Best and Cheapest Camera for Youtube

Are you looking to start a Youtube channel or do you have one and you are planning to upgrade from your smartphone to a professional camera? 

You’re not alone.

Getting the best cheapest camera for youtube out of the range of options out there can be very daunting. 

If you are doing it alone, it is always important to equip yourself with information regarding what a camera possesses for YouTube and what you can ignore.

Let’s be realistic, cheap cameras come with some downside. However, if the downside doesn’t affect what you need it for, then it is a decent purchase.

That being said, let’s break down some of the things you should look out for before purchasing your first best cheapest camera for youtube.

What you should consider before picking a camera

Since you are here, let’s swiftly go through some variables you should check to ensure that you are getting the best cheapest camera for youtube.

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The Price

Is this your first time purchasing a camera? Do you have a budget for what exactly you wish to spend on a camera? if yes that is a smart move.

A camera can cost thousands of dollars and have too many Nice-to-haves, while a camera can cost a few hundred dollars and have pretty decent features that are perfect for YouTube.

If you are bent on getting a decent camera for youtube, you should be budgeting nothing less than $400 upward.

I am not saying a camera lesser than that wouldn’t work fine. They would. But most cameras lower than that usually have some downsides you might not want to deal with.

The Size

Best Cheapest Camera for Youtube

Another thing you would want to take into consideration is its size.

You don’t need a big camera from youtube unless you want to use it for professional services.

Most YouTubers, and video content creators, prefer a camera that is portable and easy to carry around.

Especially a vlogger who loves to video their day-to-day lifestyle on their youtube channel

Besides, carrying a big camera can arouse suspicion from passers-by and that might be something you don’t want

The Image Quality

Video quality is an important factor. It is expected for a camera to have a better video quality when compared to a smartphone.

When looking out for a camera for your youtube video, Ensure to get one with at least HD video quality and a decent frame rate.

You can always test the stabilization of the camera in a different environment before settling for it as some camera works better in a dark environment while some perform quite below par.

Image stabilization

Best Cheapest Camera for Youtube

This is an aspect that is less spoken about. Remember when you take your smartphone and you try taking a snapshot but your hands are shaky?

What usually happens? 

The images that come out become blurry. 

Do you know why? It’s simply the lack of image stabilization of the device, that is one of the reasons the iPhone is one of the best camera smartphones you can get.

Besides, if you are getting a camera, You have to ensure that it comes with image stabilization. 

But if you don’t mind, you can get instruments like a tripod stand or gimbal, and those alone would be an extra cost. 

Which camera is Best for YouTube Beginners?

It depends on your budget. 

If you are looking for something cost-effective the Logitech C922 is a good bargain at less than $100. 

However, if you are willing to raise your budget a bit and you want something decent for action coverages, then the Go Pro Hero 7 is a decent pick.

However, if your budget is around $600, you should go for the Cannon 77D

Best cheapest camera for Youtube

Most YouTubers would prefer something that is Portable and can record videos and audio with a decent level of quality. 

But then, budget is another thing usually considered and since you are here at Gadgetswright, let’s unravel the best and cheapest camera for youtube in 2022

Canon EOS 70D

Best Cheapest Camera for Youtube

Rank: best camera for youtube vlogging

This camera goes for less than $400 and it comes with some remarkable features which make it s a good value for your money and one of the best cheapest camera for Youtube. 

If you are a beginner, this should be highly considered since it is easy to operate 

Besides that, let’s delve into what this camera is all about 

19-Point All Cross-Type AF System:

The middle section of the Canon EOS 70D comes with a high-precision dual cross-type sensor that enables you to focus with f/2.8 even in dm mode. The autofocus enables you to stabilize an image but you have to do it manually

Seven Creative Filters:

The seven creative filters are pretty impressive since you don’t have to wait until after the post-production stage to apply filters to them. 

You can do that during the live stage while seeing the result in live view.

The filter available for this camera is Grainy Black, White, Soft Focus, Fisheye Effect, Toy Camera Effect, Miniature Effect, Art Bold Effect, and Water Painting Effect.

