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Xender APK is a file transfer app from Android to Android and Android to PC and vice versa without using a Bluetooth connection. The Xender app can be used to transfer a huge file within seconds using phone WiFi or Hotspot connection.

First, it was Flash Share, followed by Share It, and now, Xender. Xender app an Android app that is used to transfer forms of files and copy files from a connected device.

The Xender web offers an alternative way to transfer files from Android to PC and to copy files from PC to smartphone with an internet connection or with the use of WiFi over the same network.

The APK app is available for Android as a modified version of the Google play store. Apart from using Xender PC installer, you can also transfer files online using website and sync your smartphone with Xender app using a barcode.

The file-sharing app for Android and iOS has a lot of features to be reckoned with and forget the use of transfer procedures such as Bluetooth.

Features of Xender APK App for Android

Apart from the fact that the Xender app eases file transfer procedure between devices on the same network, below are some of the notable features.

  • Transfer huge files in milliseconds
  • Not Bluetooth required
  • Transfer files over the same network connection
  • Copy and past with Xender web
  • Update without the internet
  • It’s virus-free
  • Built-in media player
  • Built-in uninstall features

The in the ads-purchase app has a lot of features. However, it all depends on how vast you are at exploring technology.

Enable Unknown Sources

They are two ways to install apps on Android and iOS devices. You can either download apps from your OS store or download from a third-party site. However, APK apps are apps from a third party site which requires to enable unknown sources.

To enable unknown sources, follow these procedures.

  • Launch your phone settings
  • Scroll down and tap the security option
  • Find unknown sources and enable it
  • Accept the popup

Now, you will be able to install all APK file less than 100MB including Xender. However, if you would love to download and install files more a 100MB on your Android without manually moving the OBS part of the app download and install the Uptodown APK app.

Xender APK Download

By default, this file can be downloaded from APK sites online. It all depends on your choice of APK site with free virus APK app. However, most APK sites are monitored with  AVG-Antivirus. However, here is the link to the latest Xender APK for Android.

Xender APK download

Install Xender APK

To install the Xender app successfully has to do with enabling installation from unknown sources. If you have enabled it from above and the  Xender app downloaded isn’t from play store, then, you should consider enabling unknown sources otherwise you will encounter an error message like “This APK File Might Contain Unsafe Content” and you might not be able to install the APK app.

To install the Xender app follow this procedure…

  • Go to file manager on your Android phone
  • Select the storage directory where you download files are kept (Internal or MicroSD)
  • Go to the download folder
  • Find Xender file with .APK as the extension
  • Tap on it
  • Tap install to the button right
  • Wait for some couple of seconds and vooom…

You are done.

This process could be shortened via the notification tray on your device if the downloaded file is still accessible from there. All you have to do is tap the downloaded file and install.

Transfer Files with Xender APK App

The way the Xender APK works is no different from the way other file transferring apps work. It requires two different devices, it could be between Android and iOS, iOS and computer, and even a computer and Android with Xender app and Xender for PC or Xender web access.

To connect the transfer app, launch the Xender from your apps menu and click on “send” on phone “A” and receive on phone “B”. Wait for a connection to establish between the two devices. Find the files you want to send on phone “A”, you can select multiple and tab send.

The app interface in phone “A” will swipe to the last option which is “receiving” option where you will be able to monitor the transfer progress.

Xender APK is a popular app for transferring huge files from one device to another without spending much time. It doesn’t require internet connection from phone to phone but could require your device being on the same WiFi network when transferring between a PC and a phone with or without the Xender web.

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