Windows 10 Media Creation Tool (How to Get and Use it)

The Windows 10 Media Creation Tool is a free and easy-to-use utility for Microsoft Windows PCs. It allows you to update the operating system without delay or crash easily.

Since this is the official version of Microsoft, it integrates well with various aspects of the system and does not affect performance.

You can use the Windows 10 Media Authoring or creation Tool to create bootable flash drives or installation disks.

Windows 10 media creation tool

How do I use the Windows Media Creation Tool?

In contrast to third-party software such as Driver Booster Free and IObit Software Updater, the Windows Media Authoring Tool is available in the Microsoft Store.

The primary aim of building the program is to install the latest version of the operating system and updates it. To achieve this goal, you must run the program as an administrator.

You must also accept the license terms and notices before selecting the specific action. With the tool, you can create USB installation media or update the PC.

When updating the operating system, you can decide which programs you want to keep.

You can keep the applications and files intact, save them to a new location, or delete everything from the system. Once you have made your selection, the program updates your computer.

To avoid problems during the process, you need a stable internet connection.

Once you’ve started the program, you’ll need to scroll down to create a section for Windows 10 installation media.

Just click “Download” and “Run” in the pop-up window. In the User Account Control confirmation pop-up, click Yes.

In this way, you can automatically initialize the media creation tool. You can even choose a new location on your hard drive and click “Save” to download the program for later use.

Update your Windows PC smoothly!

In most cases, installing your operating system is not a difficult process. As with Windows, you can install and update the operating system without too many problems.

All you need is a downloadable installer that runs in seconds to start the installation process. Once the operating system is downloaded, you need an effective tool to keep the system up to date.

At some point, you’ll have to check for updates manually, and the Windows Media Authoring or creation Tool can help you achieve that easily.

Use the media creation tool to create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive.

You can use the media creation tool as a Windows 10 USB tool. In other words, you can download Windows 10 installation files and automatically create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive that you can then use to install this operating system on any computer.

Understand that you should be logged in as an administrator to run MediaCreationTool2004.exe. When User Account Control (UAC) asks if you want to run this application, click or tap Yes.

Windows 10 media creation tool

The media creation tool then loads its user interface and prompts you to accept the terms of your license. Read the terms and click or click the Accept button to continue.

Windows 10 media creation tool

The media creation tool takes a few seconds to “prepare some things.” You will then be asked whether you want to update your PC or create installation media that you can use to install Windows 10 on any computer or device.

Activate the second option: “Create installation medium (USB stick, DVD or ISO file) for another PC.”

Windows 10 media creation tool

Then select the language, edition and architecture you want to use to create the installation media. The architecture can be 64-bit, 32-bit, or both. We recommend that you use 64-bit as often as possible.

You can also select “Use recommended options for this PC,” which automatically selects the language, edition, and architecture corresponding to the PC you are currently using. When you have selected the options you want, click Next.

Then select the type of media storage you want to use. Select “USB stick” and click Next.

You will see all external flash drives and hard drives connected to your computer or Windows device.

Choose the one you would want to use to create the Windows 10 installation media. Please note that all data on it will be deleted. Make sure you have a copy before proceeding.

Once you’ve selected the USB drive, the Media Creation Tool downloads the latest Windows 10 installation files to your computer or device.

Owing to the speed of your internet connection and the load on the Microsoft servers, this may take some time. All you need is patience.

Once the download is complete, the integrity is checked to make sure everything is OK. The selected USB storage device can then be started with the latest Windows 10 settings. This process can take several minutes.

Immediately after the process is complete; you will be informed that the USB memory is ready. Click or tap Finish. With this drive, you can start and install Windows 10.

Windows 10 media creation tool

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