How to Download Movies from WorldFree4U

You probably have heard about “WorldFree4U” movies websites when searching for movies torrents sites like Torrent2z, 1377xx, extra torrents, and the pirate bay when you want to download movies like “Black Panther, Acrimony, and other trend movies. Do you want to download Hollywood, Hindi, and Bhojpuri movies? Here, we are going to talk about WorldFree4U movies sites, the mirror sites, how to download Hollywood WorldFree4U, and how to unblock WorldFree4U.

What is WorldFree4U?

WorldFree4U is a website to download free movies from the internet to your phone. The website is a movies database where you can search and download movies of your choice. The website contents contain both free and premium movies you cannot download for free.

This website is not an alternative to Netflix or YouTube, rather, it’s a movies website where the download of all possible and released movies are made possible.

When you consider the website design, it’s a little bit of a shabby design. However, the contents of the website are of great qualities. You can search and download HD videos, 720p, and 1080p video qualities.

In the same way, as you can download WorldFree4U movies, you can also watch online without downloading. We’d also take a look at how to watch World Free 4U movies for free online in this article.

So, if you want to stop wasting money on paid movies and cinema houses, it’s time you consider the worth of Word Free 4U free movies website.

WorldFree4U Mirror Sites

Here are some of the World Free 4U mirror sites where you can download and watch movies for free on PC and on smartphones.


How to Download Movies from WorldFree4U

Here we take a look at the totality of all what you need to download movies from World Free 4U movies site. All the trick required will be shared in this section and you will definitely be able to download a copy of your favorite movies to your device HDD or MicroSD.

Firstly, visit any of the mirror sites above without a proxy. If you are not blocked from accessing the free movie’s site from your region there is no need to use a proxy. And if you are, you may consider using a proxy or a VPN to bypass the restriction.

You can watch the movie trailer before you start to download. Note that the trailer will open on YouTube for you. And if you are using a mobile, it will open the YouTube mobile app on your phone to stream the movie’s trailer.

Search for the movie you want to download either from the website navigation categories or using the search box to search for the movie you want to download. Now, tap on the download button below the movie’s cover album.


You may also have to scroll down to click on the  Single Download Links Here depending on the mirror site you are using. If the download link requires a password, the password will be found below the video download link. But, in most cases, it doesn’t require for a download password.


Once you clicked on the “Single Download Links Here” you will be taken to another a page which is opened automatically. Tap the unlock option to reveal all video download links available. The download links will be like the following.

WorldFree4U download links

Firstly, you will see the total number of times the same movie has been downloaded following the same link you followed. It depends on the source though, but, in most cases, you will the number of downloads as part of the movie’s information. Some links would have already generated a download link while some will require a manual process to generate the download link yourself. For this, click on “generate download link”.


The movie’s download link will be generated. Then click on “click here to download” on the download page. The movie will start downloading instantly.

How to Unblock WorldFree4U

If you are blocked from using WorldFree4U free movies download site here are what to do to unblock the movies download site. Ideally, it is what you are supposed to do so that you will leave no single trace of your activities on this site. Most importantly, if WorldFree4U is a government censored website in your country then this is what to do so that you will not be tracked down for using the website to search and download movies for free instead of downloading from the movie’s official website or official source.

Use a Proxy Site

A proxy website is a website that is dedicated for surfing the internet anonymously. It’s more like a VPN, but, in this case, it is a website and not an app or a software to hide IP address. It is a website that can easily fake your online identity and remain untraced.

This type of a website is good to access a source that is denied in your region in another region without a trace. Therefore, here, we have compiled a list of proxy sites to unblock websites such as WorldFree4U, Facebook, YouTube, Youku, and many more.

Use a VPN

A VPN is called ” virtual private network”. A VPN is a service that helps you to hide your identity online choosing your own desire destination you want to clone. It’s broader compared to a proxy site, and here, you have more than a choice to use from, unlike a proxy where you have a limited option or country to access.

For a mobile, you can use Opera VPN, which is free to use. However, to remain at least 95% in your privacy Whoer, consider a paid VPN like Nord VPN, ExpressVPN, Open VPN and the likes.

Use Browser and Browser’s Extension

A very good browser to use to hide your IP address to access WorldFree4U website when you are blocked is the Epic Browser, with more than 7 different countries you can access with the browser’s VPN.

If you don’t want to use Epic browser, you can as well use extensions such as Google Chrome extensions, Mozilla Firefox extensions, and Opera mini for Pc extension. Here is how to install computer browsers extension on a smartphone.

The following plugins can be used to unblocked WorldFree4U.

Chrome BrowserZenmate




Browsec VPN

Hotspot Shield

Tunnelbear VPN


FirefoxHotspot Shield

Hide my VPN


Browsec VPN


Hoxx VPN

Opera MiniDotVPN




Private internet

Worldfree4U is a popular free movies site to watch and download movies for free on PC, Android, iOS, and other smart devices without registration and without subscriptions. With worldfree4u, you no longer needs to subscribe to paid content again. All paid contents can be download for free on the platform.

However, I’d advise you to use a VPN when you want to download from this site in case it’s illegal to download legal contents online in your region.

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