How to Start a Successful YouTube Funny Videos Channel

Sharing funny comedy on YouTube is the easiest way to become popular on YouTube and have your own YouTube channel. So many videos are being uploaded to YouTube daily, video from record labels, international and local movies, varieties of skits, tutorial on “how to”, do it your self-videos, and of course YouTube funny videos.

If you are creative enough and have some funny skits you can share online to gain popularity and become known for your funny acts just like Mr. Bean, Mark Angel, Emmanuella, and other local and international comedian and comedienne you should probably start a YouTube channel to share and express your creativeness with a short video skit online.

If you are planning to start your own comedy group and don’t know exactly how to start and where to start from, here in this article I will share with you how to start and maintain a successful YouTube funny video channel as a beginner and attract at least 20,000 subscribers in the first 3 months.

YouTube Funny Videos

How to Start a Successful YouTube Funny Videos Channel

They’re varieties of things to be considered when starting a YouTube channel of your own in a competitive niche. As a matter of fact “YouTube Funny Videos” niche is one of the most competitive niches on YouTube. So if you are starting a YouTube channel in that niche, you should be able to make to turn all viewers to a subscriber on all videos you uploaded to your channel.

1. Pick a YouTube Channel Name

The first thing you want to sit down and ruminate on is picking a name for your YouTube channel. This is far more important than the passion start the YouTube channel itself.

All you need to do is pick a channel name that will best describe your channel which will, of course, contain Channel related video. If you channel is sharing tricks and tips do not share football highlights or comedy video on it. Otherwise, your subscribers will lose interest in your channel and they can start to click on the subscribed button.

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2. Design Your YouTube Channel

Your being creative should go beyond creating funny YouTube videos. You should be able to convince your subscribers that you are indeed funny and creative with what you share on your channel with a funny design on your channel studio.

Before you create and upload your first comedy video on your channel you should have designed the channel with a unique image and eye-catching designs with a quality color combination.

3. Upload Your First Video Explaining Your Channel

Having designed your channel with some good and quality graphics, it’s time to upload your first funny videos. While you are in a hurry to upload your first funny videos and start seeing tons of viewers and subscribers, take a deep breath and do this first…

First, create a video like a descriptive video that fully explains what your fans will enjoy following your channel. A short skit will do more than a favor and help grow your subscribers from the first-day first video.

4. Be Patient to Grow Your Channel Before Advertising on Your Channel

Little did most YouTubers known that early advertisement ruins their YouTube life. Naturally, the best video without huge subscribers does not get a million views when they start. It takes time to beat existing channels with good and quality videos on YouTube.

Starting YouTube funny videos channel is more or less like start a niche blog on “Drone“. To rank for competitive keywords like a cheap drone, best drone, drone, drone near me and other related keywords will take time and real effort. So also is the same for a YouTuber just starting out for funny video niche on YouTube.

5. Consistency is the Key to YouTube Success

To grow big with time as a YouTuber you need the spirit to be consistent, otherwise, the journey to achieve a successful YouTube carrier will be truncated by frustration.

The frustration of not getting enough subscribers, not earning from your YouTube channel, not monetizing your YouTube channel with the right ads, and so many other criteria that will quicken to limited your YouTube career.

Your consistency in producing a quality and life-challenging skits will challenge the most viewer to join your list of subscribers and help to grow your YouTube channel but it doesn’t happen just overnight.

Bear it in mind that YouTube funny videos are among the best trending video of the year and you too can be part of the story sharing some funny skits with the world that will change your life and life of your subscribers for good with time.


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