Besides that, the Canon EOS has a remarkable 3.0 clear View LCD viewfinder, coupled with its touchscreen integrations the 70D makes its live view impressive.

With all these nice futures it also comes with a downside which is its low 30 fps rate and the fact that you can not record video while the wifi is enabled


Canon 77D

Best Cheapest Camera for Youtube

Rank: best cheap camera for Youtube Gaming

The Canon 77D is an upgrade to the Canon EOS 70D. While it might not be the smallest on the list, it is one of the most versatile cameras in the canon series. 

If your budget is under $600. This should be highly considered due to some of its impressive features which I will be listed below.

It comes with a 24.2 megapixels CMOS APS-C sensor. The image stabilization is above par and its autofocus is also automatic.

It comes with an AF On button featured on the camera body which makes it possible to spend less than 0.5 seconds for your image to get a clear focus when using it anywhere

Besides that, another impressive feature is its fully articulating LCD Display which makes the output clear. For your YouTube videos.

Also, editing video on it is very easy since it has a dual knob control and a display on the top of the camera which can help get the edits right and quick.


GO Pro Hero 7

Best Cheapest Camera for Youtube

Rank: best camera for youtube beginners

Go pro is another decent Alternative Camera if you are looking for something that is portable and can take impressive videos for action purposes.

Besides, it costs less than $500 and it is a great steal for the price. But then let’s talk about some of what makes the Go pro Hero 7 stand out

The Go pro Hero 7 Offers a Mirrorless High-resolution video since it shoots in 4k. 

With High Res, you can capture fast-moving objects clearly without much fuss. Also. It’s really portable, as you can take it almost anywhere.

Besides that, the Go Pro Hero camera comes with a streaming stabilizer which makes it possible to live stream from your camera

You should be shocked to also know that the Go Pro hero 7 is fully waterproof and can withstand a pressure of 30ft which is way deeper than what most water resistance smartphones can take.

Also, it is easy to edit media on it since it comes with varieties of software to enhance your image editing experience.

If you have one, check the link below the list to see if it comes with water resistance property

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With all these, it makes sense to get the Go pro Hero 7 however, some downsides with it are the Low battery life coupled with the fact that it gets hot when recording in 4K


The Logitech C922

Best Cheapest Camera for Youtube

The Logitech C22 is one of the best cheapest cameras for youtube on this list if you are looking for a beginner-friendly camera that you can use for live streaming.

Coupled with that, it cost less than $100 and it is obvious that with this price tag, it might have a few downsides, but then lest digging into what this Camera can do for you.

The Logitech C922 comes with remarkable features such as its full glass lens, which can capture a full 1080p at 30 frames per second.

Coupled with that, the audio is pretty decent and it is just a perfect fit for online meetings.

Besides that, it is not as heavy as the canon series but it allows for additional accessories since you can add an external microphone if you feel less satisfied with the audio quality.

Going at a price tag of less than $99, it is realistic to have a few downsides such as its poor latency, poor autofocus and the lack of ability to capture a decent-looking picture in a dark room.

That said, It remains a decent purchase for beginner streamers


Canon PowerShot G7 Mark II

Best Cheapest Camera for Youtube

Rank: best budget camera for youtube 2022

AT a price tag of less than $500 it is safe to say the Canon Power sho is one of the best cheapest camera for youtube if your budget is under $500.

With its lightweight size and its price tag, let’s look at what makes this camera a decent option for Youtube.

Firstly it comes with a large 1.0 inch, 20.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor that enables autofocus while also producing high-quality images and videos.

It can capture a wide range at different angles with less fluff since its LCD monitor tilts up 180 degrees and down 45 degrees

Coupled with that, The Canon power shot comes with wifi enabled on it to make it easier to post your pictures on social media seamlessly 

While it comes with all these impressive features, one of the downsides to this camera is its low ram and weak battery life. 

However, it is a beginner friend and a great pick for YouTubers


As a YouTuber, deciding on the best cheapest camera for youtube can seem pretty daunting due to the tons of options out there, but by now, you should have a crystal clear view of what to look out for when making your next camera purchase.

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