How to Play YouTube Video in Background on Android & iOS

There are few Android apps to download YouTube video. The most popular one is TubeMate. It’s fast and reliable. However, as vast as this app is, you cannot play YouTube in Background on your smartphone [Android & iOS] with it.

All you can do is stream YouTube video live on mobile video players like VLC, MX player and many others. However, YouTube video lovers have had a hard time streaming YouTube video as a background music on their phone just like a normal video on phone.

The simple fact behind YouTube video is that; the website is designed only to play YouTube video both on the web and on YouTube app. All though, there are third-party apps to play and download YouTube videos but they are not YouTube official app.

On YouTube official Android & iOS app, you can only stream video, drag and drop the video to any angle within the app and search for another video. But, the moment you close the YouTube official app with the mind of playing the YouTube video in the background section of your phone, the video will stop and the app will close down.

In a nutshell, to play YouTube video on an Android background is not allowed using YouTube iOS and Android app. The only way to achieve this is using a third-party app that can easily minimize and play YouTube video in the background.

How to Play YouTube in Background

From my research, there are few other ways to play YouTube video when you minimize your Android phone YouTube video tab. It also worth to note that the moment your Android phone screen is locked YouTube video will stop playing. However, there has been a technical way of playing YouTube video when phone screen is locked in the background section. Here in this app, I’ll share with you three different ways to play YouTube videos on Android phone background as well as on iOS devices.

How to Play YouTube in Background Using Chrome

Google Chrome is my favorite browser and I can do all sort of things with it. The Google own browser is fast, secure and reliable. However, I can’t say whether this is a loop in the app as playing YouTube video in phone background section is achievable with the app. Meanwhile, Google loves to retain users on YouTube page to increase view time and reduce the website bounce rate.

1. Open a Google Chrome browser and visit YouTube website. This will bring up a mobile page with YouTube URL “” without quotes.

2. Click on the three dots to the upper right of your Chrome browser and tick “request desktop site” to view YouTube desktop version. The YouTube URL will change from “” to “” without quotes.

Play YouTube video in Background

3. Search for the video you want to play in your phone background section and click play for the video to start buffering. Once the buffering is ongoing you can then minimize the video.

4. The video will stop playing automatically but the YouTube you are playing will available in your phone notification section.

5. Swipe your phone screen down to access your phone notification drawer and click play on your phone media player running the YouTube video to start playing the video underground.

How to Play YouTube in Background Using AudioPocket

This is another technique to play YouTube video in the background section of your phone when you minimize the YouTube page. Meanwhile, with AudioPocket you will neither use YouTube app nor mobile browser. Rather, everything will be done using the AudioPocket app from Android phone. This technique is mainly for Android phone user, while iOS users should use the above procedure to stream YouTube video in iOS devices background or wait for the next procedure below.

1. Open either your phone browser or Google play store app to download and install “AudioPocket” app for an Android phone without quotes or download here.

2. Open the “AudioPocket” app and search for the video you want to stream in your phone background using the app search box.

Play YouTube in Background

3. Click the video and a small video player box will pop up playing the video. Then click your phone back button to close the “AudioPlayer” app and the video will not stop playing.

How to Play YouTube in Background

With this approach, you can play a YouTube video on your phone background section or on the screen without accessing YouTube website.

How to Play YouTube in Background on iOS Phones

The second approach above work perfectly using an Android phone. However, since Android apps cannot work on iOS phones then, there has to be another means to achieve this tutorial on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and others.

1. Download and install Dolphin browser for iOS. You can as well use this browser on Android and windows phone.

2. Launch the Dolphin browser and open a tab to visit YouTube video website. Meanwhile, click the 3 dots to the upper right of the Dolphin browser and click “request desktop site”.

3. Search for the YouTube video you want to play on your iOS background section and click play to start buffering and playing the video.

4. Minimize Dolphin browser and go to iOS notification tray to play the paused YouTbe video in the background section.

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