Best & Free Music Download Sites & Apps for All Devices

I’m going to be blunt in this post as a Cancerian man. So, don’t see my bluntness as being biased or something else. It’s basically going to show you best free music download websites, and the best for apps to Android phone users to download music for free and how I have been able to download free music to my Android phone.

Forget about other free music download technique you know before coming to read this post. And also, forget that free misc are found to download everywhere.

Part of my bluntness here include not mentioning top websites where you can download music for free but which is illegal. I hate being held responsible for an illegal thing, so I choose to the right way for myself. Which is, a music or MP3 that I can download from a website that is legally I won’t dare download it.

Don’t ever think about what I would likely miss for not using an illegal music download website to my advantage. Nothing is more basic and content than having a peace of mind that all you are clean from being sanctioned or having your IP address blocked.

So, if you are with me this and you would love to download music to your phone, whether it’s Android or iPhone, or even a window phone here is my luck and I’m personally going to share this with you from my free music download archive that has been in my list for ages.

Before I open my free music gallery and share with you the latest answer why you are reading this. Let me quickly take you through what it takes to be free. Like, you are searching for a free music download website or standalone website that you can visit every day whether on your Android phone or on your iPhone.

What Free Music Download Means to Me

Don’t forget you typed into a search engine “free music download”. And not download paid music for free.

This simply implies that you are only interested in a list of music that is available for download.

The list of music that the songwriter and produce single-handily allow music websites or bloggers to blog and share for free.

This is common for the new and upcoming artist to get closer to their fans. So, no cheating and not dribbling. By this definition, here we would only share websites that allowed free music download without jeopardizing your IP address.

Best & Free Music Download Sites & Apps for All Devices

Each smartphone OS has a source for free music. They also have paid access to a premium member who loves to buy music.

They are also some reliable music website where you can download music free. Also, you may need premium access a whole music database. In this article, I will also share some of these top websites where you can get free music for your Android phone and iPhone.

Android OS is an open source operating system owned by Google. Google owns YouTube. And YouTube has a free music section where you can download music for free.

Not only that, you can also download free music to your Android phone from Google store music all for free.

Although, you may need a third-party app, like MP3 downloader to download YouTube MP3. In most cases, I often recommend as the best standalone website that supports copy and paste of YouTube video and YouTube music URL to download.

iOS is an operating system for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPhone, and Mac for Apple computers. However, Apple also has a database for apple phone music called Apple store.

Apple store comprises of both Apple apps and Apple music for iPhone and iOS devices generally. So, if you own an iPhone and you want a free music source where you can download to your iPhone you may want to check Appl store first.

Ideally, with your Apple ID, you should be able to access your files on iCloud and access iCloud music for free. Except for the premium music that you have to pay before you can either listen to them or download from the database.

For windows phone users, Microsoft has a database specially for windows phone to search and get access to free music that they can download. Although, only a few windows phone users know the can get a free music download access from Microsoft. But, this is possible.

Best & Free Music Download App for Android Phone

What Free Music Download Means to Me

There is no way a single article can cover all the popular Android music downloader in play. But bit-by-bit we can tell you the list of best Android music downloader we have had time with and how efficient they are.

While I was building my passion and love for music, I have used more than 20 Android music app. But, only a few of these apps are really a good free music download for Android. However, the entire apps we will tell you to try here to stream music on your Android are the list we have tested and used.

And in fact, some of the free music app we are still using them. In fact, the majority of the apps we can’t let go then. You know where?

They give first-hand information on the latest music that is added to the app music database. So, you too should take your time to try them out and give your own verdict.

1.  Google Play Music

Google play music has been my favorite free music downloader since the beginning of this year. I have removed some music downloader from the phone, added another but finds it very heartbroken to remove the Google play music.

This is just beyond being bias about the app. But the blunt truth is that the Google play music is more or less a radio with over 3 million subscribers. That is really huge!

Other than the fact that you will have access to at least 5000 free music that you can stream online and download you will also gain access to free music that is topping the chart.

This free music download app by Google saves me a lot of stress on where to download free music on getting to know what music is trending.

