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How to Clear Saved Passwords on Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox offers a feature to clear saved password via settings. With Mozilla Firefox browser, you can save passwords, edit passwords, and clear saved passwords on Firefox browser. You can save passwords on Google Chrome for mobile and access it on browsers via Firefox password manager.

The Firefox browser passwords saver work like computer password keepers with a single master password to unlock the password. However, in order to access Mozilla Firefox saved passwords and manage both username passwords saved on Firefox you need to computer administrative login if you use one.

So, if you have some passwords saved on your Mozilla Firefox browser and you’d love to edit the passwords, delete them, and clear them here in this post I’ll provide step by step tutorial on how to clear saved passwords on Firefox browsers.

How to Find Saved Passwords on Firefox

You can always find all saved passwords on Firefox under settings. When you launch Mozilla Firefox click on the vertical lines and click settings from the drop menu. From the popup, navigate the page and click on manage passwords to find saved passwords.

They are a few ways to find saved passwords on Mozilla browser. In most cases, the easiest way to find saved passwords is via searching the password manager with the search box.

Once you know the usernames that are you looking for its password, launch your Firefox and go to settings to access passwords manager to search for your saved password.

How to Clear Saved Passwords on Firefox

Here I provide the exact procedure I followed to find, edit, and clear saved passwords on my Mozilla Firefox browser. Meanwhile, if you have a Google Chrome browser and you’d love to access and manage saved passwords on your Chrome check this article: How to manage saved passwords on Google Chrome.

1. Launch Mozilla Firefox browser and click on menu button New Fx Menu and select options from the drop menu

Clear saved password on Firefox

2. Click on the privacy & security panel option

Cleared saved passwords on mozilla firefox

3. Click on Mozilla login… and the password manager will open up to enter your master password

Saved passwords on Firefox

4. When the password manager pop-up enters your Mozilla Firefox one-time password and clicks on the account you want to receive the username and password and click show password.

Saved passwords on Firefox

On this page, you can delete, edit and clear passwords saved on Mozilla Firefox. You can also import and export saved passwords from Chome to Mozilla, Firefox to Explorer and from other browsers to Mozilla Firefox.

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