Apps To Save Battery Life From Damage

If you want to increase your Android phone battery life using apps here is a post you should read to learn more about the list of battery saver apps that make Android battery life last longer than usual and increase the device lifespan.

It’s is pesky how Android phone battery life derailed after few months of massive usage, although phone battery life cannot be the same forever, it should take some time before the quality of the battery will drop to zero level before one thinks of a replacement. Without using battery saver apps, one should be able to enjoy the benefits of buying a good phone with good battery.

Meanwhile, the quality of phone’s battery life depends on the quality of the battery mAh and the rate at which the battery is being used and how often it’s fully charged. Some phones battery are good but because the way it’s used, they become weakened over time and sometimes when you over-charged your phone battery. Before you run into battery problem you know how to preserve your phone battery to make it last.

One benefit of Android phones is that they’re a lof Android battery saver apps in play store to increase battery life and also, some phone internal feature and setup to increase the lifespan of phone battery. However, here in this post, I will share with you how to increase Android phones battery life tweaking your phone settings and list of some popular battery saver apps for Android phone.

How to Increase Android Phone Battery Life with Battery Saver Apps

Battery save apps offers a shortcut to kill Android phone background apps and extend the phone battery life. Without battery saver app you can tweak your phone settings to extend most phone lifespan. Here are the basic tweaks to extend Android phone battery without using apps to aid the process.

1. Use Power Save Mode

When you want to extend your phone battery life without apps, always consider first the phone power saving mode. The power saving mode can add at least 2 hours to your phone daily life span without any tweak.

The phone power saving mode is divided into four categories with each categories having a different effect on your phone battery

  1. High Performace Mode: CPU/GPU functionality is optimized in high-performance mode. This mode consumes more power and generates additional heat under heavy load conditions.
  2. Normal Mode: Smart SPU-frequency calibration and auto brightness adjustment satisfy normal usage requirements.
  3. Power Saving Mode: Lower device performance by restricting functions such as vibration, location service, and background traffic. Email and chat apps that require syncing may only receive data when opened explicitly.
  4. Ultra Power Saving: Only essential functions such as calling, messaging, and alarm are available in ultra power saving mode. The system functions are minimized to conserve power.

When your smartphone is not engaged in active usage always turn your phone battery mode to normal mode and sometimes to the ultra-saving mode when you want to sleep at night.

2. Uninstall Unused App

You must have this a thousand time that unused apps slow down your phone performance and consume phone memory. When you have tons of unused apps on your device your phone stand the chance of short battery life.

It doesn’t cost a dine to remove unused apps from your phone, the only thing you need is identifying these unused apps an uninstalled them to creating a breeding space for apps that you use often and extend your battery life.

However, installing tons of battery saver apps will escalate the poor battery life when all you need to do is remove unused and unwanted apps. To remove unused apps that drain your phone battery just follow this procedure: Click on phone settings >> apps >> select app >> uninstall

3. Reduce your Phone Brightness

Reducing phone brightness will help increase your phone battery life more than you expect. The phone resolution constitutes the rate at which your phone battery drains and you cannot help it unless reduced.

While you can stampede your phone brightness to a certain degree you can choose to automate the brightness or choose normal battery saving mode which has the automatic feature to increase and reduce the brightness of your phone.

4. Do Not Use Slideshow or Video Wallpaper

This is common among fanatic wallpaper fans like the trending Samsung Galaxy S9 wallpaper that everybody is raving about. A GIF of video wallpaper consumes battery faster and reduce the rate at which your phone battery last for the day.

Meanwhile, as a fanatic video wallpaper fan, you can use a hibernating app to close all apps while you run the video wallpaper yet, you will have to pay the sacrifice with your phone battery or constant phone charging.

5. Install Hibernating App

We’ll talk about some good battery saver apps to extend battery life in the next section where we will discuss best apps to extend battery life. A hibernating app helps to silent the background performance of some unused apps and extend your battery life.

This is not as technical as you think. There are some underground apps that consume your phone battery more than some of the apps you run on a daily basis. With the hibernating app, with a single tap, you can close down the apps and restrict them from working.

When you hibernate an app on your phone, the app sleeps immediately and can be woken when needed by simply tapping it.

6. Solve WakeLock Problem

Another way to increase battery life without using battery saving apps is by tackling your Android phone wakelock problem. WakeLock is a service that keeps your app screen light up when you are not using your phone.

Most people tend to ignore this but it drains phone battery faster than expected and it brings about phone overheating.

A fully charged phone can be down to zero with wakelock overnight and you will be surprised while your phone battery drains so quick.

So, if you don’t want to risk your phone battery life with wakelock, endeavor to tack the problem and fix it on time.

7 Disable Phone Location & Internet Connection

You may want to disable your phone location via settings and the internet connection when the two features are not in use. The two features grant direct access to the internet and make it easy to track your location, however, if you are so keen on how to extend your phone battery life and you don’t want to use to as an extender always switch off phone location tracking and internet connection when not in use.

When you practice these correctly you can extend your phone battery life at least 15-20% daily and you will not have to bother about using any of the battery saver apps below. However, battery saving apps are also a great way to control phone battery life and increase its lifespan almost automatic.

How to Extend Android Phone Battery Life with Power Saver Apps

This is probably the story you want to read and understand. How to extend battery life follow different approaches and it all depends on which one you like most. For most people, using apps to extend battery life offer an easy life rather than turning their battery mode to normal which will reduce the performance of their phone. However, for the lover of battery saver apps, here are some of the most popular battery extender apps you can download and install for free on your Android phone to help you manage your phone battery life.

DU Battery Saver

To kill list of apps draining your battery faster you need the help of DU battery saver. The battery saver app technically checks the phone background and identify which apps consume more power and kill it.

Battery Saver apps

The DU app clean phone junks and clear caches to make your phone run faster. With the app battery saving mode, you can increase your battery capacity with at least 80% before the next charge.

To further make your phone battery last, the app detects apps that are overheating and silence them with a single tap. While you are so engrossed in the app battery saver feature you can also use the app as an AppLock to increase your phone security.

Power Battery

This is a healthy way to make your battery life last longer. Power Battery is a light, fast and smart battery app that helps you to save battery life and improve battery health.

Battery Saver apps

With effective battery saver, smart battery monitor, fast battery charger and more battery modules, you are free to have full control over the battery usage and take good advantage of the limited battery capacity.

Dr. Battery

This app is the efficient and professional Android power booster to make phone battery last. Battery Doctor – Battery Saver helps users to save battery life just in a single Tap whenever it starts to trickle.

Battery Saver apps

This smart battery optimizer gives your phone the ability to enable settings for killing background running apps while functioning as Memory Cleaner, Ram Booster, and Task Killer for better battery performance. You can save battery life up to 2x – 4x more to boost your phone get along a lot faster.

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