How to Use Photo, Emojis, GIF And Video As Whatsapp Status

Did you noticed the new Whatsapp status feature? The new status page look awesome and more demanding compared to the old status mode.

If you have seen this status mode before it’s possible from Snapchat. With the latest Whatsapp, you can now use photos, text, emojis, and sketches as your status to tell people more about what you are currently doing.

Knowing that with Whatsapp encryption feature your status are fully protected then, you can trust whatsapp that this is indeed a great move.

How Do I Get The Whatsapp Status Feature

If you are the type that update his or her whatsapp often you would probably noticed a change in Whatsapp icon arrangement from videos, chats and contact to chats, status, and calls and before the chats there you found out a camera icon to take instant shot.

Meanwhile, when you get access to status on your Whatsapp there won’t be any need for you to download the latest whatsapp or update your current whatsapp to the newest version from Google store, the new Whatsapp feature will just pop up.

The best way to know whether you have access to the new Whatsapp photos, text, emojis, and sketches stauts on both Android and iOS is when the contact icon is replaced by camera icon to the left of your Whatsapp account.

Who Can See My Whatsapp Status

You may still want to know whether you privacy is safe with whatsapp or not WHICH whatsapp doesn’t take for granted. When you fully have access to the new whatsapp status features, you can tell who sees your whatsapp status.

By default due to theur contact that can access your status but with the new feature alongside privacy you can easily maneuver who sees your status.

To access the privacy settings on your iOS and Android phone it follow just two easy method. The moment you updated your whatsapp to use the new feature, you will see your privacy on settings when visiting for the first time and the same happens on iOS which could be access via the menu settings—> privacy–> then regular who sees your status.

Whatsapp status

How to Update Whatsapp for Latest Whatsapp Status

If you are using an old version of whatsapp you need to update it to be able to enjoy the new Whatsapp features. To do this, you will either download it directly from Whatsapp site or update it directly from your phone. Meanwhile, for the sake of this post we’d update it directly from our phone.

1. Launch Google play store on your smartphone and login to it using your Gmail account

2. Click on my apps and games and list of installed apps will show

3. Then click on Whatsapp icon and hits the update button on the page that follows. Accept Google play terms and condition to continue.

Note: While updating your Whatsapp it may stop working pending the time you are done updating it.

4. Then launch your Whatsapp and you will see the new whatsapp status feature…

How to Update Your First Whatsapp Status

Once you have successfully updated your whatsapp to the latest wahtsapp, then it’s time to set up your first Whatsapp status using image/emojis/sketches etc.

1. Open your new updated whatsapp and click on status

2. Hits on my status button

3. Select photos or emojis or take a new phone or video and click on go button

Note: A new pop up will pops, then click on send to send your new status to all your contact

How to Monitor Whatsapp Status

The fun of it all is that you can control who sees your whatsapp status via Whatsapp status privacy settings. The fact that you can now use your photo, pictures, emojis, sketches as your whatsapp status you can still control who sees it.

To set up your new Whatsapp status, click on the 3 dot from the right top of your whatsapp and select whatsapp privacy status and choose who sees your status.

How to Use Video As Whatsapp Status

Unlike on snapchat where you can only set your video status to 15 second, you can now set up your whatsapp status as video up to 45 seconds. That is cool right?

What is you take about the new Whatsapp status just like snapchew Whatsapp status just like snapchat and instagram?

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