Free Music Download App for iPhone

Free music download app for iphone

Ideally, you will expect this headline to talk about apps that give direct access to download free music on iPhone and on all iOS devices. Well, like a Cancerian man, I’ll restrict this section only the set of free apps that have the copyright to distribute music for free legally as granted by the music producer or company or the singer as the case may be.

Based on my research I have picked three best free music download app for iPhone device that will hurt you a bit or have a reason to ponder why you should download a specific song. These apps are based on popular review and users satisfaction.

1. Unlimited Music MP3 Player: MB3

Without prior knowledge about this app you will enjoy what people are saying about it to download and play music on iPhone. The unlimited music MP3 player has a lot of free songs to play and it plays songs without an internet connection.

Unlike other unlimited iPhone free music app that needs an internet connection to function effectively, the unlimited music MP3 player for iPhone doesn’t necessarily need internet to play songs. Most importantly, your music will keep playing once your phone backlight goes off and you will be able to enjoy your music in the background section of your phone.

Off all free music download app for iPhone I have used, read about and see people using the unlimited music MP3 player is one of such to recommend for our reader. For you iPhone you just have to check out this amazing music player and downloader app.

2. Musi – Simple Music Streaming

This is another good to get iPhone app to stream and download music online for free. This app doesn’t only work with top music websites to search and download music for your iPhone, it also has a feature to search YouTube database for MP3.

Musi – simple music streaming app is a popular app to stream and play music on iPhone background both online and offline. Unlike the first app you need an internet connection to enjoy this app and have direct access to the list of latest songs based on most downloaded songs, popular songs, hit songs, upcoming artist songs, and app users favorite songs in one category.

Best & Free Websites for Free Music Download Online

Well, for those of us that love to download music on our computer browsers and then transfer it to our phone either with file sharing apps or Bluetooth here are the best website online with good and quality music to download for free and without a trace of IPs.

These free music download websites have won a lot of awards based on quality services they render and here we are giving you the top list of 2017 websites to download free music online without registration.

Below is the list of free and legal websites to download music for free for Android phones, iPhone, Mac and Windows OS.

1. Jamendo

Best & Free Websites for Free Music Download Online

We found Jamendo to be a reliable source for free music download with over 470,000 collection fo music tracks that you can download for free. This seems to be the largest music download site for free and legal music download.

Nothing is as good as a free stuff. With the Creative Commons license covering Jamendo list of tracks, you can download and share music from Jamendo without violating any music legal right.

Being a free music website, all music tracks are free without any expected contribution from users other than writing a review, share with colleagues and if you so wish you can donate to Jamendo since you enjoy their services for free.

If there is any track you have searched for online and couldn’t find kindly check the list of Jamendo over 470,000 track list.

2. SoundClick

Best & Free Websites for Free Music Download Online

You see, not all that is free worth it. SoundClick is a good to with free music download site with over 20 years of service and currently has over 5,000,000 tracks to download from. That is huge track list you know!

However, with these huge collections, you can be so sure that you will have access to all music both international tracks or local track. Meanwhile, not all music on SoundClick is free but the free ones are meant to be downloaded without expecting anything in return.

Needless to say that SoundClick also allows streaming of videos and listening to music live on the website without necessarily download them. This simply means that you can listen to music on SoundClick before you choose to download them.

3. BeSonic

Best & Free Websites for Free Music Download Online

BeSonic mode of operation is that before you can download any music either free or paid or whatsoever you must register first. BeSonic has been in the game of sharing free music to download for visitors over a couple of years but it requires you to download music for free.

BeSonic free music download website has a huge collection of music in their database that are free to download. But before you can be allowed to access a track on BeSonic you must become a registered member.

While this is not a bad idea, you will be able to use the platform to search for free music and add them to your favorite folder so that you can always come back and download them later.

4. PureVolume

Best & Free Websites for Free Music Download Online

PureVolume joined our list of best and free music download site when we discovered that independent artist shares their music for visitors to download for free. PureVolume doesn’t share music for download anyhow, all music and tracks, and album found on PureVolume are uploaded and authorized by an individual artist.

The best place for an upcoming artist to share their music for free for free download is PureVolume without paying a dime. The platform has thousands of free music that is worthy of downloading without any issue with a legal right or whatsoever.

So if you know any upcoming artist that want to share his or her music for free online so that people can start downloading it without paying a cent PureVolume is a good place to start with.

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