave him a lot of exposure and some great opportunity to earn more.

Right now, Vinnie is doubling down on his acting skills, since he plans to join the big names in the acting industry.

Vinnie Hacker Movie

While Vinnie has been a great video content creator, he plans to get into acting. However, he hasn’t any breakthrough role in the acting but he has been able to star in these few films 

Below is the film he has acted in

  • What the TikTok (2020),
  • Hype House (2022) 
  • Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms (2021).

Vinnie Hacker Net Worth

What is Vinnie hacker’s net worth? After starting out creating videos and posting them on his numerous social media channels, he has been able to engage his supporters by posting content that resonates with them.

In most cases, he is always posting comedy skits or anything that baffles him. His rise to fame has given him exposure and access to a different association. 

All these coupled with his huge following on social media have made it easy for him to amass a pretty decent net worth. Presently, Vinnie Hacker net worth is estimated to be around $2million 

Family: Parents

Vinnie Hacker
Vinnie Hacker parents

who are Vinnie hacker’s Parents? Vinnie hackers come from a monogamous family. His parent lived a pretty decent life, however, they may not be very affluent. but they still live together since there hasn’t been any report of divorce. 

His mom (Maria Hacker) is a 911 dispatcher while his dad (Nate Hacker) used to be an electrical technician. while his elder brother named Reggie Hacker is known as a social media personality.

His parents may not be overly active on social media but you can get to his parent’s page here father (@natey120. ), Mother (@maria.hacker.3)


Who is Vinnie’s hacker’s elder brother? Presently, Vinnie has just one sibling named Reggie Hacker. Reggie Hacker is Vinnie’s senior sibling.

Just like Vinnie, Reggie also has an account on Tiktok with a handful of followers where he posts funny videos too. Both Vinnie and Reggie are good at Sports generally and have played baseball and ball at the school level.

Vinnie Hacker ex: Spouse/Girlfriend

Who is Vinnie hacker’s Girlfriend? it was revealed that Vinnie Hacker was dating individual TikTok entertainer Faith Ordway in November 2020. Ordway was immersed with dreadful remarks on her page when Hacker and Ordway put a TikTok on Hacker’s page, which came from Hacker’s fans.

This made her a bit vocal as she said: “I’m done with all the hate and people attempting to smear my name,” Ordway answered on Twitter.

The situation became tenser as Ordway claimed that she will be leaving TikTok. Presently there is no known lady associated with him since he hasn’t publicly declared having any girlfriend yet

Vinnie Hacker Age?

How old is Vinnie Hacker? Being the youngest in the hacker family, which is a family of four. Vinnie Hacker will be 20 years old as of May 17, 2022, since he was born on who was born on July 14, 2002 

Vinnie Hacker Birthday

The internet sensation was born on the 14th of July 2002. So his birthday is celebrated every year on July 14. Judging by his date of birth he hasn’t celebrated his birthday this year since today is May 19th 2022 

Vinnie Hacker Height 

How tall is Vinnie Hacker? Vinnie hacker has a height of around 5 feet 8 inches which is equivalent to 172cm.  Vinnie has a brown coloured eyes a blonde hair. Aside from that, he has a white complexion. All these qualities make him an extremely handsome dude. Probably that is why most of his fans are female.

Vinnie Hacker Weight

While he weighs around 57kg. His body estimation is around 42-32-28 inches. He has blonde hair and a slim athletic build with brown coloured eyes.

Vinnie Hacker’s Real Name

What is Vinnie Hacker Real name? Vinnie hacker’s full name is Vincent Cole Hacker however he is popularly known as Vinnie Hackers since his middle name is not used a lot. just as similar as Skai a young actress who is sometimes confused as someone related to Michael Jackson.

You can check her out over here.

Vinnie Hacker Fight

Vinnie had had a few interesting fights in the box, but the one he had with Deji won the hearts of many of his fans. He went ahead to console the fighter after coming out on top. This signifies a sign of great sportsmanship
Vinnie TKO Deji in the third round, during the battle of the platform which had 7 rounds.

Vinnie Hacker vs Deji

The fight between Deji and Vinnie Hacker was quite intense. Vinnie was young and had a lot of potentials while Deji has some experience but after several rounds of intense fighting, Vinnie came out on top. 

Social Media: Instagram

The consistent posting of video content made it easier to pull in an enormous number of fans and devotees because of such satisfaction. presently, he has 11.8million followers

Vinnie hacker TikTok

Vinnie Hacker

In February of this year, Vinnie Hacker was introduced to the social media app TikTok for the first time. since then He received roughly 1.7k likes on his debut video, which encouraged him to continue making films.

In addition to that, some of his videos have been able to impress his fans. Despite this, he did not give up but continued to create TikTok material.

Currently, he has amassed a whopping number of followers on his TikTok page which is around 14.1 million followers. You can get his Tiktok page here.

Vinnie Hacker Tattoo

Vinnie hacker is a lover of tattoos. Looking at him, there are different kinds of tattoos on his body which signifies different meanings. Any time he gets a new tattoo on his body he shows his fans on social media.

Recently he added a new tattoo to the front part of his chest which can be seen in the image below.

vinnie hacker tattoo
Vinnie hacker tattoo

This tattoo has the symbol of brand and sacrifice and according to the Berserk wiki the symbol marks those “anointed for the invocation of doom”

Full NameVincent Cole Hacker
NameVinnie Hacker
Net Worth$2 Million
Date of Birth14 July 2002
Age in 202219 Years
Birth LocationSeattle, Washington, United States
ProfessionTikTok Star and Social Media Personality
HometownSeattle, Washington
Zodiac SignCancer
SchoolSeattle Select, Washington, United States
O’Dea High School, Seattle, Washington, United States
College / UniversityUniversity of Diversity, New Jersey, United States
Education QualificationGraduate
Who is Vinnie Hacker

How Tall is Vinnie Hacker

Looking at Vinnie he stands at an above average height of 5 feet 8 inches which is equivalent to 172 cm or 1.72m. He also has a light athletic build with a ripped back.

How old is Vinnie Hacker?

Vinnie is the last child of the Hacker’s family. Presently he is 19 years old but he will be clocking 20 this year since he is yet to celebrate his birthday this year.

Where does Vinnie Hacker live?

Vinnie hacker was born and raised in Seattle Washington, Presently it was revealed that he stays in North Hollywood, California. 

Who did Vinnie hacker fight?

Vinnie hacker fought with a popular YouTuber who was the younger brother of KSI. His name is DEJI. At the time of the fight Vinnie looked prepared and a bit athletic, unlike Deji who looked like he hasn’t visited the Gymn in years.

Vinnie came out on top after the bout.

When is Vinnie Hacker’s Birthday?

Since Vinnie was born on the 14th of July 2002, he probably celebrates his birthday on the 14 of July every year. For this year he hasn’t celebrated any yet as he will be doing so in one month’s time

What race is Vinnie Hacker

Vinnie Hacker comes from an American ethnic group and he is of the American race. 

Who is Vinnie Hacker Dating

Vinnie has had a few relationships in the past such as the one he had with a social media personality, Addison Rae. However, he was later reported to be in a relationship with another social media personality who was a popular TikToker called Faith Ordway. But he has parted ways with her and he is currently single.

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